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Overall Reviews at Wayfair

Service Consultant | Bangor, ME | Dec 2, 2018
Wonderful, at First
Wayfair LLC's office in Bangor is apparently doing a great good for the city of Bangor, Maine. They have hired many individuals that are interesting and personable. Training is intense, however, you emerge with a working knowledge of the systems and how you can express your autonomy through the work. I can't stress enough how wonderful it is that you are empowered to actually be kind and helpful to customers! However, after your first 120 days working there, they begin to obsessively monitor the details of your time and conduct (and the no-matter-what-the-computer-is-always-right, even when it isn't). Employees that have been with the company for a brief time are manipulated to believe that they can relax and socialize. It feels great. It is discussed among more experienced employees that this is meant purely to lower one's guard and to settle into a position that seems assured for life and offers a lot of advancement opportunity. You're encouraged to advance, but there is a thinly veiled implication that by choosing not to advance at every opportunity, you will be quietly gotten rid of. When you do advance, your tasks become a great deal more fast paced and difficult and you are actively encouraged to not express this to new employees. At the 120 day mark I mentioned above, you are monitored far more fiercely and mistakes are very suddenly much more impactful upon your evaluation. It is abrupt and it is both cruel and confusing. The contrast between this pressur...more
ProsGoofy Costumes. Fair Benefits.
ConsPressure: People aren't Coal, or Diamonds.
Service Consultant | Bryan, TX | Jul 11, 2018
Wayfair - Either you do or don't
With Wayfair, you either thrive or get stuck in the holding pattern. You either love it or hate it. Wayfair entices people in with these great opportunities and parades out their 'all-stars' in the beginning. These people are the ones who started when the site did and had far higher chances for advancement. Many of them shot up the ranks, and they love making it seem like you will too. There's a catch though. There are now metrics that regulate the performance reviews of all service employees, and these metrics were different (if existent) when these all-stars were in the same position. These metrics can be absolutely absurd. How so? There is a survey that asks one question and doesn't even reference you or the service you received, and yet the response to that survey can hold you back from bonuses and promotions because the answers are attributed to your performance. There is definitely an issue with employee morale. There is a lot of stress working in a call center, and the management is clearly not equipped in how to deal with the way employees process it. While the trainers are fantastic in addressing that there will be awful customers who will cuss you out and verbally abuse you, there is little to no managerial support once you are n the floor when you do come across these customers. Many times your own team members may be the root of the discord, but there is no option to move teams. Getting into the work at home program is exceedingly difficult - stats need ...more
Prosopen work area, competitive pay, GREAT healthcare benefits
ConsBenefits are not transparently laid out, Management is not present for hours on end, money mismanagement, bad holiday policies, bad schedules.
Sales Leader | Florence, KY | Apr 8, 2019
I just ran into the wrong person☹️
I think I need to speak on behalf of myself. I was just a cherry picker in Erlanger Kentucky. The staff was wonderful. Best group of people Ive worked around. I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer for the outlet in Florence when it opened. The “store” manager was so impressed by my skills that she offered me a sales floor lead position. Of course I took it with the sales past so I was ready for everything. Once I got the jist of things the store was running smooth; figuring out what was what and out of no where, warehouse managers came in and totally disrupted the culture of the store. Mind you I had no problem with the concerns, just the way it was handled. I’m a southern guy so a lot of my speech is “southern”. Unfortunately my “southern” manners got me in trouble with the #1 of the Florence building. This person didn’t like how I phrased certain things and we disagreed and things were being handled in a hostile way so I thought I was gonna go to HR when I got back from my off days about my concerns. Unfortunately I never got the chance. I was off that Monday and Tuesday. I got a call Monday about an investigation and they wanted my side (voicemail.) I call 3 times never got a call back. Wednesday I went to work, worked six hours then escorted by the number 3 of the warehouse to a conference room where the HR lady from the Erlanger warehouse was telling me she was taking over from my HR lady because she was at a conference in Texas. That’s when I knew it was over. ...more
ConsI was happy across the board honestly
Sales and Service Technician | Brunswick, ME | Jun 6, 2019
A Cool Place to Work
Wayfair is a company that treats their employees and customers very well. The service position can be difficult, as you are primarily handling customer contacts regarding imperfect orders through phone and email (damaged, defective, lost in transit, etc.). The greatest benefit of this position is the autonomy; you do not need to request permission to handle orders as you see fit. The goals/metrics in place are achievable and bonuses are provided quarterly to those who meet/exceed the goals. End of the year/holiday bonus is also provided. The culture is fun and easy going, with a good balance of work and play (for a job, that is). Each manager is different, while some are more lax than others, but overall it is a secure and comfortable place to work. Some locations have many opportunities for advancement, while other locations do not. Customer service employees have to watch other departments have more free time/fun (such as better pay, more lax work schedules, having an alcoholic beverage while still on the clock, etc.). Your manager’s main responsibility is to direct you. They ensure you have what you need to succeed with your responsibilities and assist you with your goals; whether that is to advance to the next level, be promoted to another position, etc. They, as well as the recruiting team, work with you to educate you on desired positions and prepare you for interviews. Pay is based on the area of the facility’s location. Wayfair strives to open faciliti...more
ProsFree food!
