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Overall Reviews at Wells Fargo

Phone Banker | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 18, 2019
Stressful Job
At first glance, it seems like a fun job with lots of games and decorations and a fun environment. Training was a blast. However, once you get on the floor it gets depressing. In training, they tell you not to worry about how long your calls take (AHT) because solving the customer's problems is the most important part of the job. But once you get on the floor they will constantly hound you to lower your AHT to meet that metric, even if you do every other part of your job really well. It's near impossible to have a low handle time while actually solving the customer's problem. If you have to wait on a long hold to transfer the customer to a certain department to help them or to get help outside of what you can do, it will still count against your AHT and hold time. There are too many metrics. You only get 9 seconds between calls so there's no time to breathe and recuperate, which you sometimes need for this job. They always talk about the bonus, which is based on customer survey scores, but other metrics can disqualify you from getting the bonus, but they will still count your scores in the average for the rest of your team to get a bonus. One time I was like for seconds off in my handle time from getting the bonus. It doesn't matter how close you are how hard you try. If you AHT isn't perfect, you will get micromanaged. Your manager and team lead will constantly sit next to you and listen to your calls, which is nerve-racking. There will be one or more meetings a week to te...more
Manager | Charlotte, NC | Mar 4, 2019
Toxic culture, bad management, generally without ambition
This review is for WFS in Charlotte (Duke Center) As a Director within WFS, I saw firsthand how petty and clueless senior management was. Some of these people had been at Wells Fargo and its predecessor companies for pretty much all their careers - so they had no idea of how the world should work or does work. Most of the time was spent fighting with the other groups like Risk and Compliance. I noticed so many back handed ways of getting things done, I almost wondered if we were all NOT part of the same team. It surely felt like that all the time. It was an US vs THEM mentality. It could be Charlottes vs SF; Business vs. Compliance, Trade 1 vs Trader 2 etc. This behavior was not only tolerated but encouraged as those in the senior most seats also took part in it. Constant bullying to get things done; threatening with job loss. I myself was threatened with a poor performance review unless I kissed the ground my manager walked on (which I refused to do). Lot of politics and back room deals. It got so bad, that I actually recorded my manager, on many occasions, threatening me, being belligerent to junior people from other groups. She is still working there...... I came from another bank and the first week I started feeling something was amiss here. Finally, when I left and read all about the issues that all groups within the bank were involved with, it all made sense. The account opening scandal, the billions in fines paid, the wealth management issues etc. were long time in...more
ConsSo many it will make your head spin
Manager | Frederick, MD | Jan 2, 2019
Great PTO, other than that “meh”
Worked my way up through several promotions and into leadership. Paid fairly. Great time off. Worked with some great people that I miss dearly. That’s about where the positives end. Up until 2015, when all the scandals started making news and more importantly, hitting the budget for litigation and settlement expenses, this was a great place to work. From that point on, piece by piece, everything was getting stripped away. Most all development programs were cut, work started getting shipped overseas, a relentless approach by leadership to get people to do more with less, admins no longer in the budget, regular layoffs where team members are forced to train their less than qualified, cheaper replacements who’ve been setup to fail through no fault of their own. It creates a very negative atmosphere, it weighs on you, particularly as a leader. All the leaders are in survival mode. They converted a production team to audit business banking clients. They staged a hiring process where the less than qualified managers miraculously chose only candidates they both know and like, with not one hire outside of the group. The qualifications for the position couldn’t possibly be met for a large number of these people but magically they were hired into the positions they aren’t qualified for. The disliked from said group were then laid off. Yet they still have a need for employees. There is a program called STAR for team members that have been laid off to obtain temporar...more
ConsLayoffs have killed morale and created a war zone
Teller | Saint Paul, MN | Dec 4, 2018
Amazing coworkers, advancement opportunities
I worked at the St. Paul, Grand Ave location and I had a great experience there. My coworkers were all very kind, considerate and down to earth. The management communicated well with the rest of the team and they listened to any concerns. I could feel that the managers truly cared about the health, happiness and well-being of their employees. I was shown much patience and kindness. The hours can be long, such as 8am-6pm shifts which may happen once or twice in a work week. The pay is low at first considering the cost of living and amount of work done. The job itself can be overwhelming at first as it is a lot of information and Wells Fargo competes for outstanding customer service reviews, but I adjusted quickly and even enjoyed the analytical part of the job. It’s fun to find new ways to solve problems, like piecing together a puzzle. It can be stressful when it’s really busy, there are lines & people are in a hurry, but managers are usually on site to answer any questions. Go slow and take your time and - as management will tell you - be compassionate, be genuine, be yourself. There is ample opportunity for advancement! You will have continuous meetings with managers to discuss job growth & goals. They can help you find specific areas of interest and form avenues to get you there through hard work & dedication. The meetings are constructive, informative, compassionate & helpful. I left ultimately because the financial field wasn’t right for me. I did feel fulfillme...more
ProsAmazing coworkers & management, advancement opportunities
ConsLong hours, low pay
Customer Service Representative | Alhambra, CA | Mar 5, 2019
shout out to my branch valley and new!
