Everything You Should Know AboutPart-Time Jobs in The Bronx, NY

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY 3.8

Ensures customer service on the selling floor that exceeds the customer's expectations and assists the Manager in achieving sales and service goals.

Estimated: $24,000 - $34,000 a year
Better Health Rx Pharmacy - New York, NY 

In need of an assistant who can be able to work 15-20 hours. Location: 58th Street and 2nd Avenue Pay: $20/hr Interviews will be held at 503W 125th Street …

$19 - $20 an hour
Brilla Public Charter Schools - Bronx, NY 

Completes weekly student supports on time. As this is a part-time position, the tutor can expect to work anywhere from 15-20 hours per week depending on the…

$30 - $40 an hour
The Quad Preparatory School - New York, NY 3.3

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work: This is a part-time non-exempt position in an educational facility which is open eight hours a day.

$20 an hour
Starbucks Coffee Company - Bronx, NY 4.0

This position contributes to Starbucks success by providing legendary customer service to all customers. Maintains a calm demeanor during periods of high volume…

$15.75 - $15.77 an hour
SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa - New York, NY 

SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa is looking for friendly, energetic people for Host/Hostess positions in our locations in NYC. You must have a positive attitude and…

$20 an hour
McDonald's - Bronx, NY 3.5

As a Crew Person, you may be responsible for: Greeting customers with a smile, taking accurate food orders, preparing all of McDonald's World Famous food,…

Estimated: $25,000 - $33,000 a year
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY 3.8

The position is part-time, variable. Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Temporary. Visitor Experience (VX) is a revenue-generating, customer service department.

$11 - $26 an hour
Amazon DSP - Bronx, NY 

We offer full and part-time opportunities. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Safely drive and operate your delivery vehicle at all times.

$18.50 - $20.00 an hour
New York Junior Tennis & Learning, Inc. - Bronx, NY 3.3

He/She must maintain and promote a high standard of excellence in hospitality and customer service at all times by welcoming and servicing clients in a…

Estimated: $27,000 - $37,000 a year
New York Botanical Garden - Bronx, NY 4.0

The* Exhibits Assistant *is* *a year round part-time position. Responsible for assisting with the installation and de-installation of temporary exhibits as well…

Estimated: $23,000 - $32,000 a year
Argus Community, Inc. - Bronx, NY 3.0

Job Title: Part-time Data Entry Specialist. Part-time Data Entry Specialist will enter all Food and Nutrition data in Eshare along with day-to-day activities…

$15 an hour
Rite Aid - New York, NY 3.5

Assist with the operation of the One-hour Photo department, if applicable. As a Cashier, you are a vital part of our store team that is responsible for the day…

Lucciola Italian Restaurant - New York, NY 

Adherence to posted schedule and arrival time. Always be presentable in uniform, look in compliance with outlet standards and always be on time.

$150 - $400 a day
Brilla Public Charter Schools - Bronx, NY 

Report in person to each Brilla Public Charter School campus based on a weekly schedule of testing between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm, will sometimes report to…

Estimated: $31,000 - $43,000 a year
Pretty Brown Girl, LLC - Bronx, NY 

In case of a mandated reporting situation, follow organization protocol to ensure the girls’ safety at all times. Have a passion for working with youth.

$65 a day
Starbucks - New York, NY 4.0

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. This position contributes to Starbucks success by providing legendary customer service to all customers.

$15.77 - $16.00 an hour
Skechers - Bronx, NY 3.5

Engages our customer the first time and every time... Loves being part of the team and treats every co-worker with respect, positivity and camaraderie.

$16 an hour

Everything You Should Know AboutPart-Time Jobs in The Bronx, NY

There are many opportunities for part-time work in different fields. Here’s a quick guide to part-time jobs in the Bronx, NY.

What educational background do you need to land a job in the Bronx?

Most part-time jobs in the Bronx, NY, are service sector jobs. Because such jobs are all on a part-time schedule, your ability to gain extensive work experience through them will be somewhat limited. The upside to this, however, is that you don’t need much in the way of educational qualifications to land them. Whether you want to work as a waiter, taxi driver, bartender or sales representative, a high school diploma or GED will be enough to get your foot in the door.

If part-time jobs in the medical field, like medical assistant or phlebotomist, appeal to you, it might be useful to have at least an associate’s degree.

There are also certain technical jobs where working part-time isn't unheard of, but they require at least a bachelor’s degree to get you hired. These include jobs like a teacher, translator and computer programmer. There are also part-time sales jobs available — sales jobs involving the sale of specialized or technical products like computer software or medical equipment — where a fairly deep knowledge of the product and a bachelor’s degree in some field relevant to the job will be a requirement.

It’s rare to have someone with a more advanced degree like an MA, an MBA or a Ph.D. working part-time. However, you can find consulting jobs for a firm or teaching jobs at a university.

Before being allowed to work in some specialized industries like massage therapy, real estate, insurance or finance, you may be required to take special classes from an organization accredited by the state of New York and then pass a New York state licensing exam. Part-time work schedules are fairly common in these fields.

How can I land a part-time job in the Bronx?

As this guide to part-time jobs in the Bronx, NY, will show, you'll need to have your bases covered. To maximize your chances of landing a part-time job in the Bronx, NY, your cover letter needs to be attention-grabbing and aesthetically appealing. Your resume should be clear and nicely organized. Be sure to highlight all of your relevant skills, work experience and any licenses you have if those are necessary.

Beyond this, since most part-time jobs are in the service sector, use your interview to show off your people skills. Show the interviewer that you can be friendly, personable, helpful, charming or whatever else the specific job for which you’re applying requires you to be. Some part-time jobs — particularly in telemarketing and technical support — require you to work over the phone, so over-the-phone interviews are no exception to this.

Attend networking events that cater to the field you’re interested in. This can go a long way in the way of referrals and contacts.

What are common jobs in this area?

Part-time jobs in the Bronx are nearly always service-oriented in one way or another, and the vast majority of them tend to be entry-level positions. Common entry-level part-time jobs in the Bronx include bartenders, servers and medical assistants.

Here and there, you’ll find a few more technical mid-level jobs that still offer a part-time schedule. Examples include consulting and computer programming.

The general lack of what might be called senior-level positions with part-time schedules doesn't mean that it’s impossible to make good money while working part-time. Experienced real estate agents, for example, can still make quite a lot of money working only a part-time schedule. Professors assigned to just one class at universities like Lehman College or Fordham University can also gain meaningful salaries with a part-time, senior-level job.

What are the biggest industries for this field in the Bronx?

In the Bronx, NY, as in most other areas, the service sector dominates the part-time job market. Restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses are all looking for part-time workers to help them handle their inflow of customers. There are nearly 227,000 students currently enrolled in Bronx County public schools, so teaching positions are abundant.

What kind of shifts can I work in this field in the Bronx?

The BLS classifies part-time jobs as any job requiring workers to work less than 35 hours per week.

Along with this relatively low amount of work hours, part-time jobs often have fairly flexible schedules. You may decide to work day shifts or night shifts as a taxi driver, bartender or customer service technician, for example. Some teachers work seasonally during the summer or on a temporary basis. All in all, night shifts are far more common with part-time jobs than full-time jobs.

External resources

There's no union that's specifically dedicated to part-time workers, but because of how many people work part-time in the food and service industries, the New York chapter of the UFCW is a good place to go for more information.

If you have your eye on a part-time job for which you might need an associate’s degree, Bronx Community College offers many academic programs to help you get one. Lehman College in the Bronx, NY, also has many BA programs.

If you need to get a license for your particular part-time job, see the New York State Office of the Professions for the information you need.