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Teacher | China, ME | May 9, 2020
Not Worth the Bad Treatment
After 6 months, I basically had it with their treatment of teachers - "consultants" they call us - and began working for another online English language organization a couple of weeks ago. One reason is that iTutorGroup has extreme punitive measures for cancelling classes or not showing up to a class, including for reasons that are beyond our control, such as power outages, downed internet, etc. They suspend your schedule for 24 hours and would often deduct pay (aside from the fact that you lost the pay for all your classes). Very harsh. More so, you are only allowed 6 "valid" excuses for absences in a 6 month period and, despite being the approval of the excuses, they still do not reinstate your schedule nor give the deductions back. Adding insult to injury, an automatic email is sent explaining how unprofessional this conduct is and how irresponsible you are, including threats of suspension and termination. There is no recourse for this. It's so black and white, and their management staff refuses to listen or take into consideration that things happen that are beyond the control of the teacher. Concerning pay...the half-hour classes for kids and teens is acceptable, however, only if you get the 50+ session bonus and the attendance bonus each month. The latter is virtually impossible especially if you have an emergency or something like a power outage. Missing just one class, excused or not, causes you to lose your entire bonus for the month. For the 45-minute group ...more
English Teacher | Remote | Dec 10, 2019
steady work with bunk materials
I've been teaching at this company for about 18 months now, but I have a master's and 20 years experience in ESL. Everyone should be aware that this company caters mostly to children but adults as well. You can teach one, the other, or both. I am speaking only about the adult side. First of all, the scheduling is very flexible and user-friendly. Plenty of hours if you want and easy to change with reasonable notice. 6 unexcused absences in 6 months and you are gone. I have challenged one absence (due to a system technical error) and it was removed. Overall, you will have little to no communication with the company. There is a knowledge-base QnA system which can be helpful for common issues but it's mostly full of whiners. Some of their complaints have merit; most do not. Students do give feedback (1-10) and/or leave a personal comment (rare). High ratings have no impact on your salary, but they probably help you with the algorithms which assign classes, etc. My few low ratings were mostly due to technical issues (audio, etc.) or the materials (if I didn't finish every single page! The last page only has "thank you"). Teachers are expected to rate the lessons and individual feedback and ratings for students as well. This is clearly a formality and takes 5 minutes although the company no doubt promotes this as a selling point. The main con: the materials are very very poor. IMHO, a good 75% of the lessons are rubbish. For example, sometimes the lesson is a reading comp less...more
Instructor | Remote | Sep 29, 2019
Misleading job advertisement
I taught English with this company for 1.5 years. It was subpar as you get classes assigned up to an hour before class begins. If you are already in class, you wouldn't realize you've been assigned an additional class. This gives the teacher no time to prep. The pay is 100% based on ratings of the students. There is no way around the rating system. I got top ratings and was always in the top percent. It only takes one student to have technical problems and give you a low score based on THEIR technical difficulties. Your pay will reflect that. The company does not want you to ask the students for ratings. However, if you don't, your payment will stay at the base rate. More than half of the students can't be bothered to rate you and your pay will reflect that as well. In addition, they suck their teachers in to convert students into demo classes. Teachers don't have a choice and many of them see their average wages drop because their pay is completely based on whether or not the client converts. If you look at ITG facebook posts, many teachers are trying to figure out how to get out of doing demo classes. The best part of the job is the pay is usually consistent except for two times when we were paid late. If you live in an area where you have frequent power outages, storms, or fires, stay away from this company. They don't excuse these things more than once. I've seen teachers fired because of that. They also are very shady with their hiring practices. They will show you on...more
ProsGet paid in USD
ConsUnfair rating system, pay
English As A Second Language Teacher | Remote | Dec 26, 2019
Great Company... But Watch Out for These...
This is an excellent company to work for and by the far the ONE company that provides the best incentives for making more money outside of the base pay. However, their attendance limitations is constricting, making it extremely hard for great consultants to continue working for them. This company will fire a great consultant who is obtaining excellent client ratings and feedbacks. While you think that this is a major advantage for the company, they overlook that and will quickly get rid of those individuals due to being late one time beyond the allotted six absences within the six-month period. Be careful when it comes to this attendance policy, while you might think this is great, what they don't explain to you is that the six month-clock doesn't begin with the consultant's first date of hire, but the first absence obtained is when they begin counting the absences - so you have six months out from that date to ensure you don't acquire more than six tardies/absences. So please be careful when working for this company and don't make that mistake. While its a great company, you MUST be cognizant of your attendance, because that's one thing that will quickly terminate your contract for. However, they have an extremely leisure vacation policy. As long as you put in your absences within 4-5 days in advance, you will remain in good standing. But many of the consultants that I know who were relieved from their contract agreement with iTutorGroup was because of issues wit...more
Consultant | Atlanta, GA | Jan 24, 2020
Do not work for this company! I still have not been paid for my first month of teaching.
