Everything You Should Know AboutWork From Home Jobs in The Bronx, NY

National Capitol Contracting - New York, NY 

Explore the intersection of public policy and the judicial system, all from the comfort of your own home, and join National Capitol Contracting's (NCC)…

The Nanny Poppins Agency - New York, NY 

Work from Home, salesperson needed for weekends, set your own schedule working 20-40+ hours. Upon submitting this form, you will be considered for any suitable…

Estimated: $51,000 - $66,000 a year

The Nanny Poppins Agency - New York, NY 

Work from Home, salesperson needed, set your own schedule working 20-40+ hours per week. Upon submitting this form, you will be considered for any suitable…

Estimated: $46,000 - $58,000 a year

Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School - Bronx, NY 

D. Communicate with the public, using discretion and judgment, answering questions if possible otherwise directing individuals to the Principal or other…

$15 - $17 an hour

jerneltechcorp - New York, NY 

Special Technical mock with our technical experts before every interview with specific to the Job Description. Role involves developing queries from MySQL.

$55,000 - $65,000 a year

Slutty Girl Problems - New York, NY 

Ability to commit to at least one meeting per week, and work most weekdays throughout the week at flexible hours. An optimized marketing mindset is a plus.

$13 - $20 an hour

1-800-HURT-511 - Bronx, NY 

It will be beneficial if you include a sample post or video to display the type of posts you are able to create to promote our brand.

Estimated: $31,000 - $42,000 a year

The Nanny Poppins Agency - Greenwich, CT 

Work from Home, salesperson needed, set your own schedule working 20-40+ hours per week. Upon submitting this form, you will be considered for any suitable…

Estimated: $41,000 - $57,000 a year

The Inside Story LLC - New York, NY 

We leverage technology to make work revolve around your life, rather than your life revolve around work. For the right candidate, we will provide additional…

$20 an hour


It is the policy of Citizens Bank to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all colleagues and applicants for employment without regard to…

Estimated: $92,000 - $130,000 a year

Madison Allied LLC - Bronx, NY 

No cold calling, no desk fees, no floor time, we want you out in the field SELLING and CLOSING! Work from home apart from showings and listing presentations.

$100,000 a year

Issues and Answers Network, Inc. - Bronx, NY 

Work from the comfort of your own home and choose your own schedule! We are hiring HOME-BASED/REMOTE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS - TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS to conduct…

$11 an hour

Mr. Cooper - New York, NY 

Verify and analyze loan documentation including income, credit, appraisal, and title, while maintaining strict compliance with all applicable federal and state…

$100,000 - $200,000 a year

Bronx Childrens Museum - Bronx, NY 

The Museum has partnered with the City of New York to create a permanent home in a former powerhouse along the Harlem River in the South Bronx that will enable…

Estimated: $65,000 - $82,000 a year

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. - New York, NY 

A Virtual Office Coordinator is needed for a medium sized marketing and PR firm dedicated to promoting books and authors. This is a virtual position.

$15 - $25 an hour

Prime Healthcare Distributors - New York, NY 

Our value proposition lies in our ability to not only grow our client base, but the more buy-in we have from our clients, the more money they save on their…

$30 - $70 an hour

Everything You Should Know AboutWork From Home Jobs in The Bronx, NY

Are you interested in finding a job that lets you work from home? If so, this guide to Work From Home jobs in the Bronx, NY, will help you get started.

What educational background do you need to land a job in the Bronx?

The number of Work From Home jobs around the country is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 percent people employed did at least some of their work from home. There is a wide variety of Work From Home jobs in many different types of industries available to applicants in the Bronx. Due to this, it’s hard to say exactly what the educational requirements will be. Some Work From Home positions such as virtual assistant only require that you have a high-speed internet connection, a working computer and the necessary familiarity with software to get the job done. They make no mention of any educational requirements. Other Work From Home options such as taking care of children in your home can be done offline and don’t require any particular education or skills other than patience. These and similar endeavors could be done with a high school diploma, GED or less.

