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Overall Reviews at Wegmans

Department Manager | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Nov 24, 2018
A far cry from the family-focused, customer-serviced based history Wegmans was founded upon
The things I liked- You'll meet some great co-workers and life-long friends along the way. The Wegmans brand and quality are top-notch. Compensation for salary-level managers far exceeds the grocery industry. Health insurance premiums for the employee are by far some of the lowest i've ever seen. The things I didn't like- No employee discount. The rapid expansion of the company (3-4 new store openings a year) has put a strain on the talent pool and product sourcing. The management team of today is either too new and not properly vetted for their roles, or just not proper fits for their roles (from a professionalism/education/preparedness/culture-fit standpoint). Too many new programs, priorities, wasteful meetings about "this, that, and the other thing" that are bogging down labor-strapped managers who could be saved time by just getting an email. Company culture has changed significantly towards the negative (again, this trended this way due to a surplus of now "bad/toxic managers" at the senior store & division leadership level who are simply just "yes-men"). My advice to the leadership at the top- Corporate partners and executives need to start understanding the effects that the rapid over-expansion of the company (as well as the constant new program roll-outs) has done at local (store) level. The company that used to be about taking care of its people, providing the best possible customer service, and delivering the best products possible to their cust...more
ProsCo-workers, compensation, brand-loyalty
ConsBad/toxic/unprofessional managers, negative culture/values decline, company growing too big, too fast
Customer Service Representative | Westwood, MA | Sep 7, 2018
A long review of Weggos
I have been with the company and working in their bakery for three years. I have worked in two locations, every part of the bakery department, and as both a full time and part time employee. When I started in Northborough the deepest personal conflict was that we all got tired of each other, which happens when you run your mouth all day (because it's easy when you work with your hands). We were tight knit and it could get difficult to deal with some people complaining all the time about the same problems they could easily fix by bringing it up to a TL, who all are very understanding and receptive. That being said, Wegmans really is like a family and I have never expected to genuinely miss the people I spent years of my young adult life working with. A+ to Northborough Wegmans. Since January I have been working in Westwood, where the management ignores pleas for more training or help, where you have to go right to HR to resolve conflicts with exceptionally difficult team mates, work overtime daily because the department is always understaffed and get scolded for staying when no one else will either help or hire help, and by accepting a full time job, you will entirely be sacrificing your work-life balance (which supposedly the company supports). Everyone on the team, in every subcategory of the department, has some kind of beef with management but will not take it up with any superior in a serious manner, there is a fair amount of petty high-school-style drama, and it is bot...more
Prosfree breakfast on weekends, 401k, healthcare, dental, employee celebrations (involving more free food), free parking, flexible hours, higher than average pay, great for students, reasonable amount of room for advancement (some favoritism played)
Conshigher-ups play favorites, consumes your soul, no work-life balance, underpaid full time work, difficult/petty team mates, compromising on quality of employee
Food Preparation Worker | Syracuse, NY | Jan 16, 2020
Great place to work is an exaggerated statement.
I've been told for years that Wegmans is one of the best companies to work for in the area. That has not been my experience. I worked in the prepared foods department and everything was always changing depending on who was in charge that month or year. No consistency. It was all about the dollar sign. There was never enough staff in certain departments and when someone called off the people scheduled were forced to do more work rather than one of the chefs or managers staying past 5 to help out for example. To me this is a poor sense of leadership. If someone calls off, and if I were a manager, I would've stayed to help. Not just buzz off just because it was my time to go. That's not what the company is paying you for. There was never any sense of great communication in the department and the focus was on always on sales. And the amount of waste the department has is horrific. Rather than sell something that was due to expire in 2 days like some grocery chains, Wegmans policy was to compost the food. This is not sustainable. Wegmans always brags about being innovative and environmentally friendly. From where I'm standing the company missed the mark and honestly has no clue what composting means. For example, you shouldn't compost meat. I couldn't tell you how many rotisserie chickens I saw being chucked into the compost bin on a daily basis Also I don't like the fact that I had started at $10/hr and people in my department who were hired after me got $1.25 more. To ...more
Prosdepartment works with your schedule, extra pay on sundays
Consconstant staffing issues, mismanagement, lack of gratitude
Customer Service Representative | Woodmore, MD | Feb 16, 2020
Please don’t work here!
