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Overall Reviews at Waste Management

Laborer | Davidsville, PA | May 31, 2019
Poor place to start off when young
First FT job, after 8 months on job started getting sick at work - throwing up and severe stomach issues for unknown reasons. Started series of tests since had health ins. Excuses provided for every dr visit, blood work visit, CT Scan, went to Corp Care to be released (who did nothing by the way) numerous times but kept getting sick. Written up last warning for time off (had to use all of my PTO which was understood) but final warning was due to being 1 minute late!!!!! But the times I had to work at another Landfill, arrived 10 minutes always before start, was given no key, and had to sit and wait for 40 minutes unpaid for employee to show up - as well as no facility to even wash hands - had to go to the local sub shop to wash hands or use facility. Never advised of my FMLA rights or Short Term disability benefit for illness - just given final warning. I'm 21 years old, how would I know how that works - it was their job to advise me of my rights. Worked in water treatment plant with no protection. Was blowing black soot out of my nose. Asked for mask as was told during interview I would be fitted for one. Never provided me one. Results of illness could only be linked to getting sick from the gases and soot in the treatment plant - no other explanation per doctor. Very poorly run all the way around - horrible first FT job experience.
ProsFT Employment opportunity
ConsInexperienced management, breaking several labor policies and Hazard protection requirments.
Technician | Sun Valley, CA | Sep 10, 2019
High demand, low compensation
Highly do not recommend working at the sun valley location. For a billion dollar company, we never have parts in stock and it always becomes our job to figure it out with out the proper parts. 95% of our trucks are all the same model yet we have parts in stock for other older trucks no longer in our lot. Drivers dont know how to communicate what issues they're having with their trucks and often we get stuck doing things that is the drivers responsibility with no consequences to the driver. Day shift leaves the shop dirty for us to clean all the time. Everything rolls down to night shift and we get left to take care of everything including that nights write ups so it's easy to be overworked. We are understaffed with mechanics but that doesnt stop management from overworking us. Its very difficult to have a social life and maintain this job at the same time. We've asked multiple times to be provided with training for these trucks only to be told no, we are short on shop tool and when we ask for that tool, we get told were suppose to buy it ourselves. Worst yet, if you're a decent mechanic, you'll be overworked to make up for the mechanics who refuse to learn or take certain jobs. Overall I dont blame the company, I blame the sites poor management and lack of communication with us
ProsThe pay and benefits are good
ConsNo growth, no training, no parts, no easy nights, very poor management
Operations Associate | Little Rock, AR | Oct 30, 2019
Former employee
I worked for WM for almost 12 years. The first 9 years were AMAZING! Wonderful benefits for health, my manager at the time was wonderful and helpful if and when needed but pretty much allowed me to do my work and since there was another person that actually did a small amount of the work then, my hours were great. I never called in, always was on time, my personal phone was always on in case the drivers needed something and the office wasn’t open yet. I was very good at my job and felt very happy and blessed and respected by my peers and my bosses. My boss at that time very much respected me and most times we agreed about everything and sometimes we agreed to disagree. He treated me fairly but also corrected me if he felt I overstepped my authority. I learned all the safety aspects for the drivers and mechanics.Later, my hours became nearly 7 days a week & late nights that I wasn’t paid for because the DM restricted my hours but gave me other’s responsibilities. I loved and still have close friendships with many people who worked there and have also left for other Waste companies. I learned a lot about the business in general and I loved my job until those last three years. I enjoyed very much what I did and was respected as a dispatcher in the beginning and then a payroll person and then the Operations Specialist.
Application Developer | Houston, TX | May 19, 2019
Great salary and bonus. Benefits are very good and there's a flexible schedule. But constant turnover at the management levels
Some days you just want to come into the office and do your work and go home. Too many people walking up to your desk and asking for one off favors instead of opening a ticket to have it worked on accordingly. Supervisors are more organized and give better direction than many managers. I reported to a different person at least once a year. The turnover is constant. Stability at the management level would be great and promote a better culture there. Employee Stock Purchase Plan is like printing money recently. The company stock outperformed most other stocks when I was there. Insurance plan has super low cost per check and low out of pocket maximums overall. Salary is on the high end of any curve. Bonus structure is very generous. Flexible schedules for working. Employees can work remotely on average one day a week. (This differs by unit). Equipment to perform your job functions was great. Location is right in the heart of Downtown Houston with parking in a garage or a Metro pass included for free.
ProsFlex Schedule, High Pay, ESPP available, Affordable insurance
ConsHigh turnover rate for management level, Management is always in meetings, Too many interruptions.
Inbound Sales Representative | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 5, 2018
Cookie Cutter Call Center Environment
I worked at Waste Management for over 5 years. The pay can be good depending on the department and sales commission and the benefits are also decent. That said, the company makes little to no effort to make the work environment positive, fun or engaging. This is strictly by the numbers. Management basically follows a guideline and you start to feel like what they want is a robot not a person to represent the company. For example, the employ services from companies like Salesforce to track everything the agents are doing and use data to try and tweak performance. Guidelines also change constantly as management does not really know what works and what does not work, they just keep trying different things in hopes of finding greater success. Management also does not like to advance from within as they know that anyone that has done the role and knows what works and what does not work will want to provide input and what they are looking for is someone that will take orders instead. You will burn out quickly at this employer because what they want is for you to sit in a cubicle and take or make as many calls as possible and then they will use stats to micro manage.
ProsSet Schedules, benefits.
Mechanic | Jackson, MS | Aug 6, 2018
worst job I've ever had
