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Popular JobsCustomer Service RepresentativeBenefits AdvisorBenefit SpecialistClient ManagerActuaryBenefits AdministratorBenefits AnalystBusiness AnalystData ProcessorPension AnalystAccount ManagerInsurance AgentAnalystCall Center RepresentativeClient Services SpecialistCustomer Service SupervisorEnrollment SpecialistOperations SupervisorClient AssociateConsultantData AnalystLicensing SpecialistManagerSenior Customer Service RepresentativeAccount ExecutiveAccountantAssociateAssociate DirectorAuditorBenefits ConsultantBenefits CoordinatorBenefits RepresentativeClient DirectorClient ServicesExecutive AssistantIT SupportOperations AssociateOperations RepresentativeSenior AssociateSenior Client ManagerSenior Vice PresidentSupervisorACSRAccount CoordinatorAccounting SupervisorAcsrAdministrative AnalystArea VP Panels Placement SpecialistAssistant Vice PresidentAssisting FedExAssociate BrokerAssociate, FP&AAssociate, RetirementBenefit CouselorBenefits ContractorBenefits ManagerBrand SpecialistBrokerBusiness ConsultantBusiness Systems AnalystCall RepresentativeCase ManagerCash ManagerCenter ManagerChief Development OfficerClaims SpecialistCollection AgentCommunication RepresentativeCompensation AnalystConstruction WorkerConsumer Engagement ConsultantCustomer AdvocateCustomer RepresentativeCustomer Service AnalystCustomer Support RepresentativeData ManagerDefined Contribution ConsultantDesktop Support Technician IIDeveloperDevelopmental Service WorkerDirector of CommunicationsDirector of Human ResourcesDirector of OperationsDisability ConsultantEligibility SpecialistEnrollment and Eligibility RepresentativeFACILITIES SERVICESFacilities AssistantFinancial AnalystFunding RepresentativeHealth Care AdvisorHealthcare Customer Service RepresentativeHuman Resources AdministratorHuman Resources CoordinatorHuman Resources SpecialistHybrid AgentIncident Response TeamInformation Technology ManagerInsurance BrokerIntegration ManagerInternInvestment ConsultantJanitorLatin America Regional FP&A HeadLead AnalystLead AssociateLead Project ManagerLearning SpecialistMarketing CoordinatorMarketing InternOffice AdministratorOffice AssistantOperation ManagerOperations AdministratorOperations AssistantPENSION SPECIALISTPayroll CoordinatorPension Analyst CoopPension SpecialistPension Specialist IPharmacy ManagerPrincipal ConsultantPro StaffProcessorProduct ManagerProduction SpecialistProfessionalProgram AdministratorProject ManagerRather not sayReconciliation SpecialistSales RepresentativeSenior AnalystSenior Benefits ConsultantSenior Business AnalystSenior Director of OperationsSenior Facilities AssistantSenior Graphic DesignerSenior Software EngineerSenior WriterSoftware EngineerSolutions ManagerSpecialistSupport SpecialistSystems AnalystSystems ConsultantTechnical EngineerTraining SpecialistVice President Head of Central AmericaWork-Study StudentWorkforce ManagerWriter/Editor

Overall Reviews at Willis Towers Watson

Licensing Specialist | South Jordan, UT | Feb 28, 2020
Stay away!