Fair warning, I plan on giving the public a very plan explanation to why I say this is not the place to work at. Working at Wegmans starts off great, HOWEVER it wears you done after awhile. The workload is not the problem it’s employee and customers that ruin the experience. Woodmore Wegmans is TERRIBLE! You really do not get paid enough for the amount of work you are doing. This Wegmans will remind you of high school. Nobody in this place minds their business. There are only certain managers within this building that are actually great team members. This company is made for people with no time, it requires you to put in ALOT of time in order to make deadlines. Your life outside of work will suffer. There are only two male managers on the merchandising side that are good! The merchandising managers is the main reason why I say you SHOULD NOT work there! For a man he has characteristics of a female. He gossips and talks down on his terms. He has no respect for anyone but his favorites. He asserts his authority in any giving situation! He is the definition of a messy male. He is one of those males that were bullied growing up and decided to get muscles to feel like a tough man. He is the MAIN reason why you should not work here, at least not on the merch side. NOBODY gets along with him. People have literally stepped down or moved teams due to him. He makes working at Wegmans worse than jail itself. He picks on people and spreads rumors. The flexibility of Wegmans is a lie. 9/1...more
Customer Service Representative | Town of Perinton, NY | Feb 22, 2019
would not recommend a career at wegmans
I would not recommend a career at wegmans (at least in the Rochester market) For starters if you finally relieve a full time position you are giving up your nights, weekends, holidays, and pretty much have to be available 24/7. All for inconsistent scheduling and low wages. If you receive a customer service full time position the starting wages are 12.50 an hour.. you can currently walk into many fast food restaurants, grocery stores, or Walmart who will start at $13+ (and that’s for part time) I know part time employees who have worked for the company for over 10+ years that are currently making $11-$12 an hour. Aside from low wages you will experience heavy turnover which in return your department without a doubt with be short staffed. So management will expect you to work twice as hard and put the pressure on you to stay late. It is very common employees will work through their lunches or take them at the very end of their shifts. Upper management and corporate are very biased and lack communication. Corporate will come in unannounced and only speak to managers they will stare into your department like a fish bowl. I hope you like change. A lot of promotions happen with out job postings through out the company. Wegmans wants you to believe that they are one of the top employers in the US but unfortunately they pay to be apart of the Fortune 500 study and only newer employees receive the survey to review their positions. I’ve worked for the company two separate times and ...more
Conslow wages, inconsistent scheduling, lack of communication, poor management
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Maryland | Nov 19, 2018
Wegmans is not a bad place to work it has it's flaws just like any other company these are just a few of the pros and cons working for them. Wegmans is an interesting place to work as long as your remember it's still just a grocery store. It may make all the top lists of "best employer to work for" but it's definitely not perfect! I have never worked in a place where they promote employees on a basis of interviewing skills and appearances rather than their experiences and accomplishments within the company. If you talk to many of the workers you begin to realize a pattern with how they automatically talk about Wegmans: "I love it here!" "It's a great place to work" or "it's like another family away from home!" Yes they treat their workers great with benefits like 401k's health insurance, dental, and discounted movie tickets, but they don't handle serious conflict well at all. Some big examples being, dealing with problematic employees properly, customer vs. employee claims, and sexual harassment claims! They seem to lack training in how to deal with those issue the most. When you first start working for Wegmans they seem to know how to convince you that there's "No other [better] place to work that will treat you right, than Wegmans" There are many potential opportunities and different fields and departments to learn and grow in Wegmans. You are constantly exposed to training and new experiences and knowledge within the company to help you grow as an employee and pers...more
ProsDiscounts on many outside businesses, potential opportunities to grow, benefits offered
ConsUnprofessional environment
Pharmacy Technician | Dickson City, PA | Apr 15, 2019
Love/Hate Relationship
I love the people of the store completely. I have made long lasting friendships with co-workers and would not trade that for the world. It seems at other stores, the atmosphere is much better. Although I enjoy my current position, I feel like there is nothing I can move up into and feel stuck at the same position. They are great with hours to try and give you as many as they can under corporate policy; sometimes hours may not be the greatest even with the most available schedule. The pay for the job title is lackluster and needs to be re-examined and compared to other pharmacies in the area. There is also never a big surplus of inventory in an effort to save money. This means that when people come in, we don’t always have their order ready and gets pushed to the next day. This ends up with an angry consumer and the blame felt throughout the department. HOWEVER, this only applies to this particular department. Corporate is very strict and at times the department feels understaffed and helpless due to the cutting of hours. I have worked in other departments as well and also learned from various employees that overtime is given to other departments but not allowed when needed to, for example, cover someone else’s shift. The little things add up to be stressful and annoying but overall Wegmans has been great to me and allowed me to have what I have to this day. My only hope is that there is other options to help increase paychecks to feel compensated for the amount of work done...more
ProsTakes care of employees best as possible, great community of co-workers, fun atmosphere, college scholarship, in-depth training for any position
ConsZero employee discount (besides coupons), pay is lackluster for the job
Cashier | Bel Air, MD | Apr 29, 2019
Great working environment with plenty of room of advancement
This job has been the best job I’ve had in customer service/retail. Most of my coworkers are friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities to advance in the company. HR is ALWAYS helpful, they’re my favorite people in the store. They’re ready to help you no matter what and listen to what you have to say. The pay is great for the position and area as well. They offer free resources to all employees, such as financial counseling and family counseling. They also have digital coupons just for employees, one includes a free small birthday cake. Wegmans takes care of their employees and they treat them with respect. I have had some negative experiences though. There is clear favoritism from some of the higher ups in the front end. And some coworkers don’t really get to know you if you’re new unless you’re young and extroverted. I’m an introvert and I was trained with a bunch of teenagers, so it took me a while to get talking to people and to make friends. The people in my department who have been working there for years have a clique, and don’t really want to talk to anyone else. Most of them are friendly though. Overall, my experience at Wegmans has been positive. I would definitely recommend Wegmans as a place to work for teenagers and college kids who need a part time job. It’s a positive environment to work in, and there’s some great people there you can get to know. And know there is always room for growth in the store, and you could even switch departments if you ge...more
ProsEmployee digital coupons, positive work environment
ConsOccasional favoritism of some employees
Grocery Associate | Rochester, NY | Dec 14, 2018
It was a job at first and that's all it would have ever been.
