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Account Representative | New York, NY | Aug 8, 2018
Productive, fast-paced, fun atmosphere
For this position I was responsible for all the deliveries and assemblies for (Lifetime Products) at Home Depot or Sam's Club. A typical day at work started off with doing a role call for each driver and/or tech in each region assigned to a delivery/pick up or assembly job for the day and checking them in for attendance. Sending an email with all assigned and confirmed jobs for the day and with any updates if any directly to the Lifetime Merchandising Account Rep and the Stores. Through out the day I kept in constant contact with the drivers and assembly techs to ensure that they are on time to each job site and that everything is being completed on time. I also responded to incoming emails from the clients, Stores and Merchandising Department answering inquiries, trouble shooting and providing a resolution to any issues regarding the drivers estimated time of arrival, completion or non/completion or any issue that developed at a job site. I dealt with irate customers as well. I also implemented an project for all the stores that were participating with an ongoing promotion for all new and existing customers, where I was the key person in contact with each store manager to ensure that there store was on board and scheduling the drivers/techs to each designated store. This project was done on a quarterly basis. Besides managing the schedules and assigning the drivers and assembly techs I also made sure all drivers were in compliance by making sure they were completing all jo...more
Prosfast paced environment, multi-tasking with diverse responsibilities, worked independently with little supervision, great team to work with
Dsr | Elgin, IL | Dec 16, 2018
They find ways to take you off overtime
They work you like a slave treat you like garbage,they are always under staffed and under equipped.and its put on the backs of the guys that show up to work,you come in in the late morning (10:00) you have to break trailers to get the freight you need to load the run they give you,then you load it and try to get out of the yard by 11:15 on a RUN !!! Start making your deliveries while dispatch is all ready giving you pickups that close at 2:30 - 3:00 !!!! Your running your butt off trying to get everything done(you will miss pickups) you will load out head back to the terminal drop your load,be sent back out to make a swap somewhere,make your swap enter your bills head back to terminal and drop your load,now they send you out on the dock to break freight off trailers and reload it for there Linehual runs,now it’s 8:30-9:00 and you have only had a half hour break all day. Then your told you have to do a city turn(something they have no mention of in the work policy) you will be taken OFF OVERTIME put on straight time to hook a set to where ever they are sending you !!! Get to where your going and they make you work the dock do nothing but give you a hard time make you run your butt off hooking trailers just so you can get off before running out of hours,drivers today must think this is the way it should be,I don’t!!!!! First and last time i will ever work for anyone that does not pay overtime!!! This company is the poster child for why trucking needs To be Union !!! As a compa...more
ProsOnly the hourly wage is ok
ConsEverything about this place !!!!
Material Handler | Shorewood, IL | Mar 12, 2019
Job Security
I work 12 hrs on the weekends, Saturday through Monday, plus 4 hrs during the week so I get full-time. I am a PIT Operator, but really just drive a forklift. Entry level pay is $15/hr with little raises. I think my annual raise last year was 23 cents. You accrue PTO as you work, you get medical benefits and paid breaks/lunches. You get one 10 minute break 4 hours after the start, one paid 30 minute lunch at noon, and another 10 minute break at 3. They are strict on attendance. They expect you to work 110% every hour, every day. And they write you up if you don't. Management is/was agreeable, solid. The Leads have everybody's backs and cover for mistakes. Overall the work is easy but very boring. Most people don't enjoy working here but try to make the best of it. There's a high turnover. The hardest part is showing up at 5 am every day. During Christmas and summer you could work up to 30 days straight if you wanted. OT is plentiful, but beware the work is tedious. With most of it, I feel like I'm running the hamster wheel every day. It's located right next to a major highway interchange, so commute time is short. No advancement opportunities. They have a huge problem with people showing up for work, so they're always hiring. Sometimes they give away cases of Hostess product for free if it's close to expiring. Safety is okay. They like to brag about how safe everything is, but there's accidents every day that no one reports because we don't want the marks on our re...more
ProsPaid breaks/lunches, always hiring, people are friendly.
ConsLow pay, bad hours, bad benefits, mandatory OT.
