Everything You Should Know AboutAccounting Jobs in Los Angeles, CA

Groundwork Coffee Roasters - Los Angeles, CA 

Manage the Accounts Payable department, ensuring the accurate and timely processing of accounts payable, purchase orders, petty cash, employee expense reports…

US Department of Housing and Urban Development - Los Angeles, CA 

To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/day/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week on your…

$73,000 - $110,000 a year

DCM Creations, Inc. - Vernon, CA 

Some required technical skills include trial balance, general ledger, inventory reconciliation, month end/ quarter end/ year end, fixed asset, bank…

$68,000 - $80,000 a year

Netflix - Los Angeles, CA 

Comply with all policies and procedures for POs, invoices, checks and time card approvals. Business or Accounting degree preferred.

Estimated: $53,000 - $72,000 a year


Process contractor payments, change orders, and vendor invoices. Generate checks and distribute signed checks as required. Prepare tax documents for CPA.

$20 - $30 an hour

Electroline Electronics - Los Angeles, CA 

Create invoices and sales receipts in Quickbooks. Entering financial transactions into our internal databases and reconciling invoices.

$16 - $24 an hour

FirstPointe Solutions - Los Angeles, CA 

Assist with development of accounting processes, accounting system configurations and testing of new functionalities. The electric vehicle revolution continues.

$100,000 - $130,000 a year

Volunteers of America Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA 

Preparing journal entries, worksheets and financial reports using automated as well as hands-on accounting practices following GAAP. Audit background is a plus.

Estimated: $50,000 - $68,000 a year

Bank of Hope - Los Angeles, CA 

Prepare SOP 03 Monthly Accretion Journal Entry. Prepare SOP 03 Quarterly Impairment Journal Entry. Knowledge of bank asset/liability practices.

Estimated: $77,000 - $110,000 a year

Los Angeles LGBT Center - Los Angeles, CA 

Prepare monthly grant billings, invoice various funding sources and analysis, ensuring entries are recorded in the general ledger;

$65,000 a year

The Fountain Theatre - Los Angeles, CA 

Ideal candidate will possess experience in essential bookkeeping functions, such as managing accounts payable and receivable and preparing payrolls, invoices,…

$25 - $35 an hour

Cookies Retail - Los Angeles, CA 

Prepares and reviews journal entries. Minimum 5 years of accounting experience. Assist with establishing Accounting policies and procedures.

$80,000 - $100,000 a year

Lachman & Associates - Los Angeles, CA 

This includes the preparation and/or review of period end journal entries, accruals and moderately complex analyses..

$90,000 - $100,000 a year

Children's Institute Inc. - Los Angeles, CA 

Directs the operations of the accounts payable system, ensuring data integrity, ease of use, and timely and accurate payments. This job supervises 4-6 staff.

Estimated: $93,000 - $130,000 a year

Los Angeles Community College District - Los Angeles, CA 

An Accounting Technician classifies clerical accounting transactions; Reviews and verifies accounting related documents and resolves discrepancies;

$3,900 - $4,800 a month

Cricket Wireless Authorized Dealer - San Fernando Valley, CA 

5+ years of accounting experience. Successful completion of college accounting coursework. Retail Accounting including reconciliation of various 3rd party…

$70,000 - $85,000 a year

US Department of Defense - Van Nuys, CA 

Please follow all instructions carefully. Eligibility for benefits depends on the type of position you hold and whether your position is full-time, part-time,…

$88,000 - $110,000 a year

Everything You Should Know AboutAccounting Jobs in Los Angeles, CA

If you're interested in some tips and tricks for gainful employment, our guide to accounting jobs in Los Angeles, California, can help you find your dream job.

What educational background do you need to land a job in Los Angeles?

Most accounting jobs in Los Angeles require candidates to have a four-year degree, preferably in accounting or a related business discipline. Some are more flexible, however, and may accept work or internship experience as a substitute for a degree in certain circumstances. While higher education like a master's degree or certification is typically not required, they do improve your chances and can give you a leg up when it comes time for advancement in the workplace.