I started working for Wegmans part time during high school in 1996 in the grocery department, in 2000 I went fulltime working overnights. I went to at least 4 different locations throughout the 13 years I was there. It was a job, it was work. It was an environment where you were constantly moving. Some coworkers were cool, others were head strong jerks. The management was the same way. It all depends on the people anywhere you work. For the most part it was okay but I had the feeling throught the first few years of being full time that this was something I did not want to do forever. In late 2008 I had a kidney transplant and was out for a few months. After I was able to work again I had to be transfered to another store and it was one I did not want to be at because the supervisor was horrible. A few times this supervisor would tell me how slow and lazy I was and at one point I had it and yelled at him. He told me to leave and that was my last night there. It was not the way I wanted my years to end with the company. Maybe it was better this way. I ended working at Tops for over a year but soon after I became a security officer (something I always wanted to be involved in). Now after 7 years of being a regular officer I am an assisstant supervisor and couldn't be more happy. I teach and help the other guards and learn from them as well. So as far as Wegamans goes, I believe it's mostly for high schoolers and college students, part timers and retired folk. Praise Jesus!
ProsPay raises, benefits and sometimes free food
ConsCoworkers not always working as a team, management was horrible
Butcher | Alexandria, VA | Aug 19, 2018
great place to work
When first starting my shift, I cut and prepare meat for display in the fresh meat case before customers arrive at 10:00 am. Once customers present themselves to purchase our meat, I begin to greet them with a welcoming hello before I begin to inform them on any recommendations or sales we have for the day. While they’re thinking about their purchase, I’ll use my customer service skills to open up informative conversation about our meat and what healthy products are in them, so they’ll know that they’ll be purchasing the best quality meat. After helping customers at the fresh meat case, I will begin to stock the cooler and meat pre-pack case with our packaged products. After that’s finished I will begin to unload our stocking truck and break down pallets with our products to stock our meat cooler. After our cooler is cleaned and stocked fully, I will then use or ground beef machine to produce packages of ground beef. Also I use our wrap machine to wrap our ground beef and any other meat we sell. Then I will use the band saw machine to cut down our dry aged cut of meats into steaks. I also use the band saw for any extra trimmings of meat our customer would like as well. After all the morning tasks are done I’ll use the scan gun to purchase, transfer, and shrink any product from our department. On closing shifts, I breakdown the band saw and ground beef machine to prepare them for cleaning. Our three in one cleaning machine is provided for me to use to ensure that I provide ef...more

Questions And Answers about Wegmans

If you're part-time, how many hours a week do you work? What do the shift hours look like?
Asked Nov 30, 2016
As a high school student, they were extremely flexible with my schedule and I work anywhere from 10-25 hours a week.
Answered Dec 28, 2019
Well. This is REALLY abnormal but because of extreme storewide lack of staff, I work anywhere between 36-48 hours. The rest of my Front End Management Team (5 people) (excluding our full time STLs who work 40 plus hours) also are going through the same thing, without being compensated...
Answered Nov 2, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Wegmans?
Asked Nov 18, 2016
A LOT of favoritism. Hard work is not usually rewarded. If you are a hard worker-they don't care. There are some good managers but most have other people who are not being paid as much do their work for them. Basically they stand around talking while the people lower than them are scrambling around trying to get product on the shelves. Generally it is a very fake, phony atmosphere. Double-talk by managers.
Answered Feb 17, 2020
Management sucks! You’ll often wonder how they got that promotion. And it is because Wegmans hiring process is dumb. Tell them what they want to hear and you’re in despite your skills or previous training.
Answered Nov 10, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Wegmans? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
I submitted my application and got a phone call and phone interview within 48 hours and an in person interview 3 days later and was hired within an hour of my interview
Answered Sep 13, 2019
Got a email on tuesday, called thursday, got a phone interview monday of the next week. Had a face to face the next day and 5 days later application still saying in process.
Answered Nov 25, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Wegmans?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
If you’re part time, the full timers look down their noses at you. If you’re full time, you can expect terrible hours.
Answered Nov 2, 2018
Co-workers are what get you through the stress.
Answered Aug 24, 2018
Why did you leave your job at Wegmans?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Found a better paying job and wasn’t going to grow to make more.
Answered Mar 30, 2019
Management doesn't know that I'm aware. But, they held on an application of mine for another position so I wouldn't leave the current position I was in.
Answered Mar 4, 2019