When I first started teaching with this company in November I was so excited. I have been an ESL Teacher for 4 years and this company allowed me to teach any time during the day unlike most other companies. The worst part of the job is that they don't value their teachers. They allow the adult AND children learners to rate the teachers, and anything below an 8 DEDUCTS from the hourly rate. Many clients rate unfairly. I taught in China for a year and many parents didn't like me simply because of how I look. Others will rate you poorly out of spite because in a group class they didn't get to speak as much as the other clients (this happened to me several times). On top of not believing the teachers, the company will suspend the teacher's account if their rating average falls below a 9.5 AND require them to take unpaid training (this also happened to me and I had to go 2 weeks without pay). To top it all off, you never get a response when you open a "ticket", whether it be payroll, scheduling or just general concerns. I found that my routing number was incorrect and I informed them of this and gave them the correct one the day after I hadn't been paid. When I finally heard from them a week later they just told me to "wait" and "be patient". I continued to email them regarding my pay for December and never got replied to right away. Then the day before Chinese New Year I got a reply stating "Our banks will be closed for the holiday from the 23rd to the 29th". Payday is supposed t...more
Consultant | Remote | Mar 15, 2020
Unreliable work
I started working for iTutorGroup as I needed a lot of flexibility and yes you do get that here. The problem is that work is very unreliable, sometimes you get lots of work other times there's barely any but you sort of have to be 'on call' if you've requested the hours. There's no obligation on the company to provide you hours yet you need to be available just in case they give you the hours. It makes juggling a second job near impossible and it's also highly stressful if you have bills to pay. Your salary can really fluctuate. As for the pay structure, it's pretty bad, not the worst I've seen but bad. At the lowest you could teach a 45min lesson for about £6, the problem is because it's all based on the students rating you (sometimes they just can't be bothered), you only find out at the end of the lesson how much you will get paid for it. If they don't rate you, and there's nothing to say they have to, you get paid a base rate which is very low. There's no real career progression as I'm sure you know with these sorts of companies and there's no one to speak to if there's a problem or you need something. They may suspend your account or penalise you for something without explanation and there's no one to take issue with - it's very frustrating and made working with iTutorGroup near unbearable for me. Lastly and this is a big one, if you need a proper reference once you leave DON'T work here, they won't provide one, it's their policy. A major problem if you want to go on ...more
Consultant | Remote | Aug 24, 2019
iTutorGroup is the BEST job I've ever had!
Let me be one of the few who say that iTutorGroup is awesome. The pay is great if English is your first language and you live in the U.S.A. There is a base rate, which starts out low, but there are so many bonuses, I end up getting paid well over living wage. PLUS, if a client doesn't show, you get paid to just sit there and watch youtube or something lol It's true that if you get scheduled for Demos or a 45 minute class, you get paid less, but I ONLY do 25-minute ones. :-) I consistently get scheduled for classes. I never have to worry about not having work. Clients are PROVIDED. Lesson plans are PROVIDED. The platform is easy to use; whiteboard, stickers, picture search, etc. No commute to work! My bed is mere feet away from me when work is through. You can take your work with you wherever you travel to! If I have extra time, I'll make extra money. If I need to cancel, I just press a button (as long as it's 24 hours before). SUPER flexible schedule. If you miss a class, you get 9 free passes every 6 months AND another 6 "valid" absences, where they send you a warning. That's a lot of leeway! IT techs are available 24/7 and they help if they can. If you have a question there is a communication center where you can speak with management or get help from fellow teachers. I have always had my questions answered in a timely and respectful manner. They are always sending positive messages to our emails, giving us tips and...more
Teacher | Remote | Feb 23, 2020
0 Stars - do not work for this company - feels like a scam!
This company was terrible from the start, and I should've quit a week ago. I started a week ago and it has feels like a complete SCAM. They schedule you sessions WHILE you are teaching a session, then say you have an "absence" and take money out of your pay. Despite the high pay they advertise, you are only paid $8/session and docked $7.50 if you have an "absence." If you are scheduled for a 25 minute session, they book a session RIGHT after, and you have 2 minutes between the sessions. If you don't log in, in the 2 minutes they give you... they give you an absence and take your pay! The hours are terrible, and I have been getting up at 2 am to do this job to be signed on at 2:30 am when they show you your lesson plan for 3:30 am, however you are not guaranteed a session. So, you get up early in the morning/middle of the night to be signed on and prepared, just to have a student cancel... and you are NOT paid for signing on, yet they charge you if you "miss" a session. Their site is hard to work with, and they offer little to no support. If you email them about any issues it will take days for them to respond. From the initial on-boarding process there is no support from anyone on any issues you may have. It is a complete waste of time and energy to work for this corrupt company. You will spend a lot of time preparing and training, just to be frustrated and not paid! Save yourself, and DO NOT WORK FOR iTutor Group!