ConsEquality with other departments, too many tasks to check off with customer contacts
Concierge | Westborough, MA | Jan 8, 2020
Don't fall for it
I worked here for a little over year, when they hired me I was told the hours were 9-6, then all of a sudden when I received the offer letter it was 7am to 3:30pm. Ok, fine, I needed the job. The attendance policy is a joke, being even 30 seconds late counts as a "point" and you only get 5 points in a YEAR before they fire you on the spot. The pay is awful. The phone queue works in a way so that if you answer more calls you receive more calls, making your work day miserable. You are constantly getting calls from all over the country-even though you do not have access to help those customers ( you just have to sit there and get yelled at by the customers.) If you happen to ask one of the meek mild mannered managers a question, at best you will receive a shrug and "Im not sure exactly." The company itself is unethical (they have a business account with ICE to send furniture to detention camps for children.) The CEO is a racist that has said spanish speaking customers "don't know how to use the internet." While I am a young single woman, I do not recommend this job to anyone with kids, the attendance policy is harsh and the westborough office is like a revolving door with the turnover rate. The managers never seem to have a clear grasp on what the policies are which leaves you in the dark as well. I was sent on a business trip, got sick on the plane ride home, and was consequently fired like two days later for being 4 minutes late. We were promised our quarterly bonuses (the qua...more
ProsGreat coworkers, good health insurance and vision insurance.
Consevery single other thing
Sales Representative | Bryan, TX | Mar 26, 2019
Personal opinion
So! Wayfair is not all that it seems. When I first got the job, I was told that I would be able to change my shift from where you start (12:30-9 or 11:30-8 which is how everyone from training at least @ my location starts out) to something more suitable! I just had to get past the 90 days out of training. My 90 days ended in January of this year & upon TRYING to change my shift, they turned me down every single time. This was not just me, this was A TON of people trying to get your regular 8-4:30/9-5 shift. There was only so many of those to go around so, you had to meet certain standards. First, metrics. Horrible horrible metric system that they newly implemented. If you don’t get a certain close rate percentage, you were only to be given 75% of the money you made for the company. You also had to be in band for most of the bonus structure to apply. You are only give 40 hrs for sick time for an 8 MONTH SPAN. Vacation starts at about 60-70 hrs & you’re given 3.5 every full pay period. If you need a Saturday or Sunday off, schedule it a month in advance because the chance of approval anytime after then is HIGHLY unlikely. If you’re late 4 minutes to clock in on the phones, you’re docked 30 minutes. Oh! & if anything happens to the site where it has to close for the day or a few hours, you’re not paid for that unless you have PTO available. You start with I believe 40 hrs of PTO & are given 3.5 hrs of that every pay period. You get a TON of unplanned hrs though (unplanned = unpa...more
ProsSnack wall & benefits
ConsShort breaks & phone calls non stop sometimes
Buyer | Boston, MA | Nov 3, 2018
No clear direction
This is a company of acquisition and not retention. Any given Monday you will see hundreds of new employees. They will literally hire anyone and that includes for senior management roles. There is definitely a type that they have. If you are a consultant or a recent grad, they will hire you into any role, especially ones you are not qualified for. Most people that work there are very immature and are just out of college. If you have any merchandising or buying experience, stay away. They literally say anything to get you to take the role and then will switch up what you will be doing there from hire to start date. Work life balance is bad. You will constantly get questioned on every decision you make mostly because the company is making no money at all (Check the Q3 earnings report). A typical work day will be 10 hours, which can be fine for some, but they pay so low for living in one of the most expensive cities in the US. I should of paid attention to the warning signs, but at least I can warn others now. Turnover is so high that they actually hire "analysts" to find out why so many people leave. Will make you give referrals so recruiters can contact your friends/former colleagues. They think they will be the next Amazon, but what they don't realize is that Amazon didn't have a Amazon to compete with when they were taking over. Just stay away.
