Complete Guide toPart-Time Jobs

Extreme Data Technologies - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract. Extreme Data Technologies (XDT) is currently seeking Childcare Subsidy Administrators to support the Centers for…

$20 - $40 an hour
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Ashburn, VA 3.7

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Part-time servers can sell as much as $3000.00 a week, and for full-timers the sky is the limit.

$18 - $24 an hour
Jobeo - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. (Just replace the TikTok comments with Instagram).

$50 - $80 an hour
Total Shape - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary, Internship. Experience in product reviewing or anything of equivalent is desirable but not required.

$3,500 a month
Network Interpreting Service Inc - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. (email) Enter appointments from phone calls and email into scheduling software. Personable in writing and on phone.

$11 - $19 an hour
ALDI - Ashburn, VA 3.3

When you join our team as a Cashier you’ll be responsible for efficiently processing customer purchases while providing excellent service to keep our customers…

$16 an hour
Gentleman Toker - Washington, DC 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Having a medical marijuana card and familiarity with the Washington Metro area cannabis markets is a plus.

East Bidwell LLC - Remote 

Creates content (photos, videos, writing) for different social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. Stays on top of follower engagement.

$20 an hour
Everything and The Dog - Ashburn, VA 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Take care of pets while clients are on vacation, usually am, midday, and evening visits 3x/day.

$15 - $25 an hour
Real Estate Appraisals - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Experience with ACI desired but willing to train the right person. Experience in real estate will help too.

$10 - $20 an hour
Barnes & Noble - Ashburn, VA 3.8

Treat customers as the first priority at all times. A bookseller creates enticing displays which are neat, tidy, and vibrant to the customer.

Naked Podium - Remote 

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Temporary. If you do not have a home studio and live within a reasonable distance of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I can drive to you and…

$15 - $50 an hour
Childcare Professional Staffing - Remote 

Communicate with candidates as many times as specified in the “CPS Way” to get them into the database. Childcare Professional Staffing database creator is in…

Estimated: $24,000 - $33,000 a year
Ace Records Retrieval, LLC - Remote 

Ace Records Retrieval, LLC is in need of a part time employee to perform NJ criminal record searches and process criminal records found.

$12 an hour
Loudoun County Government - Leesburg, VA 3.7

Loudoun County Regular full-time Employees are eligible for full benefits including but not limited to the following as a part of a total rewards package!

$19.76 an hour
LA Fitness - Ashburn, VA 3.2

They are who members and guests see first, so it’s their job to set the tone for the rest of the members’ club experience by being friendly and welcoming.

$9 - $10 an hour
Optics&EYECARE - Ashburn, VA 

Must have flexible working hours and available on Saturdays. Duties will include answering phones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, updating patient…

Estimated: $21,000 - $31,000 a year
Wegmans Food Markets - Sterling, VA 

Dental coverage (Available to Full-time only). Customers tell us they choose Wegmans for the helpful people in our stores and the freshest ingredients possible.

Lidl US - Broadlands, VA 3.2

Medical & Prescription | Dental | Vision benefits for every Lidl US employee, including part-time. More than just cashiers, however, they get involved in every…

$16 an hour

Complete Guide toPart-Time Jobs

If you want to earn extra income, return to the workforce or spend fewer hours on the job for a better work-life balance, this guide to part-time jobs can help.

What educational background do you need?

Since part-time jobs exist in practically every field of employment, the educational requirements vary across the board. In most situations, you will struggle to get hired if you have no education beyond a GED or high school diploma. If this is the case, the best way to start your quest is to obtain an associate or bachelor's degree. This will impress the recruiter with your work ethic and may persuade them to trust you with the part-time duties you will be responsible for.

From that point on, any additional degrees, certificates or continuing education in your field will lead to a better salary. For instance, if you go on to pursue a master's degree, your part-time rates could be enough to equal some people's full-time earnings. Similarly, completing a Ph.D., Ed.D. or other advanced course of study and defending a doctoral thesis will make you as qualified as can be. This will open more doors, and your part-time offers could pile up incredibly fast.

What are common jobs in this area?

Some of the most common entry-level part-time jobs include freelancing and self-employment gigs. These are especially common in service-based fields where you may want to eventually open your own practice. At first, you will have to make a step-by-step transition from your current career or lack thereof to part-time work. You can do this by finding opportunities with clients who would like to hire you for a specific purpose. A lot of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) take part-time engagements during the busy tax or audit season. This lets them accumulate additional income that they might choose to save for the new CPA firm they want to open. Other common entry-level roles include drivers, tutors, administrative assistants and fitness instructors and trainers.