Personal Story: I started as a teller with no professional experience whatsoever. I believe the only reason I was hired was that I am a Chinese speaker. I want to start off saying the hardest part of the job was that I am a college student with no confidence and knowing that I have no talent at all in the beginning. I even feel a little guilty for taking up such a good job and unsure of if I can perform it. I even hit a hard bottom one day at work when I was harassed by a customer for being new for the job and cried at work. However, the team members didn't judge me. Instead, my service manager steps up to cover my station and let me take a break to get myself together. From there, I learned a lot from my team members until the day I quit my job because of the commute. The amount of growth and support from team members are truly amazing! A typical day at work: A typical day of teller will be 1. Assisting with opening the branch with team members 2. ATM maintenance (pull cash and restock cash) 3. Assist customers with deposit, withdrawal, cashing bonds, cash advance, checks, safety deposit box, etc 4. Occasionally face really rude customers ( what can you do? people are upset sometimes and you are just bad luck to be the punching bag) 5. Explore customer needs through communication! (Very Very Very Very Very Very Often, customers don't know what product can benefit them! It is your job to understand their needs and refer them to bankers) Most enjoyabl...more
ProsFlexible schedule, Great pay, Got to wear suit, Helping people, 401k match up to 6% after a year
ConsI cried at work, that was so embarrassing but funny.
Personal Banker | Saraland, AL | Mar 21, 2019
Fast paced enviornment with good compensation and ability to move up with the company
I start my day with a plan set in place of what I want to accomplish for the day and how I can build my customer base by making outgoing calls to my contact events and outbound leads for the day to have set appointments come in. I assist customers with all financial needs and issues they may be having with their accounts. I provide friendly customer service and multi-task with uncovering needs and taking care of what the customer initially came in for. I open new checking/ savings accounts, apply customers for personal or business loans, lines of credit, and credit cards. I assist tellers with overrides and buying/selling cash to the vault and with the daily vault balancing. I keep up with my daily outcomes and have a goal set weekly of what I need to strive to get by the end of the week far as credit applications, new dollars coming into the bank by appointments set, and referrals sent by myself to the Business Banking department, Mortgage Representatives, and Financial Advisor. I also work on daily risk task such as reading over policy and procedures to make sure I'm doing correct procedures for Wells Fargo customers. I work very hard to make sure I reach my goals every week and have successful outcomes to report to my manager. I strive to make sure I am helping my customers with all of their financial needs and doing everything right the first time. The most enjoyable part of my job is meeting new people and helping provide my knowledge to someone whom may want to build cr...more
ProsVacation time, Bonus payouts, ability to promote within company
Consshort staffed a lot, negative public reviews, healthcare, constantly changing sales goals
Lead Teller | Minneapolis, MN | Jun 30, 2019
I had a horrible, emotional abusive experience at the Nokomis Branch Minneapolis Minnesota
My horrible experience was because of management. I had a manager who purposely trained me wrong. She would tell me to make customer transactions that led to risks so that I would look bad and appear not to do my job correctly. She also brought me in a meeting and said "I don't like you" I felt this was very unprofessional. When I would come to work there would be light-skinned jokes or talks about my clothes and what my manager would wear or would not wear. There would be gossip and fraternizing at this job management would be holding hands and cuddling in the back with other employers while leaving the teller line to be run by new employees instead of taking that time to train them. Management conversations would also be about selling furniture on facebook rather than giving the proper attention to the employees that were needed for their development. Tasks were rushed through with no thorough teaching base and effective training base to build with the knowledge of policies and procedures. It also felt like high school coming to work and a manager said out loud "We have our click". They would also laugh and joke and talk about the customers and flirt with some customers and when customers leave the branch they would ask for that customer information to see how much money they had and if they would pursue provoking a casual relationship with them. They also would have huddles based on things like how many people slept within their personal lives or the worst pickup line ra...more
Lead Teller | Reno, NV | Mar 19, 2019
The most disorganized place I've ever worked
The company has moved from sales goals to creating lifelong friendships with customers in order to try to salvage their reputation. You no longer have to meet sales goals, but are now required to meet goals based on how many meaningful conversations you had or if you had a financial conversation that could lead to sitting with a banker in order to push a new service onto them. The higher that goal goes the more incentive the branch receives. They can word it differently, but it's still the same thing, now it's just more appealing to the customer. A typical day starts with morning huddles to practice having meaningful conversations and then having a few minutes left to try to get your opening tasks done and getting yourself organized for the day which just leads to falling behind first thing in the morning. Usually always short staffed. Your schedule will be changed last minute without your knowledge. Breaks and lunches are never given on time. or at all, as management doesn't pay attention. They claim to have an inclusive culture where you can be unique and genuine, but provide scripts of what to say to customers word for word to empathize with them or to try to push a new service onto them. Wells Fargo doesn't seem to know the difference between empathize and sympathize as they say NOT to sympathize yet they describe sympathizing when the topic of empathizing comes up. Lead tellers are often left with service manager's responsibilities while receiving a fraction of the pay. ...more
ProsPTO, benefits, paid volunteer hours.