ProsFree Beer on Tap
ConsWork life balance, unqualified management, high turnover
Merchandising Associate | Boston, MA | Aug 20, 2019
Excellent Stepping Stone for Recent Grads
I am torn when I reflect on my time at Wayfair. I met brilliant, collaborative people at the L1/L2 levels, who have a genuine passion for the work we do. However my department hasn't worked the kinks out, so to speak, in the time I've been there. The training program is excellent, and there is an established mentoring program, but the actual scope of the work we're expected to do just keep expanding while the pay (~45K) stays the same. The environment is extremely political, and there is quite a bit of a**-kissing. The mantra "feedback is a gift" is touted, but only when that feedback aligns with what directors already have in mind. It is not realistic for one person to make all the class merchandising updates for eight catalogs at once, with nuances for each one, in the expected turnaround time. It is the norm to have to produce 100 slide presentations and align with stakeholders on 5+ other teams, accommodating feedback from each, to make even the smallest merchandising changes. In the last review cycle, I know of multiple people who left after getting promoted because it just wasn't worth it. I will say the work experience is worthwhile in the sense that you can quickly build a huge network of smart, driven people and that the exposure you get to Excel/SQL/other tools will set you up to make $75K+ once you leave. Just don't stay long enough to let it grind you down.
Service Consultant | Big Flats, NY | Oct 21, 2019
Wouldn’t work here again
Working here was not a pleasant experience, I was there for almost a year as plenty of other people were saying it was a great place to work, I tried to stick it out. I even changed positions thinking that the stress/environment would be better. When you work for a company who promises a fantastic employee centered environment and picks and chooses who will receive that environment is ridiculous. I tried to be a part of their culture but me and the team I was on were all tossed to the side. I had spent my final months there fighting for a bonus that I was 100% eligible for and should have received but never did. After I had enough and left, I reached out to them about this one and a previous one that I should’ve received, and they said that I have to be employed the date that it would be paid to be eligible. Essentially keeping you there to get the money you are meant to be paid. And even though they were supposed to be paid already since they hadn’t been I can no longer receive them. The environment is very stressful not only just being at a call center but then on top of that the management either doesn’t know what they are doing or suggests that you flirt with customers to get a sale/to get them in a better mood for service issues. They will tell you that they want to take care of you but they try to mask the actual issues going on with pizza parties.
Sales Representative | Bangor, ME | Nov 20, 2019
I hope you love kool aid!
From the time you enter this job, there is country club vibes. Fake smiles, hollow soulless environment where if you question how things are done, or how employees are treated you will soon be fired. I have seen over 300 employees lose their job in less than 3 years of working at Wayfair. People with kids, pregnant women, managers, HR staff, they do not care about anyone. This is absolutely not a place to call a career, but a filler job if you need a quick survival job offer. If you do find yourself working at Wayfair, sit down, shut up, and don't try to make friends with the country club managers, it will be in your best interest to fly by night. Also there is a no fault policy that absolutely sucks, if your computer or phone system gives you problems or errors (Which it often will), and you find yourself 1 second late logging in to take phone calls, you will be written up, and if you had any attendance issues before this, you can kiss your job goodbye. The level of stress they put on their employees is insane. Yes you have ping pong, and xbox and everything else to entice you, but what they don't tell you is you will never be able to touch it, and if you do your manager will ask you why you are not on the phones... Good luck to anyone considering this, do not let it suck your soul!

Questions And Answers about Wayfair

Why did you leave your job at Wayfair?
Asked Mar 28, 2017
Wayfair needs management working on making the company just a little bit better for all associates. Less snacks!!!!
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Ops Manager in Perris didn’t want me the Supervisor to report an injury. This is because the employee who got hurt was going into the army full time and the Ops Manager words to me was “it’s one thing to get hurt in the Army but it’s different if you are already hurt.” Another words if I report the injury it may jeopardize his enrollment into the Army. I felt very uncomfortable not reporting it. So a week later I reported it to our Safety Supervisor. My Ops Manager didn’t talk to me since then. Obviously, he was spoken to about him not reporting the injury. Nothing really happened to the Ops Manager.
Answered Jan 12, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Wayfair a better place to work?
Asked Jan 24, 2019
Create better opportunities for my warehouse team and help them achieve there career goals with Wayfair and most of all lead by example!
Answered Mar 27, 2020
Ask employee directly about issues
Answered Mar 16, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Wayfair?
Asked Nov 3, 2018
Keep your guard up, when you reach out to someone for professional advice everyone will know.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Unless they have changed, do not stand around trying to catch your breath! Get a broom or clean your work station!
Answered Mar 2, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Wayfair?
Asked Jun 8, 2018
The managers play favorites and promises raises under the table. I was told to 'act sad' that I didn't get the job but they were going to give me the next promotion, which of course didn't happen.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
The managers and supervisors
Answered Mar 4, 2020
What would you suggest Wayfair management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Treat people like human beings. We are just seen as circus animals who are to shut up and perform. Don’t ever show any sign of emotion if you’re not 100% happy all the time. You are to act like Wayfair can do no wrong and that you can never question anything they do.
Answered Aug 12, 2019
It is my experience ,all company's are run the same . The money is the issue if you get in the way of bringing it to the door you can not stay The company seems to berun by people who lived a certain type of life and they don't have time for you if you are getting In Their way.
Answered Jun 10, 2019