Shipping and Receiving Clerk | Merrimack, NH | May 9, 2018
This place is a joke
XPO Logistics (Merrimack, NH) I was hired in October and the manager I spoke to at the time told me the position payed 16.00/hr. Even though I wanted 18.00/hr minimum I considered the fact that it was 7 min from my house. Somehow they lost my application and information and the person who hired me was fired. Needless to say I didn't get the job. In December I get a call from the new manager and he wants me to start in January. On 1/15/18 i started at XPO. I was 1 of 3 employees as this was supposed to be a startup location. Although I do not blame my direct supervisor for all the mistakes made I will say he did not make things much better. In the 2 months I was there I saw at least 24 new employees..all quit or fired, even the temps would quit..some by day two. In march we moved into the permanent building and meet the new GM...he was a pompous jerk. I quickly became 2nd in charge and handled everything in the warehouse from training new people to contacting vendors, without a pay raise. Three weeks later I was suspended for talking on the phone to a company rep confirming I had completed my security clearance and leaving the premises, even though they later acknowledged it wasn't me who left. I quietly took the suspension under the premise that the suspension would be a day may be two. Five weeks later they called me to let me know they decided to let me go. This location is poorly managed and will not be a continuous revolving door because of the way they treat people. ...more
ProsKnowing it will one day go out of business
ConsGeneral manager, the pay, the non-existent benefits
Operations Supervisor | Township of Monroe, NJ | Apr 1, 2019
Improving company with strong values and care for their employees
Typically I would get in around 6:45 AM and and follow the shift turnover from the previous day. Next, I would check and see what orders were dropped and prioritize them. After that, I would meet with our team leads and move labor around to match what we needs to get done based on how busy it is in each department. We would have a start up meeting with our whole team which included attendance as well as addressing any safety issues in the entire company. We would break the team into their respective groups and preach safety. Anyone who is absent for the day would be updated in Kronos (our payroll). They would work up to their first break which is 15 minutes and we would have a company meeting with all departments. It was up to me once a week to go over safety slides, topic of the week, numbers around the building. I would have daily meetings with senior supervisor, inventory manager and operations manager. These meetings would give us customers expectations and set daily goals to meet them. I would be responsible for sending a turnover to the night shift. This report would show all of our inbound and outbound numbers as well as any inventory discrepancies. Once a week I was responsible for sending a detailed inventory report showing cycle count percentages as well as any adjustments that were made.
ProsFree lunches, training classes
ConsCost plus account, no overtime pay, structure was off in building
Customer Service Representative | Windsor, CT | Mar 5, 2020
Entertaining workplace with lots of recognition for jobs well done
This is one of the most balanced jobs when it comes to feeling support by the staff, the management, and the company. You can expect to find a lot of communication as emails are frequent and necessary in this business. There are obstacles and difficulties like in every job, but the difference is the management team is always willing to support. You will get set up for success and be acknowledged and praised for being able to move forward positively. I look forward to my days into work and I don't feel drained. Even after moving an hour and twenty minutes away, neither ride is daunting. It's honestly rare to find a job where I can feel comfortable, respected, part of a team, valued and appreciated, and overall able to be myself. I've gotten to know and meet my own chain of command several times and it's a blessing to be able to match faces to names and feel like each of us are important. This job also has multiple benefits, including full medical coverage, 401k, and many other savings opportunities like 'Perks At Work' where you can find things like discounted flights, gifts, and plans for cellular service. There's too many to mention but each incentive feels like a genuine 'Thank you' for working for this company. There's even our own kind of Facebook JUST for XPO employees from everywhere so you never have to miss out on what another part of the company is doing!
Trailer Mechanic | Des Plaines, IL | Feb 15, 2019
Great shop at a great company
The pay is great for a trailer mechanic, and probably slightly above average for Diesel Mechanic. Benefits are amazing, they are coming out with new benefits by the month. Only downside is having to wait a year for them to invest in you through the 401k . They offer a generous and comprehensive package of benefits for expecting mothers. Every shop is different, but the culture in our shop in Des Plaines is pretty laid back and very safety focused. They dont care about the time you spend on a dangerous job so long as you execute the work in a safe manner. Management for this shop is great. As long as you get your work done, meet the monthly quotas, and work safe its smooth sailing. No micromanagement either. All of the more experienced mechanics and shop leads will take the time out to teach you if you ask. We work in a very clean and organized shop and get parts quickly when needed. Parts room has a small issue keeping the hardware stocked. Only downside is that they dont let you change on the clock, and you get NO, 0, nada, breaks aside from a 30 minute unpaid lunch. They expect you to punch before your start time to get ready for the day but they dont pay you for it. And you have to clock out before you change when going home. Nevertheless, XPO is an overall great company to work for.