ConsManagement, disorganized, forgotten breaks/lunches.
Lead Teller | Bethesda, MD | Mar 11, 2020
Great Job; Demoralized Culture
The job as a lead teller itself is very well rounded. As an experienced teller, you supervise all transactions conducted in the branch as well as monitor and train employees based on performance. You get to set the example of outstanding service. There are many new developments in banking to learn about as processes become more efficient. Growth opportunities are abundant. You can start as a part time teller and become a branch manager in only three years! There are many wonderful customers that you help to be financially satisfied. The job can be stressful because a minority of customers get frustrated when they do not achieve what they expected to due to various reasons. However, a good leader will always know how to manage the stress and maintain positive morale. The job culture has gone through changes to ensure customer loyalty by focusing on engaging with features rather than selling products. There was a promise made by the company to halt selling and promote only service. This promise did not follow through because tellers were always reviewed by management based on the amount of sales opportunities that they sent over to bankers whether discreet or not discreet. They were supposed to be reviewed on other factors such as managing transactions appropriately, promoting a good work environment, being an engaged team member, etc. Following the new customer service script without pushy sales was often difficult for employees and especially management who worked at the co...more
Senior Personal Banker | West Palm Beach, FL | Aug 20, 2019
Management could use a course in human interactions, honesty!
I was hired at the height of the pushing sales at all costs mentality. I was previously in sales positions while in high school, during college where goals were required, but never like what I went through at Wells Fargo. None the less when i was hired I was excited to have my first banking job, Wells Fargo was looked upon to be one of the best! I was working towards the affluent based side of the business, was learning so much, had some very nice clients that made each of my days something to look forward to.It is so rewarding when you help clients achieve their goals and teach others what you have learned that can achieve their career goals as well. Training was very exact, you were told many things that were required and how to achieve them, not unlike other jobs..except... I was told numerous times that if I hadn't made my goals for the week I would be required to stay late to make calls (cold calling basically) Many would just lie to get the numbers required to be able to just go home after working an 8 hour plus day already. I had managers that would threaten you, belittle you in front of other team members. I had been told on numerous occasions I was basically renting my office, if i could not make my goals for sales I would be evicted. Other managers would falsify information so advancement was non existent unless you drank the kool aid. Even when recruited to the next position through another manager....the current one lied and said that the person did not...more

Questions And Answers about Wells Fargo

What is the interview process like at Wells Fargo?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
I had a phone interview first. The next week, met with low key executives. The following week was scheduled for two meetings with the team and was offered the position two weeks later. It was lengthy .
Answered Oct 11, 2019
Enjoyable. Encouraging
Answered Jul 10, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Wells Fargo?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Working in WholeSale Loan is toxic. Management is micro-mangers. Don’t dare talk to neighbor without being drilled why. Try going to HR for assistance and get punished later. They are all about “No Retaliation “ company but.... I’ve seen it happen.
Answered Aug 11, 2019
If i can compare working at Wells Fargo to being in jail At least in jail you can talk to your cell mate I can’t even speak to a coworker without being grilled by my drill Sargent of a boss I cannot Believe this place
Answered Jul 24, 2019
How are the working hours at Wells Fargo?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I’m a phone banker located in Lubbock, TX. My call center location is open from 5am-11pm, and you can choose your schedule anywhere within those hours.
Answered Jun 4, 2019
Never ending hours and no breaks
Answered May 11, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Wells Fargo a better place to work?
Asked Oct 26, 2016
Treat everyone with respect and kindness including contractors.
Answered Dec 11, 2019
I would get rid of the supervisors they have now all they do is go on Starbucks runs and stay in an office most of the day and don’t come out of the office until after lunch and then have meetings for two hours a day
Answered Jul 24, 2019
What benefits does Wells Fargo offer?
Asked Aug 9, 2016
Telephone interview
Answered Dec 21, 2019
Health insurance that is worse than Obamacare.
Answered May 11, 2019