If I had to summarize with one word or phrase to those seeking employment, still working there, or wanting to contract with Via Benefits, I would say: "Run!" One interesting fact about this toxic environment: When I quit, I LOST 5 LBS! I did nothing different except quit. In fact, I hadn't been to the gym in two weeks AND had been eating poorly! Just let that sink in. There are three major reasons why you should have nothing to do with this company: 1-The company is VERY money focused. 2-The company doesn't care about their employees. 3-The company doesn't care about their customers. Now a little more detail: The company's training is horrendous. The company has several different locations and training is inconsistent throughout. I felt as though the different locations might as well have been different companies for how different the training/policies & procedures were. Employees inadvertently give out wrong information or cause customers to lose funding permanently, etc. A customer could call into Via Benefits, ask a question, and get about 4 different answers. The sad thing about employees giving out wrong information is that there's a very poor system in place for punishment; it is essentially left up to the supervisor to punish the agent. There is such poor communication from management. One supervisor would say this and another supervisor would say that. An example is policy changes. Haha, this one is honestly such a joke. Policy changes happened...more
Product Manager | New York, NY | Jan 16, 2019
Benefits platform product role
You could do worse than WTW and you could do better. Some teams are phenomenal and would be 4/5 or 5/5 stars. Most aren't and that means that even if your team is amazing, you work with other people who are not great. Some of them are down right terrible. Opportunity to exceed expectations will depend on the team but BDA primarily is a great place to be. The benefits aren't the best but they are not the worst. WTW is oddly like that. The reason is due to an easy workload. No one at job level 58 or above (less senior) works much more than 40 hrs/wk unless something major is happening or their looking for some advancement. FLEXIBILITY You can work out of any WTW office or from home if your team is more relaxed. PTO Everyone gets 15 days of PTO until they work for WTW more than 5 years. There is a pension if you blindly want to sign your life away for 20 years of mediocrity. SALARY Salary at various job levels is based on what you come in at regardless of if you are at the low or high of your role's salary band. This tends to be non-negotiable so come in strong if you plan on working here. WTW will never bring you up to the industry standard if they got you at a steal. You will have to determine if your supervisor will fight for you to get a match from an outside offer. Raises and matching outside offers are different pools of money for teams. NEGOTIATING JOB OFFER There is nothing outside of base and bonus that can be negotiated barring extenuating circumsta...more
ProsRelatively relaxed with ample opportunity to go above and beyond
ConsSalary, vision
Actuary | Dallas, TX | Nov 7, 2019
Too many hours, too little pay, toxic culture
Actuarial Service Center Work: The average day is tricky to describe because it varies so much. You work on multiple client teams and each team has different projects. The variety is the only positive in this job as it is interesting and challenging work and doesn't become monotonous. The work is very technical, so expect a large learning curve. Hours: The hours here range throughout the year, with different peak seasons depending on what clients you are assigned. If the work is distributed properly, the hours on average should be 45/week, except for the busy seasons which average 55/week. This is not usually the case and as management has stated "work comes to good people", so the reality is if you do good work on your client teams, you will get more and more work to the point of being overloaded. Then when you ask to offload some of your responsibilities because you are drowning in work, management will reply with "stop being so good" and ignore the issue. Workplace Culture: When I first started here, the group was very collaborative and welcoming, but as the group has grown it has become very toxic. The only way to get any help with hours and pay is if you butter up management by participating in harmful gossip. The lack of professionalism in this office is staggering. The fact that the one of the leaders of the group talks so much about people, even going so far as to make fun of how some coworkers look, is uncalled for and disappointing on many levels. Pay...more
Customer Service Representative | South Jordan, UT | Dec 31, 2019
not that great of a place to be
They DO NOT offer permanent positions for YEARS!! You can be working there for 5 years as a temporary employee. They treat employees awful. They do not accept Doctors notes, as someone who has a medical condition and needs accommodation my supervisor did not help one bit in trying to get me some accommodation. You are treated as a number and supervisors are down right rude and are very two-faced. Supervisors will go and tell one person one thing and then tell you another thing. They have an awful point system and you cannot go above a certain amount of points or else you get written up and have to be put on a "60 day look back," you also get double points if you call out or leave early the day before or after a holiday. They really look down upon leaving early or calling out (even if you are sick), they also will not send you home unless you are sick, you literally have to throw up at your desk before they consider you "sick enough" to be sent home. Each department is treated differently even though they all have the same rules, some departments follow the rules closely and will write you up if you do the wrong thing and other departments could care less what you do. Supervisors are lazy and do not give adequate coachings or good feedback. You are just a number and unimportant to them. You are also dealing with senior citizens who can be very grumpy and disrespectful towards you as a rep and no one does anything about it. And communication between departments is awful you hav...more