People interested in pursuing a mid-level opportunity can do so by taking their projects to the next level with specialized marketing. Those who are working as part-time employees may eventually attain a mid-level role by meeting expectations. For them, opportunities include remote-location managers and project supervisors.

Senior-level part-time jobs include roles like seasonal project leaders or spokespeople for corporations that employ freelancers.

Sales is the leading industry offering part-time work and flexible schedules. Rounding out the top five are computers and IT, medical and health, customer service and education and training.

Where are the biggest markets for this field?

One of the most lucrative and efficient markets for part-time work in the United States is the internet. Tens of thousands of opportunities are available, and searching online is more efficient and takes less time than practically anything you could achieve in the offline world. People who want to land a part-time opportunity can jump-start the search process by sharing a portfolio of their previous work and a resume online. That way, your skills and accomplishments will be visible to thousands of employers who might be seeking the exact type of service you have to offer.

From an international perspective, the best market is the public sector. This includes publicly traded organizations like corporations and accounting and law partnerships. Given their vast size and their volume of client engagements, positions for virtual assistants are often generously compensated and always readily available. And a part-time role in a public company could be an opportunity to build an entire career in this sector without ever having to dedicate more than 20 to 30 hours a week to your job.

What kind of shifts can I work in this field?

According to the government's definition of full-time work, as provided on the HealthCare website, individuals who accumulate north of 30 hours a week can consider themselves to be hired on a full-time basis. By definition, this means that anyone who spends less than 30 hours a week on the job is classified as a part-time worker.

Regardless, one of the main advantages of part-time work is that people can find seasonal, temporary and even night-shift work. Seasonal projects usually revolve around tourism, a field in which companies hire people for low-skilled jobs such as local market guides and hosts. These shifts usually span daytime hours in months when tourism in the local market is booming. With night work, the shifts tend to occur between late-day hours to early-morning time. These jobs might include openings for part-time security guards or delivery people. Lastly, temp work is one of the most common part-time opportunities, allowing people to work in practically any market for as long as the employer needs them. Public service companies frequently make these positions available during their busy seasons. Hours vary, but shifts are often available during the regular business day and seldom spill over into nights or weekends.

Perks of working part time

Working part-time opens up a lot of free hours to visit with family and friends, take a class, work out, volunteer or pursue a favorite hobby.

Your part-time income may be enough to let you continue to explore your true passion. This is because part-time workers often find work in areas that interest them but have not been considered before. So, a part-time job can be a tryout that may lead to a complete career change.

Another perk is the increased amount of time you can spend resting. Just consider the fact that most busy professionals struggle to find time for themselves, chasing their goals in a manner that can impair their physical health and mental well-being. Part-time workers have enough time to get the sleep and recreation they need to function at their best.

Lastly, a part-time job does not commonly feature quite as much stress as a full-time one. Although the industry and the job itself could be fairly stressful, being able to leave after no more than six hours every day helps to reduce anxiety levels. In turn, the quality of life should increase pretty fast.

Pitfalls of working part time

The most significant downside of any part-time job is the compensation amount and structure. A lot of employers pay their part-time workers much less since they are not contributing as much as regular employees. This means that the salary will seldom be above average. Even more importantly, however, the benefit package will frequently be nonexistent.

If you are ever sick or injured and need to go to the doctor's office, there will be no corporate health insurance to rely on, and the deductibles will likely be quite high. Not to mention the fact that independent insurance plans are normally a lot pricier than those provided by employers. Part-time workers who would still like to get some coverage should look for opportunities within the educational sector. The State University of New Jersey, for instance, allows part-time employees to select a benefits package that will go into effect after they have completed two months of ongoing employment.

Additionally, part-time work is limited in the sense of upward mobility. Although promotions do occur, employers in many fields are skeptical to promote individuals who are not dedicated to working on a full-time basis. Due to the needs of the business, they may not be able to keep them only partially engaged. Fortunately, these issues are offset by the never-ending job opportunities that are continuously added to the market. So, even though you may run into some bumps along the way, following this guide to part-time jobs could help you land the perfect one for you.

External resources

To better research the market, everyone interested in part-time jobs should carefully review credible publications such as Business News Daily. Additionally, getting familiar with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) would be very useful, as the government expects employers of both full- and part-time workers to adhere to these standards.

If you work part-time in a field that has a union, you might consider joining it since some unions extend membership to part-timers and include them in collective bargaining.