ProsPay benefits
ConsNo breaks, cant change into uniform required by XPO on the clock
Stocker | Sheffield, AL | Sep 5, 2019
stay away,u r just a number,b highly productive or die,disciplinary action will sort the problem out
i have worked for them for more then 4 years. It was hard time. Since they have took over control of the warehouse i have worked for 10 years, they had tighten the belt regularly.Setup and then fidling with Red Praire,KPI,3 stages before dismissal,targets up and up,disciplinary for minor issues,blocking access to your own personal files,etc.Simply: full american c..p on british land. U probably won`t be bothered as long as u have kids and family or maybe relatives abroad.Disciplinary for childcare even when ringed them earlier?Next day u in.Any unpaid leave when u need (paid holiday not available, no slots, short notice,etc?Forget, only the company can offer and u supposed to make an extra mile for them every time they required.Don`t u know that? H&Safety - joke.2 man job?if u feel u can do that,just do that.Don`t forget u have already signed 200 pages of manual handling,etc.In case u will get hernia,bad back from heavy lifting,etc-forget about any compensation.I should have quit earlier.
Prospeanuts paid every friday;free gas, electricity, water and roof over your head for a whole shift
Consstress, pressure, rising targets, fidling with red praire, bulling, disciplinary for minor issues, H&S throwned out of window, unsocial hrs of work, peanuts with no bonuses for multi tasking
Material Handler | Chicago Heights, IL | Jan 7, 2020
Hostile Work Environment/ No Upper Management
This used to be a place were people walked around smiling and greeting one another. Things have changed tremendously in the course of 3 years. The operation was once ran smooth with supervision. Polices and procedures became a thing of the past. Employees were left dis-servicing a customer they grew to love and enjoy working with. Employees are left standing with no support at all. The OM that was handed the job never interacts with the employees and often has break downs in the middle of the day. His personal life has been center stage.The guy was promoted while away after a breakdown at the facility once again because his wife again was unfaithful. No sanitation in place.The place has lost 5 members of management in the course of 2 years because of this AOM/ OM (Comment made by former employees). The system for success at this facility is tragically broken and needs serious attention! Supervisors are set to fail because of no training. No discipline what so ever. Supervisors walk around cursing at employees in a disrespectful/ racist manner. HR was made aware no attention was ever given to the activity. Warehouse management does not care about the quality of work shipped out of the building something that we once took pride in. This place is a joke!
Logistic Coordinator | Gainesville, GA | Aug 1, 2018
Great benifets, great pay, lack of advancement opportunities, poor direct management
Xpo is a great gateway to higher paying companies. It provides a great amount of training in the logistics industry. This is because everyone gets the same pay even when other employees do twice the amount of work. The management is sketchy at best. Direct management is all family or close friends. Uppermangemet is great. They are understanding and willing to work with just about anything. But here is what you need to know. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ADVANTAGE TO BEING THERE A LONG TIME. Someone who has been there for 19 years makes 3 dollars more than everyone else. Yes she gets 5 weeks vacation but you already start with 3 or 4. Advancement opportunities automatically go to family no questions asked. Also you are expected to work no less than 80 hrs a week from thanksgiving to christmas, yes its a lot of overtime but what about your family. Work life balance is terrible during this time. Expectations from all levels of management become unresonable. So as stated before it is a great introductory company but dont plan on staying there more than 2 years because there is no point.
ProsOccasional free food, great benefits and pay
ConsNo advancement, management is all related, no incentive to staying a long time

Questions And Answers about XPO Logistics

How did you get your first interview at XPO Logistics?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Via temp service...took almost 8 months to be full time.
Answered Jul 15, 2019
Was direct hired. Hiring manager contacted me for a job, then when started it was for a lower paid position entirely.
Answered May 24, 2019
What are the shift hours?
Asked Sep 20, 2016
5pm to 5am
Answered Jul 15, 2019
Day shift is split into a, b, c, d, and e, with each working 8 or 10 hour shifts. However we've always on mandatory overtime since. Frequent schedule experimentation leads to confusion and frequently we arent told about mandatory overtime till the very last minute. "Oh you had plans? Thanks for being flexible!"
Answered May 24, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make XPO Logistics a better place to work?
Asked Jan 21, 2018
I can only say, I would like to get to know the individual before providing a statement. All issues are manageable with the right approach. Tks for giving me the opportunity to respond
Answered Feb 12, 2020
Give people there 3 day weekend they were promised and staying organized and not lying to the staff
Answered Nov 25, 2019
Why did you leave your job at XPO Logistics?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
I was a mechanic apprentice for 2.5 years. The trailer mechanics were making more than me to do less work. Everytime I asked management to make me a journeyman I just got "oh couple more months"
Answered Dec 13, 2019
My supervisors was very difficult to deal with.
Answered Aug 18, 2019
What is the best part of working at XPO Logistics?
Asked Nov 30, 2019
The employees you work with
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Nothing right if you are unwilling to do it there way instead of the way that you was trained
Answered Mar 26, 2020