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Operations Manager | Denver, CO | Jan 25, 2019
Worst company you could work for!
I first started as driver mid 2018 it was someone showing you something 1 time then they throw you in sink or swim. I got asked to be a operations manager after a couple months. Opportunities can be there if you play politics. Denver is notorious for being the market with lots of issues. Typical day: Previous gm never being present, but making half trained oms run the show. Regional manager loved letting us oms know we werent worth more than 13 an hour because we "only put doritos in a bag." Then wonder why our morale was so low? Why numbers werent good? Why we're losing customers? It starts with respect we get from our LEADERS. Word travels in gopuff especially when you talk down to your subordinates loudly every time you come to denver. We live in a state where cost of living is higher. We wanted a raise but Gopuff doesnt truly care about loyalty or how much cost of living here is. Horrible working conditions.We had freezers and coolers not getting cold enough with product inside still giving out and selling to customers over summer. No air conditioning and had chocolate melting it would get so hot I got dizzy from the heat too many times. After months of horrible working conditions- might I add no visits from upper management during these horrendous work months in the heat. The management problems were missed from hq neglect. It baffled all of us that there was no upper management accountability. Leaving a team of oms to fend for themselves at 13 a hour? Hardly worth all t...more
ProsFree expired food, some coworkers are decent
ConsShort staffed, drivers pay messed up every week, drivers get incentives oms never do, work long hours, work holidays, no work/life balance, high stress
Operations Manager | Cleveland, OH | Jun 29, 2019
Management is just warehouse work, micro managing at it's finest.
High stress, low reward environment. As an operations manager I was expected to fulfill customers orders, route driver's, receive, stock and clean up large shipment orders, interview new drivers, respond to emails, count merchandise and break down and take out the trash from said shipments... And I'm not talking small orders... I'm talking orders that had thousands of dollars of all the stuff GoPuff sells. Generally, while being the ONLY person on shift. It was stressful, no breaks were given and my general manager would go in his office and close the door, leaving me to handle everything. He would pop his head out to have personal conversations with the drivers... But, not assist me in the daily runnings of goPuff. When he would "offer help", it would be in the form of critical responses, rarely actual action. With the thought that, even though youve never been shown a process or situation that you should know how to do it.... Usually with a scoff and that office door closing again and left to put together those process and situations while you have no explanation as to how to fix them. Unorganized, no recognizing of a good job done, no breaks, (still irritated....) very fast paced and literally no help in having to perform multiple tasks at once. Very easy to fall behind on duties unless you have 12 arms, 6 brains and 12 legs... Which is what would have made that job even bare-able, more co-workers. You're literally forced in every direction possible, depending on w...more
ProsFree expired snacks, most of the drivers are cool. They offered healthcare.
ConsNo breaks, working alone, high pressured, low reward, low pay.
General Manager | United States | Feb 3, 2020
Would not recommend, right now.
I very much enjoy the culture that goPuff is starting to have. The work/life balance is getting better and better, but if you have a family/kids this is absolutely not the place for you. You will be working 7 days a week pretty much no matter what. It's very hard to find the time for that work/life balance when you're operating a business that is running so many hours of the day. A typical work week includes up to 20 shipments from vendors (NOT an exaggeration), a few meetings, both necessary and unnecessary as well as the actual operations. I enjoy the culture in my building and have a very nice rapport with the Operations Associates and drivers alike. Unfortunately, the biggest struggle for each location is going to be drivers- if you don't have the driver's to keep your operation running smoothly, this is where your job become more and more difficult, stressful, and time consuming. This is the biggest lesson you can learn! The hardest part of the job is all the little "hiccups" and issues we have with tech. We are given little to no training in the field on anything, but then expected to execute flawlessly, without issues. Let me tell you, there are issues. The culture of "figure it out" is truly abundant and quite ridiculous. You will be "on an island". Once you do have an issue, the communication on the issues at hand are confusing, difficult and not helpful to say the least. There is a very large disconnect between HQ and operations and it's a constant battle t...more
General Manager | Tucson, AZ | Oct 1, 2019
Leadership team is deceitful
I was a pretty successful GM who helped build the location I started at aswell as offering my knowledge and help in other cities. My knowledge in metrics and leadership landed me a shot to be a "Regional Manager". I bent over backwards traveling through Arizona aswell as other cities for 5 months (miles and wear&tear never reimbursed), attending daily meetings via video call sometimes at 5am (because HQ operates on eastern time), training operation and general managers, Working multiple shifts day and night, hitting all my kpis... only to watch 3 other fresh GMs who were less experienced get the official regional position before me. I was told that my official position was getting pushed back because the owners had too little time to conduct interviews and that my time was coming. During this time I had also lost my mother and had to take in 3 siblings including having 2 children of my own. I had to provide for 7 people total including my wife and myself with only 39k (Other GMs were making atleast 40-48k). So Basically I was getting paid like a lower-end GM while acting as an RM, when fellow RMs made a comfortable 65k + Bonuses. This company doesn't play fair and they definitely do not care about their employees. Upper management is a joke. Director of operations has a million times more knowledge and leadership skill than the VP of operations. Most GMs are on a power trip because they landed a decent job in their early 20s without any schooling. Supply has no idea how much...more
