Complete Guide toNursing Job Interviews

The Helper Bees - Remote 4.8

In this role, you will complete lengthy virtual assessments with clients using tools such as Zoom or FaceTime. This is a remote position.

$25 an hour

Wells Enterprise - Lakewood, NJ 3.9

Experience as a CNA or other nursing related area strongly preferred. Fieldbrook Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Enterprises, Inc., is seeking…

$16 - $18 an hour

CareRev - Fort Lauderdale, FL 4.5

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Per diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $22 an hour

Lemonaid Health - United States 

We expect everyone to be a team player as we strive to create a comfortable, non-hierarchical environment for the entire team. This is a NEW ROLE for our team!

Estimated: $52,000 - $71,000 a year

Cigna - Hartford, CT 3.7

If you require reasonable accommodation in completing the online application process, please email: Do not email for an update on your…

Estimated: $36,000 - $48,000 a year

CareRev - Milwaukee, WI 4.5

Acute Care Certified Nursing Assistant - Per Diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $24 an hour

College of Western Idaho - Nampa, ID 4.2

The Nursing Assistant training course. Work with the Assistant Director, Job Corps Development Operations and WD Nursing. Performs other duties as assigned.

$18 - $30 an hour

The Helper Bees - Parkersburg, WV 4.8

An elderly client in Parkersburg, WV is in need of a caregiver. This caregiver will complete visits of 4 hour shifts in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and…

$17 an hour

LearnCdo - San Francisco, CA 

Click here to fill in our short expert application form: We're looking for passionate Pediatric Nurses to join our team of LearnCdo experts, to provide paid-for…

$84 an hour

Southeastern Regional Medical Center - Lumberton, NC 3.6

Completion of a Nursing Assistant I course approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Current listing with the NC Division of Facility Services Registry…

California State Prison, Sacramento - Folsom, CA 

A Certified Nursing Assistant, Correctional Facility, under medical or licensed nursing supervision, performs simple nursing tasks involved in the care of…

$16 - $21 an hour

Ace-stack LLC - Bronx, NY 

SIGMA EMR System experience is preferred and please highlight that experience on the nurse submission. 8 HOUR SHIFTS ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS WITH EVERY OTHER WEEKEND…

$25 an hour

HealthHelp - A WNS Company - Houston, TX 

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. HealthHelp - A WNS Company (, is the leader in the field of healthcare utilization & care…

Estimated: $45,000 - $64,000 a year

CareRev - Pompano Beach, FL 4.5

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Per diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $22 an hour

Complete Guide toNursing Job Interviews

If you want to get the most out of your upcoming nursing interview, read our guide to nursing job interviews to learn what to expect.

What does an interview for a nursing role look like?

A nursing interview often contains multiple steps, so you may expect to encounter a variety of types of interviews, including:

  • Phone — This tends to be a quick preliminary interview where you are asked a few questions by an interested party.
  • Video — Video interviews are rare. They normally only happen when a facility is interviewing a candidate who is still far away at nursing school or in another area.
  • In-person — Most nursing interviews are in-person interviews.
  • Panel — Panel interviews include multiple members of the healthcare team sitting together to ask you questions.
  • Project — As a nurse, you may be asked to carry out a specific project that involves caring for a patient. Your success level will often determine whether or not you get the job.

Example interview questions

The most important part of any interview is how you handle the questions during the interview. Check out this guide to nursing job interview questions to make sure you are prepared for any upcoming interview.

Entry-level questions

"How would you handle caring for a patient when the person's family members keep complaining about your treatment of the patient?"

Why it's a good question — This question sees how skilled the nursing candidate is at handling workplace encounters. It also shows how the candidate focuses on patient care during tricky encounters. Good ways to answer — Any good answer needs to prioritize making sure that the patient is getting proper care. It should also contain some strategies for politely and professionally handling the disgruntled family members.

"What experience do you have doing this procedure?"

Why it's a good question — Asking nurse candidates about a common procedure at the facility, such as changing bandages or inserting an IV, lets an interviewer know how knowledgeable they are about basic nursing tasks. Good ways to answer — The ideal answer to this question is to display confidence, explain in details and be correct. Candidates should be able to discuss any certification or course where they learned the skill and talk about specific examples of times they have performed the procedure in the past.

Mid-level questions

"Nursing can be a very high-stakes job. How do you unwind from all the stress at the end of the day?"

Why it's a good question — This question helps to determine if a candidate is prepared for the emotional challenges that may come with nursing. It is also useful because it gives some insight into the candidate's personality. Good ways to answer — Any answer can work as long as the candidate recognizes the emotional rigors of nursing and has some sort of reasonable coping method. Good options may include things like, "I go home and cook myself a nice meal to unwind" or "I like to go for a jog to clear my head."

"What would you do if you noticed a colleague stealing medication, administering the wrong medication or doing something else that goes against our facility's procedures?"

Why it's a good question — This question tests two things. First of all, it makes sure that the nursing candidate will adhere to proper medical procedures and avoid causing problems at the facility. Secondly, it helps interviewers see how the candidate handles interactions with problematic colleagues. Good ways to answer — A good nursing candidate should be someone willing to either report or confront their colleagues when patient safety is at stake. At the same time, a good answer will not suggest overly aggressive ways of handling the matter that could cause conflicts with coworkers.

C-level questions

"How would you deal with a crisis that occurs with one patient while you are busy caring for another?"

Why it's a good question — This question fits into both patient care and time management. This question helps show how well candidates can prioritize. It also demonstrates how focused they are on keeping patients safe. See the types of questions you may get asked here. Good ways to answer — Generally, the response should prioritize the patient in crisis by discussing either going to help that person or getting a nearby colleague to care for the patient immediately. It is also good to discuss methods for reassuring and caring for the first patient.

"Can you describe a time when you had to lead a group or supervised other healthcare professionals?"

Why it's a good question — This is a good question for candidates who are being interviewed for a supervisory position because it makes sure they have the skills needed to be a nurse supervisor. Good ways to answer — A good answer should be a precise description of a time the candidate has taken on a supervisory role. The response should include clear examples of ways that the person was able to delegate tasks, organize efforts or train colleagues.