Teacher | United States | Apr 11, 2020
The flexibility is great EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS!
If you're looking for a remote job, this is great for scheduling and canceling classes! Otherwise, everything else sucks! 1. It is tough to get in contact with someone because of issues. The teacher will get kicked out of class and be marked absent if you don't enter by a specific time before class (even with an IT issue), then the teacher gets deducted money for being absent. 2. When talking to an IT, you can only send one message at a time. The system won't let you submit more than one message; then, you have to wait for the IT person to reply. It is an excellent way of communicating <adding sarcasm>. 3. Each class can have more than two students per class, especially on the weekends, and the kids are different levels (example: level 5 and 2) Itutor needs to implement a placement test that works. 4. The IT person does not help with noise, echo, or background noise from students. They will adjust the volume from their side, but the result will be the IT person telling you to MUTE their mic. Great way to teach students (sarcasm again). It should be mandatory for them to use a headset and a mic or be in a quiet room. 5. They've updated their lessons, but they are still matter how much pizazz you put into it. Not worth the stress and time. If you're looking for an online teaching gig with a great company, definitely sort out other companies. There are tons!
Teacher | Albuquerque, NM | Mar 9, 2019
Unpredictable and Inconsistent
Like many, I began my online teaching career with 100% enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. Most of my students have been wonderful. Policies keep changing, contracts are pulled out from under you without warning and altered without notice and minimum weekly requirements are changed on a whim. Tech issues are ongoing and consultants are blamed and penalized when clearly there are glitches in the ever changing teaching platform. I get there are growing pains with new management taking over. However, I can't commit to a company that is constantly setting me up for failure. I just reached senior status and naturally, it makes sense to set me up to fail so I can choose to quit. This is a smooth tactic they use. Not an issue, I'm highly qualified and have found other employment that is consistent and steady without the drama and anguish of things malfunctioning every time I'm teaching. Don't expect respect with this company. Be prepared to be at their mercy and do things their way. They also favor young millennials who love being the center of attention. It's become more about entertainment than teaching.
ProsGreat for those who have lots of time on their hands to kiss booty
ConsTech issues, lack of support and communication

Questions And Answers about iTutorGroup

How many classes would you need to teach per month to make the $900 salary figure?
Asked Oct 13, 2016
Both a 25-min class AND a 45-min class pay $7. If students rate you below a 7, they will take money from you actually.
Answered Jul 24, 2019
I worked 40 hours and only earned $200... no joke. That tells you enough about how badly it pays.
Answered Jul 22, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make iTutorGroup a better place to work?
Asked Aug 9, 2018
I would provide proper training, fairly compensate my employees, provide support, and provide a fair workplace so that my employees can excel.
Answered Mar 2, 2020
I would revised the absence situation because the company is relieving extremely qualified consultants of their duty and they take that experience that they have obtained to the competition. I would find a way to make it work and more sensible so the company can maintain its qualified and highly sought-after team members.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
How often do raises occur at iTutorGroup?
Asked Sep 21, 2016
I've been pleased with the opportunities for bonuses. So even though I don't think a raise is coming, I've made $500+ on some paychecks, just for showing up and doing my best during the hours I choose. There are different types of lessons you can train to teach, and some have great bonus structures attached to them. You'll always get your base pay, regardless, but I've consistently made far more, and it wasn't really difficult.
Answered Oct 16, 2018
Don't trust what they say, their bonus system is a scam and they business practices with teachers and students is more scam.
Answered May 20, 2018
On average, how many hours do you work a day at iTutorGroup?
Asked Jul 4, 2017
You determine your schedule... Work as many or as little hours as you desire.
Answered Dec 29, 2018
I am committed to 10 hours a week, and I break it up into 2 hours, 5 days a week. (I take Wednesday and Thursday off). But then it's super easy to add hours on whenever I want. For example, when I have a day off from teaching in my public school, I will book a lot of extra hours for that day with iTG.
Answered Oct 16, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at iTutorGroup?
Asked Dec 31, 2019
I found the interview process to be straight-forward and relaxed. I chose to meet in-person with a team member of iTutor Group. The recruited joined the call a few minutes after the set time, we briefly chatted, and I was instructed to teach a 5-minute demo. It was one of my first online demos so I was rather nervous (despite amble in-person teaching experience) and the recruiter was very encouraging, positive, and provided live-feedback / insight into the next steps.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Do not work for this company. There are better companies to teach for, and itutorgroup seems like a scam to me. It is not worth it.
Answered Mar 2, 2020