Everything You Should Know AboutSales Jobs in Toledo, OH

Professional Skills Institute - Maumee, OH 2.1

In this position, you will facilitate the selection and enrollment of qualified student applicants for school admission. Microsoft Office: 1 year (Preferred).

$20 - $23 an hour
Midwest Packaging Solutions - Toledo, OH 

In this position, you will call on industrial and manufacturing customers looking for automation and packaging equipment applications throughout Ohio, Michigan,…

$75,000 - $100,000 a year
Rehab Medical - Toledo, OH 3.4

This position shall have responsibility for making sales calls to a broad spectrum of prospects in the medical industry, including physicians’ offices,…


They receive paid vacation, full medical benefits, vision benefits and dental benefits. They are responsible for hiring, developing and mentoring the club sales…

$3,800 - $6,300 a month
Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel - Toledo, OH 4.0

Qualifying leads for sales managers and input of opportunities in sales systems. Analyzing report data to optimize sales efforts.

Estimated: $34,000 - $45,000 a year
Bath R Us - Perrysburg, OH 

Run in-home sales appointments. Participate in ongoing sales training on a weekly basis. Previous in-home sales experience a plus, but not necessary.

$80,000 - $250,000 a year
Heidelberg Distributing Company - Toledo, OH 3.4

Must be to work flexible hours through the week and, sometimes weekends. Pre-work daily to prepare for next day calls to maximize sales and pursue sales leads.

Estimated: $40,000 - $51,000 a year
Lowe's Companies, Inc. - Toledo, OH 3.5

Salaried: Generally scheduled for 48 hours; more hours may be required based on the needs of the business. Requires morning, afternoon and evening availability…

$58,000 - $65,000 a year
Dillard's, Inc. - Toledo, OH 3.2

Dillard’s at Franklin Park Mall is looking for retail sales specialist’s to fill positions in a variety of areas, including shoes, men’s clothing, ladies…

Nexus Energy Group Ltd.. - Toledo, OH 

The modern buyer requires the modern sales rep - one who can move off script and discuss value and offer insights, speak the language of the small business…

$34,000 - $120,000 a year
Thayer Family Dealerships - Bowling Green, OH 

Full benefits including, medical, dental, vision, life, and vision benefits, 401K. Previous sales or customer service experience preferred.

$40,000 - $85,000 a year
Dillard's, Inc. - Maumee, OH 3.2

Drive sales to meet plans and quotas in alignment with business objectives. Suggest new services/products and innovative sales techniques to increase customer…

$45,000 - $55,000 a year
Heidelberg Distributing Company - Toledo, OH 3.4

Must be to work flexible hours through the week and, sometimes weekends. Beverage and consumer product sales experience preferred.

Estimated: $39,000 - $53,000 a year
Lowe's Companies, Inc. - Perrysburg, OH 3.5

Salaried: Generally scheduled for 48 hours; more hours may be required based on the needs of the business. Requires morning, afternoon and evening availability…

$58,000 - $65,000 a year
AT&T - Toledo, OH 3.7

Your ability to provide an effortless experience will be rewarded as you work to meet key objectives and sales goals.

$55,965 a year
Healthy Leaf Organics - Monroe, MI 

An independent work environment with flexible hours. Present and discuss sales and marketing collateral, brand values, products and value adds.

$50,000 - $100,000 a year
Champion Window - Perrysburg, OH 3.2

Also, we offer a competitive compensation package that includes medical/dental/vision/disability coverage, 401(k), flex spending account and more.

$80,000 - $200,000 a year

Everything You Should Know AboutSales Jobs in Toledo, OH

Looking for a sales job? This guide to sales jobs in Toledo, Ohio, will give you the information you need to find a perfect match.

What educational background do you need to land a job in Toledo?

Entry-level outside sales jobs may not require any college education, provided you are able to demonstrate a track record. Internships and shadowing programs for sales jobs in Toledo, OH, exist within many companies for individuals interested in a sales career. Mid to senior roles and inside sales roles will require some formal education. This may be a bachelor's degree or higher, or it could be a combination of college and experience. The most important educational factor for sales jobs is product knowledge. Candidates must be able to quickly learn about a product or service in a way that they can easily reconstruct the product to a diverse audience.

How can I land a sales job in Toledo?

The application process for many sales jobs in the Glass City is a bit different than the traditional resume and cover letter. These are still important factors for introducing yourself or registering with recruitment centers. Sales jobs are often obtained through networking opportunities and meeting the right people. Major companies like Heidelberg Distributing and Learn 4 Good still require candidates to complete an online application and provide a current resume.

Most businesses prefer to keep resumes on file, even if that was not the method used to get your proverbial foot in the door. Sales jobs require the proven ability to competitively market products and close deals. Provide quantifiable experience in your resume and be specific. Include monthly sales quotas where applicable. Detail improvements from your first day to your last day of employment with your previous company.

What are common jobs in this area?

Sales associates come in many different forms. Retail sales associates are considered entry level and typically take on a role in management or merchandising sales. Entry-level outside sales roles may include positions that require canvasing neighborhoods or prospecting for telephone leads. Mid-level sales roles for inside and outside sales could include junior associate, independent account representative, outside sales executive or sales representative. Senior-level sales roles may appear as account manager, senior sales advisor and sales manager. These roles are typically held by individuals with extensive sales and industry experience.

What are the biggest industries for this field in Toledo?

Sales jobs are often in the insurance, medical equipment and technology fields. Due to its proximity to the Michigan border and Detroit, the automotive industry plays a major role for sales jobs in Toledo. Tools, auto parts, tires and other related manufacturers still have a presence in the Toledo area. Agriculture and heavy equipment sales are also prevalent in Toledo. There are plenty of opportunities to match virtually every experience level and specialized skill set. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates positive job creation and growth for 2018, with particularly high increases in health care sectors and technologically based companies.

What kind of shifts can I work in this field in Toledo?

Sales jobs offer a variety of work schedules. Inside sales positions generally fall into one of two categories. Telephone sales representatives typically work in a call center environment that operates from early morning to late evening hours. Evening shift work may offer a slightly higher salary in the form of a shift differential.

Retail sales associates, also part of inside sales, can choose from shifts available during business hours of the retail establishment. This will generally include at least some weekend hours. Upper level inside sales executives are more likely to work a weekday schedule during core business hours. Outside sales representatives usually have the ability to keep their own schedules and set appointments at times convenient for them and the customer. Most sales jobs in Toledo will include long or erratic hours at peak business times.

External resources

There are many resources to complete our guide for sales jobs in Toledo, OH, for individuals looking for or already working in the sales industry. Business publications like the Harvard Business Review help executive staff stay current with industry trends.

Monthly print publications like Fast Company, Forbes and the Ohio Business Magazine provide additional resources for sales professionals. Podcasts produced by local businesses and organizations are another great way for sales professionals to increase their understanding of a particular field.

Networking opportunities for sales professionals are essentially daily events. There are networking groups like Breaking the Glass that cater to young business professionals. The Glass City Business Builders Network hosts periodic events focusing on a wide range of topics. These are just a small sample of the many social and professional network events available in Toledo.