If you have specific skills or specialized training, you may be able to find opportunities to utilize your capabilities from home. There are many companies looking for web developers, graphic designers, medical transcriptionists and others in the Bronx. For many of these positions, you’ll have to either show your credentials or have a strong portfolio to demonstrate your experience. The skill level is roughly equivalent to an associate's degree.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and are looking to work from home, there are positions available for your educational level as well. Many online companies are hiring Work From Home teachers or tutors. If you have an accounting or bookkeeping degree, you can also find opportunities to work from your Bronx home.

Work From Home jobs certainly exist for those with postgraduate degrees, but they tend to be specialized. They are often given to senior employees who have already proven themselves in a company's physical venue and are now trusted to work unsupervised and off-site.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may need to pursue ongoing education and training to stay abreast of the field. For example, web design falls into this category. You can find web classes at Bronx Community College.

How can I land a Work From Home job in the Bronx?

You will apply for most Work From Home jobs online. It's vital to your success that you assemble a stand-out resume and cover letter. The latter should be adapted to the specific position you seek. Make sure to highlight all your relevant skills, educational background, certifications and previous Work From Home experience. Most Work From Home employers in the Bronx want people who are self-motivated with excellent time management skills, so make sure to focus on these aspects.

You will have to go through an interview process. If the company is located in the Bronx, this may be conducted in person. Otherwise, it will be via phone or video. Make sure to put your best foot forward. Even if you have a video interview for a home-based job, you should dress to impress. Always be professional and courteous while showing off your strong interpersonal skills.

Although networking opportunities for Work From Home positions can be harder to find, they’re not impossible. Look for networking events in your specific industry. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you can attend graphic design networking events in the Bronx. You never know when you may find out about a job opportunity you hadn't been aware of.

What are common jobs in this area?

One of the great things about Work From Home jobs is that thanks to the internet, stay-at-home professionals who live in the Bronx aren’t limited to only looking for employment in that geographical area. You can find Work From Home jobs based anywhere in the country and still perform them from your Bronx home. The kind of position you’ll find depends on your particular skill set.

If you’re looking for some entry-level Work From Home jobs you can do in the Bronx, consider virtual assistant, data entry and website tester positions. These jobs often only require applicants to have a computer that’s connected to the internet and the willingness to work. You can also find a job as a Work From Home customer service representative.

Mid-level Work From Home positions include those for which you’ll need some skills or qualifications. These fields include graphic design, web development, tech support and medical transcription. Many local businesses in the Bronx are also hiring Work From Home social media specialists to manage their online presence.

Senior-level Work From Home positions in the Bronx often require a degree. These positions can include online teacher or tutor through companies like VIPKID, bookkeeper or accountant, licensed insurance representative and even remote nurse or physician.

What are the biggest industries for this field in the Bronx?

While there are many Work From Home opportunities in the Bronx, some of the largest employers are in health care and sales. Many health care facilities in the Bronx are looking for telehealth nurses, and this field is expected to grow in the coming years. There is also a large demand for sales representatives in the Bronx, and many companies are currently hiring. You'll also discover plenty of work for freelance computer coders, editors and medical transcriptionists. Opportunities exist in many other fields.

What kind of shifts can I work in this field in the Bronx?

One of the great benefits of Work From Home jobs in the Bronx is that employees can often set their own schedules. However, this is very dependent on the industry in question. You may have to work regular daytime or evening hours in order to interact with customers. This is especially true for telehealth, sales and customer service professionals who are working from home.

Other industries in the Bronx offer more flexible schedules. Social media specialist, virtual assistant, editor and other positions often simply require that a certain amount of work get finished by specific deadlines. You could choose when you do it. You may even be able to find seasonal or temporary Work From Home positions in the Bronx, especially over the holidays as a stay-at-home customer service or sales representative.

External resources

If you wish to learn more about Work From Home opportunities in the Bronx, it’s recommended that you read some of the publications aimed at Work From Home professionals, such as Home Business Magazine. In the Bronx, you can also find groups specific to your industry, and these may help you become more familiar with Work From Home opportunities. Finally, if you’re looking to find Work From Home positions that require specific skills or licenses, you can take classes and courses at many colleges and training centers across the Bronx. If you’d like to get your New York insurance license, for example, you can train at the A1 Insurance Institute. The Bronx Community College offers a full range of courses.