Prospay is decent
Consmanagement sucks, company is ran poorly
Associate | San Diego, CA | Jul 16, 2018
Constant Change
Worked at WTW for three and a half years. I appreciate that I've been given the opportunity to take on new roles as I worked my way up from processing client tasks. You do gain learning experience from working with well known clients and learning from talented team members (depending on the team you are assigned to...). I can say I was able to obtain accomplishments from handling high volume, detailed client projects from start to finish. However, the workload can be VERY stressful during open enrollment, with little to no work life balance for the last few months of the year. Since the merger, the reporting structure of the client teams has obviously changed, and reporting to a new "manager" in a different state I find takes out the personal relations of developing your role or "career path", especially if they don't work with you directly often or interact hands on with a specific client project. I think this also divided the culture within the office. Regarding pay, I've also taken on considerable responsibility with a level change, and not even a shift in my pay range - not cool. Although with the new "career path" being rolled out, I feel opportunities for real advancement to other advanced roles are limiting, unless you actually put yourself out there and prove your credibility to the higher ups, and even if you get promoted, if you can't deliver then why bother. The culture has a slight air of competition that may not be immediately apparent, but you do ne...more
ProsIndustry Experience to add to resume
ConsLow Pay
Analyst | Nashville, TN | Jan 22, 2019
Bad experience in Nashville
Micro Management at its finest! I have worked for (6) companies over the course of my career, and my experience with WTW was one of the worst career choices ever. Within my first 30 days of employment, I received about 4 hours of systems training with team members and about 2 hours of training with the Team Lead. MICRO-MANAGEMENT to the point of harassment. You better not be (1) minute late in the morning, back from break, lunch, etc. or it will be documented and reported. Do not leave work (1) minute early or it will be recorded as an occurrence. Each tardy is an occurrence. Get (6) in a 12 month period and it is a written warning. Management expected for you to be at your work area 15 minutes prior to your start time. But do not clock in until your shift starts. What? Is that legal by Labor laws? If you are late for ANY reason, you have to personally call Management and give a detailed explanation as to why. Management will even discuss and disclose personal employee information with the team! Highly unethical and unprofessional behavior. Extreme backstabbing and complaining by employees and Management created an unbearably hostile and low morale work environment. Most employees were like robots and rarely said a word except with their buddies. Say more than Good Morning and it becomes a MAJOR issue for everyone. Company promotes ethics, respect, teamwork, integrity, world-class training, work/life balance, etc. but NOT TRUE at least in Nashville. EVERYTHIN...more
Proslocation, cafe, lots of benefit choices
ConsManagement, lack of training, constant computer issues with no resolution
Benefit Specialist | Mount Laurel, NJ | Mar 14, 2020
Dystopian nightmare
Coworkers, management, and the job itself isn’t so bad. I liked the learning opportunities and in depth training. My problem lies with the company itself, who does things like push SLA’s that allow no room for error in order to keep the extra money in their pockets, so employees will get “addressed” for things like going to the bathroom or needing a moment after stressful calls, even though during training your managers will advise you you can use this personal time no problem. I think it’s borderline abusive how contractors are treated. They manipulate and threaten that you need to have perfect attendance in order to get converted, which provides no clear path or timeline, anywhere from 6 months -2+ years— it’s all kind of a blurred line and out of your hands if/when you get brought on to the company so basically it’s up to your upper management if they like you or see you as beneficial to them. Which is obviously not what management will say, they make it seem like if you do your job well you have the in. Wrong. I have definitely seen people with poor attendance get brought on. How do you sleep at night? This is peoples livelihoods. We are adults who come to work every day and try hard and this company made me feel absolutely disposable like I was just a 1 in a million number that doesn’t matter and could easily replace if I don’t grovel at their needs. Also the whole monitoring every second of your life is a bit weird and felt like I was in an George Orwell novel.
ProsDecent pay, learning/training opportunities, very diverse colleagues
ConsHorrible work life balance, no room for error, questionable conversation timeframes
Processor | Mount Laurel, NJ | Sep 12, 2019
Training very Poor and immature and some people get special treatment during training.