ProsFree expired candy
Conslow pay, lack of proper management, no breaks for operations, no pto, deceitful upper management
Delivery Driver | Philadelphia, PA | Jun 15, 2019
Avoid working as a Driver
Far too much favoritism and discrimination going on in this company. It went down hill fast but when the company/this specific location was new everything was great and it was a very fun job in which the managers and company cared about the employees. Now the only thing they care about is the almighty dollar, the more the company expands the worse the drivers are treated. They let the customers get away with so much at the cost of making the job more difficult for the drivers and warehouse employees. The manager pick and chose which drivers got a company shirt to wear even though all drivers are supposed to be able to get one. They had a TV and game console in the waiting area then removed it for no reason. The manager displayed obvious favoritism towards the Russian employees because he was Russian and carried on in inappropriate ways with said employees. All American employees had a bigger workload and were always under tons of scrutiny while the Russian employees could just slack off and hang around the office. When they company was new they would have free meals for the drivers in the warehouse on holidays since they were spent working instead of seeing family. That stopped because the company became cheap. There used to be cold water bottles available in the warehouse for drivers in the summertime because we would be out all day driving in the extreme heat. That stopped because the company became cheap. If you had cash orders and needed to turn it in at the end of your...more
Courier | Denver, CO | Jan 28, 2019
Great Direct Management, Awful Company
I would like to point out that the direct managers I worked with were wonderful. GoPuff is owned by Grub Hub, and Grub Hub is awful. They don't give a rat's patoot about their contractors or their direct employees. One would come into the warehouse and be given a huge bag of items. You have no idea how long these items have been sitting there on the shelf, but all will be revealed as you deliver the items to the angry customers who have been waiting for them for literally hours. Customer service does nothing regarding contacting these customers. The driver gets the brunt of the customer's ire. The warehouse managers try their best, but often one of them would have to jump in their car and start delivering. The manager left in the warehouse gets to run around like a chicken with their head cut off packing bags for the drivers. Trying to find a place to park in downtown Denver blows. Some other lovely incidents while working for this company: I almost fell through a porch with rotting boards. Having to climb up poorly maintained steps. I incurred a permanent nerve injury to one arm from having to haul heavy items up multiple flights of stairs. I was constantly experiencing severe cramping in my legs. But even worse was the fact that pretty much every customer I encountered was angry at being left waiting for their items for hours and never contacted by customer service. If you like being a verbal punching bag and tearing up your car and your own body, you will love thi...more
ProsFree items
ConsNo breaks, wear and tear on vehicle, angry customers, parking
Delivery Driver | Lafayette, IN | Dec 1, 2018
Fun, Quick-Paced, Really Easy
Obviously experiences will vary by the area you're in, so my review doesn't speak for all. This job is by far one of the best I've had. I have another job and my original intent was to work at this job until I had my debt paid off. Now I plan on staying and moving up in the company after witnessing other people move up so fast. I'm a driver now in the Purdue University area and there's times where it's really dead and there's times where we're slammed. In times we've been insanely busy or had a special huge sale going on, all of the drivers got a pay boost and we seem to get rewarded a lot for picking up extra shifts, and I've never had an issue receiving the correct pay for those boosts. I've seen three drivers be promoted to operational managers and the story of how my current GM got promoted really has me inspired to stay with the company and move up. The culture at my location is very laid-back. We love to joke around and have a good time while also providing great service to our customers. That's probably the best part of the job is the people I work with. As a driver, the job is insanely easy. The manager packs your bag and you take it and deliver it. Simple as that. I've seen people on indeed complaining about the pay, but I see it as fair compared to most delivery driver's pay in the area. We always get paid even if we're just sitting at the warehouse doing nothing. Overall, I think this is a great place to work and I only see things improving from here from business ...more
ProsFree food from damaged goods, pay boosts, flexible scheduling, laid-back, fun environment
ConsLack of benefits, cost of gas, no real breaks
Operations Manager | Storrs, CT | Nov 30, 2018
Good side job, or something to get you though
