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Western Express Reviews

Overall Reviews at Western Express

Truck Driver | Nashville, TN | Jul 11, 2022
Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't drive for Western!
I didn't want to hate on Western Express, there are plenty of good people working there trying to do their best. But the whole company is horrible. Expect trucks and trailers out of maintenance, in need of serious repairs. Expect to be treated as a desposable piece of meat while completing the training. Most trainers only care about having a bigger paycheck, they won't teach you anything and they may even try to make you drive after you're out of hours (like my trainer did with me). Western knows what's going on with trainers but they don't care because they're getting so much done by trainees while paying them 90 dollars a day. After all I said above, I still had some respect for Western Express because I did learn somethings during training and I finally had some trucking experience. But it all changed this week when I got a call from a debt collector. Apparently I owe Western Express 2,500 dollars for working 5 months instead of 6. The worst part is they make you sign this contract among a lot more things so you don't realize exactly what you're signing. Don't make the same mistake I did, don't drive for Western Express. The good thing: I think they'll hire you even if you have a record or have had an accident (I'm not sure about it) so it's good to have a company that will give you a second chance. But if you have a clean record go to a better place.
Recruiter | Nashville, TN | Jul 26, 2022
Nice money, commission
I worked extremely hard during my time at Western. I had to leave because after being at the top of the leader board for two years, I was over the commission work - I wanted to be promoted but, they did not see me as someone who they would “drink” with. I did not attend and was not invited to the drinking parties that had been approved by the company. I was not seen as someone who could hang. If they do not want to drink you with you, you are an outcast. During COVID, they had been extremely disorganized, and unapologetic, they wanted you to be in the office around everyone- the person next to you would have COVID, they still expected that person to be at their desk. It was a complete mess. If you do not enjoy drinking, and working out, this is not the place for you.
ProsThe company gym
ConsEverything else
Otr | Nashville, TN | Jul 27, 2022
Terrible communication skills from day one of orientation. Terrible new driver training. Anything recruiter tells you don’t believe it. Trucks stay broke down. You are nothing more to the company than an ID. Sad to say these are the only type of companies that will hire new drivers. Good company’s require 6 months to 2 yrs experience to have a great paying job and well balanced family life. Have a bank full of money before you start with Western cause you spend more trying to survive on the road than you will make.
Cashier | Hermiston, OR | May 19, 2013
Friendly environment
I would help with fuel and stocking as well as helping customers with their purchases. Management was very helpful when needed. Many of the co-workers were easy to get along with and enjoyable to work with as well. The hardest part of the job was having to constantly cover shifts. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to see my usual customers every day.
ProsBeing able to see my returning customers
Conslack of employees needed to cover shifts, no breaks during shift
Professional Driver | Nashville, TN | Jul 23, 2022
Absolute worst company to work for.
Horrible pay structure for drivers. No real support from the office. Management lacks accountability. Company culture is to bleed the drivers. Very bad equipment. They buy in bulk and get bottom of the barrel equipment. 2022 truck but their trailers are all outdated and run down. Leading to down time having to constantly be in for repairs.
ConsPay, no home time, poor management and people skills, poor work/life balance, bad equipment
Otr | Bloomington, CA | Jul 22, 2022
Never ever ever again
Very poor management.. Lie after lie from day one of orientation… Horrible equipment that will either get you points on your license, brake down or worse cause an accident. Pay is minimum and if you have to come here practice and after 6 months bounce. You get paid way more else where once you have 6 months. Don’t believe them from H. R to the trainers.
ConsCan go on and on with this list.
Warehouse Worker | Upper Marlboro, MD | Oct 5, 2016
Fun but hard work
It was only a temporary summer job. Was a lot of hard work, and it was always hot and humid Lots of lifting Management wasn't that consistent. Management staff from other locations frequently came to work in the warehouse I was stationed in, and caused a confusing chain of command.
ProsHour long break, Fun co workers
Cons1 too many managers with conflicting opinnions
Truck Driver | Nashville, TN | Jul 27, 2022
Never thought a company could be this bad.
The pay at Western Express is disrespectful. They are worth almost a billion dollars and their truck drivers are broke. I made 24k at this company averaging 2300 miles a week. I felt like ending myself. The employees openly talk down on you and brag about making more than the truck drivers which is sad for a “Trucking Company”.
Contractor | United States | Apr 23, 2021
Lots of opportunity for ambitious people
This place is definitely what you make it. If you are honest and work hard, communicate with your agent, and take care of your freight, you will go far! The flexibility to operate as an independent contractor and make the best decisions for my business are awesome.
Prosgreat agents, lots of freedom
Consnights and weekends can be tough
Truck Driver | Nashville, TN | Jul 19, 2022
Worst trucking company to work for EVER!!!
Number one They lie about their pay big-time. Number two they would give you a really filthy truck Number three they sent me on a 10 hour flight to the wrong destination, and all they had to say about it. “did they really do that to you? “ This is by far my worst job ever
Account Officer | Delhi, Delhi | Aug 5, 2021
Should be hardworking and productive
I was very happy during my tenure with Western Express Pvt Ltd, Delhi. The branch activities are controlled by Teritory Manager, Operations Manager and Accounts and Finance Dept. The overall Management is done HO as the above 3 departments should report independently to HO. Working with Western Express is an excellent experience eventhough we have too much responsibilities on our shoulder and pressure.
ProsSometimes free lunch will be provided. This is not a company rule, but higer position are enjoying this facility.
ConsDuring emergencies, long hours to be worked

Questions And Answers about Western Express

What is a typical day like for you at Western Express?
Asked May 23, 2022
OTR most of the time
Answered Aug 13, 2022
I had more bad than good but my recruiter was awesome he helped me out alot
Answered Aug 10, 2022
What is the best part of working at Western Express?
Asked Mar 30, 2022
Home time is constant IF you run dedicated refinish. I am home almost every Saturday and Sunday. Pay is also weekly and direct deposit
Answered Jun 21, 2022
Nothing I wouldn’t recommend anyone here they need 2 do better!!
Answered Jun 19, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Western Express?
Asked Jul 5, 2022
Answered Jul 31, 2022
No good
Answered Jul 27, 2022
How often do you get a raise at Western Express?
Asked Jul 16, 2022
Answered Aug 5, 2022
Every 30days
Answered Jul 31, 2022
What benefits does Western Express offer?
Asked Jul 12, 2022
Health insurance life insurance eye insurance dental insurance short and long term disability insurance lawyer insurance f u pay 4 it and a pay check if u deliver loads
Answered Aug 14, 2022
Health care
Answered Aug 8, 2022