Complete Guide toWriting a Work From Home Cover Letter

Progressive Pediatric Therapy Services - Remote 

Sort and organize paperwork after entering data to ensure it is not lost. Microsoft Excel: 1 year (Preferred). Verify data by comparing it to source documents.

$1,400 - $1,500 a week
San Diego Jewish Academy - Remote 4.4

Customer service: 1 year (Preferred). Their role might involve organizing files, scheduling meetings and managing calendars, writing and proofreading, emailing,…

$25 - $40 an hour
Commonwealth Medical - Providence, RI 

Customer service: 1 year (Preferred). No previous experience needed, just have the ability to build rapport with guests. High school diploma or equivalent.

$36 - $40 an hour
CBS Trailers - United States 

This is a part time, work from home job.? Advertise on Craigslist, up to 6 ads per week. Excellent organization and planning skills.

$28,800 - $36,000 a year
MV Realty - Remote 4.2

+ Benefits after 90 days + 13 days of PTO. No license is required for this role. Appointment Setters make 450+ outbound dials a day using our phone dialing…

$16 - $18 an hour
RET Americas - Washington, DC 

Duties may include meeting and greeting potential and existing clients, answering and directing phone calls, and providing general administrative support to…

$18 - $32 an hour
ACE glass construction corporation - Remote 

communication: Email and Phone Job Type: Part-time Pay: $18.00 per hour Benefits: * 401(k) * Flexible schedule * Health insurance * Paid time off Schedule: …

$18 an hour
Commonwealth Medical - Portsmouth, NH 

Customer service: 1 year (Preferred). Someone willing to learn on the job. We are currently looking for a detail-oriented person with the ability to coordinate…

$35 - $40 an hour
Dover - Remote 3.5

Support for personal and professional development outside of work. Unlimited PTO plus mandatory 2 week vacation. Competitive salary and meaningful equity.

$80,000 - $110,000 a year
Ultimate Sports Network - Remote 

A working knowledge of basic grammar and communication skills needed. High school or equivalent (Preferred).

$10 - $50 an hour

Complete Guide toWriting a Work From Home Cover Letter

Remote employment is creating opportunities for workers in many industries. Our guide to writing a work from home job cover letter can help you make a great impression.

What is a cover letter?

When you apply for a work from home job, the cover letter that accompanies your resume needs to say not only why your skills and experience make you right for the job, but also why your experience and home office set-up qualify you to do remote work professionally.

Your cover letter should include:

  1. A polite, professional greeting to the intended reader
  2. Reasons why you would like to serve this company in the advertised role
  3. A short paragraph about your experience in the industry and your job skills, including ability to communicate effectively, prioritize projects, meet deadlines and work independently
  4. Examples of successful experience working from home, even if relates only to volunteer projects
  5. Details that show your home office is well-equipped for the job, including reliable internet and relevant software
  6. Your knowledge of the hiring company and what it does
  7. Your signature and contact details

Researching a cover letter

Even though a cover letter is a personal introduction to a new employer, researching how work from home letters are put together can help you. A great place to start is a job-hunting site where you can search for work from home jobs and find cover letters associated with them. These letters may vary in tone and content based on the specific industry. You shouldn’t copy these letters, rather use them as guidelines. Check for common themes or data points that people within a given industry look for. 

Next, choose a suitable template for your work from home cover letter. You can find multiple templates online. We recommend that you find one that provides a nice balance of your skills, professional experience and personal details.  Then, look up the company for which you hope to work. It’s a good idea to write something about the company’s goals, what it does and how you could fit in there.

Writing your cover letter

The first step is formatting your work from home cover letter properly. Start with relevant contact details and your full name. Then come the current date and the name and address of the company to which you’re applying. Lead into the body of the letter with a polite greeting that includes the hiring manager's name if you know it.

In your opening paragraph, explain why you’re writing to this company. Detail some of your experience in the industry and what skills would make you a good work from home candidate for the position. Many employers like to know that their work from home employees are self-starters with good organizational and time management skills as well as the necessary home office equipment. 

In your closing paragraph, summarize the details and let them know why you are looking forward to working at the company. Sign off with a formal “Sincerely yours,” and your hand-written signature. 

A good work from home cover letter is all about telling a story to go along with your resume. Don’t be afraid to include personal details or anecdotes about your life. This is meant as a companion piece to your resume, so you don’t need to stick to just dry facts here. You can tell the company what inspired you to work in this industry and mention achievements that helped you get where you are.

Just like a resume, a good work from home cover letter grabs the attention of the reader right away and can help you stand out from the crowd. Find your writing voice and identify what makes you a unique candidate, and use these to guide your introduction. Avoid clichés or statements that are too general.


No matter what kind of position our guide to work from home job cover letters is preparing you for, you won’t get far if your letter contains mistakes. Employers in all industries want to consider applicants who take the time to make their documents correct and professional. Check your cover letter for spelling or grammatical mistakes. We can’t overstate the importance of proofreading.

Although a good cover letter tells a story, you should also check to see if everything you’re including is necessary. Cover letter stories should stay relevant to the job you want and always connect back to it in some way.

Printing and saving

We suggest saving your letter in multiple formats in case one type breaks formatting or accidentally corrupts the data. Formats such as .doc, .docx and .pdf are always good choices. Choose high-quality printer paper to make your physical letter look even more professional.

Common mistakes and tips on avoiding them

Now that you know how to tell your story in the best way, here are some quick tips on what to avoid.

Although you need to get personal, don’t include experiences that don't relate to the work from home job you want. Double-check the structure of your cover letter for organization and refer to the template to make sure everything is in order. This is a great time for another once-over to catch any grammatical errors as well. 

Make sure you've included any personal connections and relevant training for the job. Your employer might not check for these. 

Now that you've followed the steps in our guide to writing a work from home job cover letter, you should be able to compose the perfect companion piece to your resume.