management blames the employees for their downfalls, this company claims to care about the employees but honestly they dont care, one employee was injured while i was there and the manager was not even concerned, management constantly disrespects the workers with no consideration of the 14+ hour days that are being worked, terrible work conditions, poor scheduling, this company could pay more especially with the long days away from family and loved ones and the fact they are a billion dollar company but greed is a huge problem here, 3 employees were fired for small infractions even after 25+ years of employment, also the same employees were terminated with no benefits, you cant take more than 1 week of vacation time at a time regardless of how much time is saved up, mechanic turnover is ridiculous, a lot of people get a job here and when they figure out it is a terrible job they quit, the only good thing that i have to say about this place is we got a small tool allowance of 250$ every quarter which is not even close to the amount of money you'll spend buying tools, you also will have absolutely no time with family, kids, or friends,
Prosvending machines in the break room
Consno time off, no job security, inconsistent schedule, very negative attitude
Driver | Birmingham, AL | Feb 14, 2019
Very poor management, profit is more important than their employees
When I first started there were 3 people per truck for residential now, it’s only 2 just the driver and helper to do over 800 or more houses a day. They rather overwork their employees than to get a temp as they’ve been doing. Managers will throw you under the bus to keep them from getting in trouble. They show favoritism and discrimination is at a all time high. I’ve been here 8 months and looking for another job as we speak because they only care about their yearly and quarterly bonuses. I’ve called coorpoand nothing has been done so that means it’s time for me to leave. They also over work you and if you don’t ask questions you will be lost in a world wind. Very bad company to work for. The trucks never work so it slows you down on your route waiting for them to repair them. They half fix the trucks just enough for you to get the route up, they send you out on route with trucks that will fail DOT IF PULLED OVER!!!!! If you’re not used to making good money then this may be the job for you. $18 is. not enough for what you go through
ConsNo breaks, long extended hours, poor management in many states, profit is the only thing they care about.
Route Manager | Ambridge, PA | Apr 9, 2018
Route Manager
As a route manager you will not have any life outside work. You will have more on your plate than you can possibly get done in one day. This provides them with their excuse to terminate you whenever they feel the need. The company has a turn over of 74% at the route manager position. Again, they know this but fail to correct it because managers are a dime a dozen to them. You will always have constant employee turn over and trucks going down. They will bring in another facility's rejects to replace your bad trucks. Then they'll tell you that's a "new" truck to replace the old one. They bumped up the amount of years to get a NEW replacement truck from 10 years to 15 years. CRAZY! Don't expect cost of living raises to cover your health insurance increases which are yearly. You will work close to 60 hours or more. I can't imagine why the high turn over at the route management position?! These are not exaggerations. Just the truth. There is way too much pressure because of the high turn over and poor trucks. Not to mention the tasks on your plate you cannot get done.
ProsDecent healthcare
ConsNo Life. Alot of pressure.
District Manager | Bristol, PA | Sep 9, 2019
When i started there it was a great place to work but the last few years it has completely changed. It used to be about the employees and take care of everyone and now its all about the numbers. They need to squeeze every bit out to make upper management happy and don't care what its doing to the workforce. Drivers are easy to replace mentality. New drivers are happy do to they cater to newer drivers to make sure they stay but veteran drivers are unhappy. Supervisors at the Bristol Yard have completely turned over and moved on to much more paying jobs and new management knows nothing about the business or listens to the employees. All new drivers go to Florida for training center. New supervisors go to Chicago for training. Supervisors don't have the time to work with drivers in the field to improve operations due to amount of meetings and huddles they need to attend. Upper management puts in 8 hours a day where supervisors and drivers put in 12 plus hours a day. Not much room for advancement here anymore. Used to pull form the drivers to move to management but no longer.
Driver | Trenton, NJ | Dec 26, 2018
Do not work here.
I worked at the Trenton location for a few months, they are understaffed and poorly managed. Regardless of which position you are hired for when your starting out you will end up doing residential work still throwing trash in the back of an old truck, eventhough they may tell you that's not the case. Because they are so understaffed you will find yourself in this position every time someone calls out, which is pratically every day. The only pro is that you can make decent money, however it's not because of a good pay rate but rather that you work over 50 hrs every week including Saturdays. You will have to report to work at 545am and will work 12-14 hrs everyday. The company policy states you get a half hour lunch break but management will hassle you if you take it before your route is completed (which is all day, especially when your new). Management here are terrible, they know they don't have enough drivers yet they still look for any excuse to wire you up. Don't waste your time applying here.
ProsWeekly pay
ConsPoor management and stressful work environment.

Questions And Answers about Waste Management

What would you suggest Waste Management management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Make all sites union start thinking about hourly employees and stop management from doing what ever they want.
Answered Mar 15, 2020
Make it all union.that way the worker's have a voice
Answered Jan 13, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Waste Management a better place to work?
Asked Jun 6, 2019
Go Union let employees have a voice and someone to listen. Have someone be there for them,The Greed of management is out of control if they want that bonus then let hourly employees decide if they have done there job enough to get one.WM is not a Team
Answered Mar 15, 2020
Would rehire the ceo they fired!
Answered Mar 15, 2020
Does WM hire convicted felons?
Asked Jan 26, 2017
Yes depending on who they are and if you work at a site like mine nobody comes out to check on management,
Answered Mar 15, 2020
Yes and I'm pretty sure they don't go back 7yrs, I work with a guy who just got of prison not long ago
Answered Feb 18, 2020
Is the pay weekly or biweekly?
Asked Mar 27, 2016
In Canada bi-weekly
Answered Jan 28, 2020
During the interview the manager just said that pay day is weekly on Friday by direct deposit.
Answered May 24, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Waste Management?
Asked May 27, 2019
None, just be yourself.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Be prepared for extensive safety training and if your a yes man it helps
Answered Mar 1, 2020