This place is weird. It’s an awesome idea, but execution isn’t there. Hard to explain. Work hours where I am are pretty bad, noon to 420 in the morning. So you either lose you’re whole day (12-8pm), or you’re working the graveyard shift. Job duties are really repetitive and there is tons of down time. Guidance from upper management is very minimal, and my location actually had no general manager. So you have the operation managers bacially running the entire operation for 15$ an hour. Recruitment for both OMs and drivers is a joke. No actual interview for either positions, we just sit you down and give you the run down of what you’ll be doing then it’s on you to submit the paperwork if you want the job. This leads to tons of hires that just hurt the location. My location hired tons of drivers on, then once it was time to pick up shifts the same 5 drivers scoop up all the prime shifts. So the other 10 drivers either get no hours or the 11-420 shift. Driver compensation is not clearly stated to anyone; I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked until I asked our regional manager. Drivers frequently call out, leaving us to scramble trying to find someone to come in. OMs often end up taking deliveries ourselfs. Communication is also a joke. Nobody responds to OMs and drivers often ignore messages completely. So finial verdict is that it’s a good job as a driver if you just want a second job and aren’t scared to work undesirable hours or fight for a good shift. As an OM, probably good fo...more
ProsLaid back, down time
ConsPay, communication, management
General Manager | Philadelphia, PA | Apr 13, 2020
Horrid workplace
It’s a sham GoPuff has gotten so far. Ties were severed recently for horrific reasons.The lies upon lies they feed people in order to get what they want out of you and toss you to the street like a dirty napkin they blew their nose into. They got so far on the backs of good people who helped them in return for potential stocks, founder shares, or high salaries and all other benefits of founding team members. I was told the first 400 of us would be involved in a company wide share pool that if and when the company sells we are all entitled to our rightful founder percentage (total horse malarkey)People don’t work for free, especially when you live and breath the life of a windowless warehouse and all the responsibilities lay in your hands like your a founder of the company. If that’s how it is reciprocate with a vesting schedule so that we know where we stand on the value of what the fruits of our labor will bring us to build your company up for you. It’s very simple. Abusive, lying, conniving all the way from the owners/founders to the senior management to the mid and lower level management. The amount of violations that go on on a daily basis is absurd and for them to get away with these atrocities is sickening! 39M tax break for these bafoons? That is an outright disgrace to hard working people of this country. They made their “success” on the backs of extremely good people. Leave it to Karma. disgusted. I wonder how many people before me they hurt the way they hurt me and ...more
Driver | Denver, CO | Apr 4, 2020
Shady- Not worth the gas and wear on car
Frequent issues with paychecks and it is impossible to contact management to get issues resolved. If there is an issue with your pay, you better hope everyone else is having the same issue or I can almost guarantee it will not be resolved. The company focuses on customer happiness above driver satisfaction/ safety. Ridiculous rules put in place regarding customers who do not answer the door even after phone calls and texts from the driver. It is impossible to check paystubs to ensure accuracy of your paychecks. No hours listed, no pay rate, just a lump sum for jet and gross. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone considering a position to keep track of your own hours and number of deliveries. Basically you should know what you should be paid prior to receiving your paystub. Management is an absolute joke. GM will go out of his way to avoid communication with drivers who have an issue. He also will not address anyone else in the work place making other drivers uncomfortable. Orders will be cancelled and drivers are not informed of the cancellation prior to arriving. You have to CONSTANTLY check your app on the way to each delivery to make sure the order was not cancelled. They either have too many drivers or not enough- meaning you are either being overwhelmed with orders or you are getting one or two every hour. The delivery area

Questions And Answers about goPuff

If you were in charge, what would you do to make goPuff a better place to work?
Asked Mar 22, 2019
Better hiring procedures for the right candidates. Team building exercises and what it means to be on a team. Whoever is asked to be a shift leader, give them leadership training. Respect and professional treatment for other employees.
Answered May 12, 2020
Need to hire within the company. Bringing in people straight off the street and when the managers are training them the person let others know he is the Gm and running things but have to ask the manager who trained them everything.
Answered May 2, 2020
What is the interview process like at goPuff?
Asked May 23, 2019
It was great, i think i was to blame for a half hour interview lasting an hour. But, the interviewer didn't seem to mine and was delighted to answer every question
Answered May 18, 2020
Extremely disorganized; 2 initial phone interviews followed by 2 in person interviews spanning 2 months. HR did not have a grasp or idea on the entire process.
Answered May 9, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at goPuff?
Asked Nov 2, 2019
It was an horrible experience in the company. They pick who they feel is cool. Not the one who works
Answered Apr 27, 2020
Don’t interview with the company.
Answered Mar 6, 2020
What is the best part of working at goPuff?
Asked Nov 22, 2019
If you like staying busy for an entire 8 to 9 hrs, non stop.
Answered May 12, 2020
You pick your own schedule.
Answered Apr 21, 2020
When they pay at gopuff? What day?
Asked Nov 13, 2018
Friday for drivers in Nashville
Answered Dec 7, 2019
In Cleveland, drivers on the weekdays make 12 and on the weekends 15 per hour, plus what you make it tips. Ops managers, only made 13 regardless of how many orders we packed and routed out to drivers. If you can get hours, management plays favorites in terms of who they want to work hours for driver's.
Answered Jul 13, 2019