They treat you like a herd of cattle. Very poor training. Unfairness all around. They don't have the guts to talk to you face to face. They hide behind their computers and email everything without ever communicating with you in person. You could be 5 feet away and they walk by then email you something they should speak to you about. I asked questions about how to put a PTO override into WFM and they don't even answer. Then they cut you out of a job through a phone call when you get home from work from someone you haven't ever met. When all along they knew as they saw you throughout the day. Instead of helping they set you up to fail unless you are someone from the beginning that they want to stay. Discrimination by helping their own, so they are the majority, but I will not speak to exactly what I experienced because I may contact a lawyer regarding the treatment at this company. I sat there while in training and watched a supervisor help step by step a new hire, when I needed a question answered they walked away. They help their own because they want to be the majority. Totally racial place. The discrimination is off the hook. And I felt like I was back in grade school when this is real life. A paycheck. They just toss you out when you go home at night with a phone call from someone you never saw at work. Because they don't have the professional mature way to handle their employees. Very immature unprofessional management. The Supervisors think th...more
Call Center Representative | San Diego, CA | Oct 31, 2019
Great co-workers/ Bad Company
Management and coworkers were the only reason I stayed as long as I did. Everyone was very sweet and supportive. That being said, the company only sees you as a number. It's very hard to work with them if you have any real life obligations, and if you have two unplanned call outs in a month, they gave you a point, and too many points meant they would end your employment. Tons of mandatory overtime and shortened lunches. During the busy times, I was working 10+ hour shifts with a half hour lunch, all mandatory; I didn't voluntarily sign up for any overtime. They dont warn you while interviewing that while you're shift ends at 6pm, you have to stay until 6:01pm in case a call comes in. You can literally get a call at 6:00 and 50 seconds, and you have to stay and take that potentially 45+ minute call. There were days I didnt leave until after 7pm They were not willing to work with your schedule in any way. I put my preference to work from 8-5 since getting hired, and never once did I work anything other than 9-6. They put you on new clients and continue to give you responsibilities whether you thought you were ready, or even if you're comfortable with it. They literally send you an email with "you'll now be on this additional line staring tomorrow" with no other warning. They give you decent training before hand, but you get very little, if any prep time before getting put on the new client. The actual work is like any other customer service job, but when it's busy, ...more
Client Associate | Hartford County, CT | Jan 3, 2019
The gossip channel and management with no backbone
The job would be fine if management could show some authority and have some backbone. There is a lot of loud gossip going on. It's very difficult to focus on your training or work. This behavior is accepted by the management team. "Who would of thought a prestigious corporation had such disrespectful and sloppy gossiping staff"? They don't even respect their other colleagues rights to do their work effectively. These supposedly professionals are working in a prestigious corporation and act is if they have no work values or any home training. In this department you have to work around intimidation while trying to do your work accurately within all the gossiping loud noise. If you"DARE" say something about it. You'll eventually get fired, because this click runs the show and the management team allows it. Besides, management sometimes add a little something to the gossiping group. This paticular department has no business sense, no strong work ethics or values "What So Ever". This is what happens when you work in the Children's department and management is more like the children's play date rather than their Management Team. I feel that Willis Towers Watson merger has lacked the credibility and behavior of their staff and management team in certain unmonitored departments.
ProsHome & Work life balance
ConsNo employee accountability for behaviors, disruption to other employees, management condones the behavior and participates in it. If u reach out for help you'll be fired.

Questions And Answers about Willis Towers Watson

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Willis Towers Watson?
Asked Aug 18, 2016
If you’re a minority, you can forget it!
Answered May 5, 2019
Run!!! In a business thats suppose to be proffessional there are clicks in the pittsburgh office and if you dont learn quickly everything they teach you in training they will laugh at you and you will be gone. People who start as temps are temps forever!! Only a few of the clicks gets in. It is shady..oh and your not guarenteed 40 hours.
Answered Mar 14, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Willis Towers Watson?
Asked Jul 15, 2016
Applied for a job posting
Answered Apr 8, 2019
Through a recruiter
Answered Feb 17, 2018
Is This company a diverse company to work for
Asked Aug 22, 2016
Yes they hire all kinds of people gay, straight, black, mexico, tall, short, ugly, pregnant, disabled, young, old, fresh out of high school ...you name it... As long as you do your job and stay compliant
Answered Mar 20, 2018
They are very diverse. They hire people of all nationalities.
Answered Jan 30, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Willis Towers Watson?
Asked Aug 18, 2016
Are you good at math Are you fit for the role Why you choose this company to work for
Answered Feb 17, 2018
Future goals, wants and job experience, problem solving questions
Answered Dec 19, 2017
What is the office dress code?
Asked Aug 31, 2017
Casual Business Attire
Answered Jun 2, 2019
Bad dress code many people like susan look s unprofessional
Answered Feb 17, 2018