Complete Guide toNursing Job Negotiations

The Helper Bees - Remote 4.8

In this role, you will complete lengthy virtual assessments with clients using tools such as Zoom or FaceTime. This is a remote position.

$25 an hour

Wells Enterprise - Lakewood, NJ 3.9

Experience as a CNA or other nursing related area strongly preferred. Fieldbrook Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Enterprises, Inc., is seeking…

$16 - $18 an hour

CareRev - Fort Lauderdale, FL 4.5

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Per diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $22 an hour

Lemonaid Health - United States 

We expect everyone to be a team player as we strive to create a comfortable, non-hierarchical environment for the entire team. This is a NEW ROLE for our team!

Estimated: $52,000 - $71,000 a year

Cigna - Hartford, CT 3.7

If you require reasonable accommodation in completing the online application process, please email: Do not email for an update on your…

Estimated: $36,000 - $48,000 a year

CareRev - Milwaukee, WI 4.5

Acute Care Certified Nursing Assistant - Per Diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $24 an hour

College of Western Idaho - Nampa, ID 4.2

The Nursing Assistant training course. Work with the Assistant Director, Job Corps Development Operations and WD Nursing. Performs other duties as assigned.

$18 - $30 an hour

LearnCdo - San Francisco, CA 

Click here to fill in our short expert application form: We're looking for passionate Pediatric Nurses to join our team of LearnCdo experts, to provide paid-for…

$84 an hour

Southeastern Regional Medical Center - Lumberton, NC 3.6

Completion of a Nursing Assistant I course approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Current listing with the NC Division of Facility Services Registry…

California State Prison, Sacramento - Folsom, CA 

A Certified Nursing Assistant, Correctional Facility, under medical or licensed nursing supervision, performs simple nursing tasks involved in the care of…

$16 - $21 an hour

Ace-stack LLC - Bronx, NY 

SIGMA EMR System experience is preferred and please highlight that experience on the nurse submission. 8 HOUR SHIFTS ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS WITH EVERY OTHER WEEKEND…

$25 an hour

HealthHelp - A WNS Company - Houston, TX 

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. HealthHelp - A WNS Company (, is the leader in the field of healthcare utilization & care…

Estimated: $45,000 - $64,000 a year

The Helper Bees - Parkersburg, WV 4.8

An elderly client in Parkersburg, WV is in need of a caregiver. This caregiver will complete visits of 4 hour shifts in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and…

$17 an hour

CareRev - Pompano Beach, FL 4.5

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Per diem / Flexible Shifts. Check your inbox for an email confirmation. CareRev is the future of work.

$20 - $22 an hour

Complete Guide toNursing Job Negotiations

If you’re looking for employment opportunities or need to negotiate any aspect of your current job, our guide to job negotiation for nursing can help.

What is a negotiation?

Negotiation in nursing takes two forms. The first negotiation type occurs when a nurse applying for a new job pitches their salary during the application and interview process. The second is when a nurse in an existing position negotiates additional pay or vacation time in exchange for taking on added duties. You negotiate with the human resources department or hiring manager. Before agreeing to any offer, get it in writing.

When would you negotiate?

When you receive a new offer for a nursing position, you can negotiate your salary, start date, vacation policy and other benefits, such as your medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. If you choose to enter the military, as a nurse, you can negotiate your commission as an officer.

You would also negotiate when you receive a promotion. Your additional responsibilities should also come with a salary increase and some increase in benefits if you do not already have all the available benefits.

When you relocate for your nursing job with your existing employer or a new one, you can negotiate your start date, relocation fees and other benefits. Some employers will pay for your travel to relocate. Some will assist you in finding an apartment or home in your new city.

When you quit a job, get fired from it or get laid off, you can negotiate a severance package, which can include your end date, closing compensation package and other benefits, such as the extension of COBRA coverage for insurance. When you retire, you can negotiate your end date and any continued insurance coverage.

Tips on negotiation

Let go of any fear of negotiating. According to American Sentinel University, 84% of employers expect you to negotiate.

New offer: Know your worth. Before negotiating, check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine what nurses at your grade with your specialty and in your state get paid.

Promotion: Show why you are worth more money. Bring transcripts to show your progress toward a higher nursing degree or to show you already earned it. Moving from a nurse with a bachelor’s degree to one with a master’s degree increases your value.

Relocation: Negotiate moving expenses when you accept the job. Ask for relocation funds or for the hospital or other medical facility to place you in an extended-stay hotel or executive apartment while you find a permanent dwelling. Since these options often cost more than typical rents, it is not out of line to request assistance.

Severance: Negotiate your accrued paid leave according to your needs. If you need paid time to find a new position and do not want a gap in your employment on your resume, ask to use your paid leave to extend your end date. This provides you continued income while you job hunt. If you already have a new job lined up, ask to cash out your paid leave as a lump sum at your end date.

Retirement: Negotiate extended insurance coverage, especially for long-term care insurance. If you’re retiring but run a business on the side, ask about deferring annuity payments. There’s no reason to have those monthly payments if you won’t actually need the money, and, like money from other retirement sources, you’ll have to pay taxes on it once it leaves your account.

Common mistakes during negotiation

According to Minority Nurse, the biggest mistake is not negotiating. According to a recent study cited by American Sentinel University, 49 percent of job candidates do not negotiate their job offer. Some people do not “enjoy advocating for themselves,” but negotiating improves outcomes for every nurse.

New offer: It is a mistake to make an offer first. Let the employer offer the salary they determined appropriate, and then you can make a counteroffer.

Promotion: It is a mistake to threaten to quit if your demands for higher salary are not met. Instead, negotiate other items besides pay. Additional paid time off, increased benefits or additional matching contributions to your 401(K) can help you in the long run.

Relocation: It is a mistake to look only at the relocation expenses provided. Consider the full package. Your increased hourly wage or annual pay may make up for the relocation expense quickly. Your total compensation package includes benefits like bonuses, insurance, 401(k) matches, stock options, holiday and vacation time, personal time, reimbursement for continuing education and staff discounts.

Severance: Not asking for extended insurance coverage, also known as COBRA, is not in your best interest in most cases.

Retirement: Like severance packages, don't forget to ask for extended insurance coverage. Obtaining new insurance at retirement age costs more, so you’ll need affordable coverage while you look into other insurance options.