How can I land an accounting job in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of the busiest places in the world for accountants in large part because of the sprawling tech sector. As such, you're going to want to ensure your resume and cover letter can pinpoint your best features quickly. No one has time to pour over a rambling introduction, so get to the point quickly and spell out exactly what you've done and why you're the best candidate for the job.

Experience is a key factor in landing a job in Los Angeles, particularly in more specialized areas. Even when interviewing for an average entry-level accounting position, an employer might be more inclined to hire you if you have some kind of talent or qualification that makes you stand out. Specialized skills in accounting or other areas plus experience in the field can help with that, so put those front and center when writing a resume or interviewing for the position.

Speaking of interviews, if you're called in for one, make sure to dress the part. Be professional and confident. If the employer requests a phone interview before an in-person one, make sure you're somewhere quiet where you can focus on the questions and where you won't be bothered by anyone.

There's also the simple fact that knowing the right people can open a ton of doors. Networking is your best friend in the world of accounting, and your ability to make a good impression on some of the industry's top people can potentially make or break your whole career. As such, you'll want to attend various meetups and conventions like the Accounting & Finance Show LA to get access to these important people.

Additionally, becoming certified also helps boost your chances of employment. The large amount of time and effort invested into obtaining your CPA license within the state of California definitely makes it an accomplishment even compared to the same certification elsewhere.

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant in California comes with a long list of requirements, the first being a bachelor's degree earned with 150 credit hours' worth of study in different subjects as dictated by the California Board of Accountancy. After this, you'll need to pass the Uniform CPA Examination, letting you move on to a year's worth of work experience, including 500 hours of attest experience. Once this is done, you'll have your license.

What are common jobs in this area?

Entry-level positions for accounting are fairly standard in Los Angeles, the bulk of those being bookkeepers, junior accountants, staff accountants and similar. One of the major perks of taking on these jobs within Los Angeles is that even the most basic of jobs tends to pay fairly well, most of these positions averaging somewhere around $50,000 per year. This is especially nice if you live outside the city where you can avoid the costly rent, making basic accounting jobs one of the most lucrative resume builders out there.

If you perform well in an entry-level position, it's not uncommon for you to be promoted fairly quickly. Some potential jobs for this middle level of employment might involve management, particularly accounting management and audit management.

Above this are the more senior positions, the most basic of which is the senior accountant at a firm or business. If you do your job and set your sights high, you could potentially become a partner in your firm or the CFO of a major company.

What are the biggest industries for this field in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of the best places to dream big in terms of employment thanks to the numerous startup companies that appear every year. Essentially, this can mean that getting in at the right time could fast-track you to senior employment at record time if you have a good work ethic and a bit of luck. This does naturally come with some risk, however, as many startups can collapse unexpectedly.

Based on data collected by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, California is the best place in the country to look for accounting work with nearly 150,000 accountants and auditors employed as of 2018. Los Angeles and the surrounding area accounted for just over 60,000 of those jobs. That number is expected to grow by 10% nationally, likely helped along by the burgeoning tech startups and their need for accounting services.

What kind of shifts can I work in this field in Los Angeles?

Given that Los Angeles is second only to New York in employing accountants, there is no shortage of work that needs to be done within the industry. This, as well as the robust freelance scene, gives you some degree of flexibility in when you wish to work as an accountant. Many full-time jobs do stick to the standard 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. schedule, though you'll find plenty of jobs that will allow you to work as you please, even from home. This is especially true for businesses involved in foreign affairs and tax trading as they require people on staff that can work with other time zones. A part-time or seasonal job can help you "get your foot in the door" at a company, possibly leading to a full-time position depending on your performance.

External resources

The California Society of CPAs is one of your best resources for learning about new developments in the world of accounting, not to mention how it can make connecting with other CPAs easier. The Los Angeles Business Journal is also very helpful in tracking the rise and fall of the stock market and for scoping out different rising stars in the business world.