Complete Guide toPart-Time Job Negotiations

Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services - Ashburn, VA 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Applicant must be able to work 1 weekend per month. High school or equivalent (Preferred).

$18 - $22 an hour
HotelPlanner - Remote 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. In this position you will take inbound calls helping clients to book lodging at a hotel or a vacation rental type property.

$38,798 - $107,058 a year
UltaJKellyTravel - United States 

Our Destination Planners provide personalized planning and tailor itineraries according to our guests’ preferences, creating fun and exciting trips with…

$34,000 - $73,000 a year
Family Reentry, Inc. - Bridgeport, CT 3.5

Candidate duties will involve payroll support, however as time permits, the incumbent will learn other functions of the department to be able to serve as a…

Estimated: $35,000 - $48,000 a year
Strategic Resolution Experts (SRE) - Martinsburg, WV 

The Research Analyst position is a part-time corporate level support position that provides for a flexible work schedule as long as employees work 10 hours per…

Estimated: $41,000 - $54,000 a year
My Gym Children's Fitness Center of Burke and Manassas - Manassas, VA 

Ability to work 25+ hours per week, *including either a Saturday or Sunday*. A background in dance, sports, theatre, or fitness is a huuuuge plus!

PRS Inc. - Remote 

The Part-Time Crisis Worker will enhance job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities and will exhibit qualities of acceptance, empathy, and…

$17 - $20 an hour
Toker's Guide - Arlington, VA 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract. For consideration candidates must be local to Northern Virginia and have a valid Virginia medical marijuana license.

$500 - $1,000 a week
Loudoun County School District - Ashburn, VA 3.0

This health position provides support of health service programs provided at schools. An employee in this class is responsible for assisting the Registered…

$18.80 - $19.97 an hour
VersaTel Solutions: A Growth Management Company - Washington, VA 

Job Types: Part-time, Contract. Help manage calendar: send referral partner scheduling emails and LinkedIn scheduling requests.

$15 - $18 an hour
Learnt - Washington, DC 

Set your hourly rate on the platform. Set your schedule and availability for tutoring. Decide if you want to meet online or in person.

Estimated: $42,000 - $61,000 a year
Loudoun County School District - Ashburn, VA 3.0

This is a part-time, non-benefited, hourly position. Provides examinations and relaying instructions (e.g. time limits). No guarantee of minimum hours.

Estimated: $36,000 - $49,000 a year
Tutorax - Florida 

If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or teacher looking for a flexible and stimulating job with competitive salaries, Tutorax is the perfect company for you!

$18 - $22 an hour
Reston Hospital Center - Reston, VA 3.7

Hours of Work: As scheduled by the Department Director to ensure appropriate coverage of department services. Plan for your future with our matching 401k or opt…

Paper - New York, NY 3.6

Ability to sit and type at a computer for long periods of time. Part-time tutors may receive up to 30 hours of tutoring shifts per week.

Everything and The Dog - Ashburn, VA 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Take care of pets while clients are on vacation, usually am, midday, and evening visits 3x/day.

$20 - $25 an hour
Barnes & Noble - Ashburn, VA 3.8

Treat customers as the first priority at all times. A bookseller creates enticing displays which are neat, tidy, and vibrant to the customer.

Complete Guide toPart-Time Job Negotiations

If you want to get a job that fulfills your salary preferences and work benefit needs, check out our guide to negotiation for part-time jobs.

What is a negotiation?

In the job market, negotiation is the give-and-take discussion between the employer and employee so that both parties get what they want. Part-time job negotiation is a little different from standard negotiation since most part-time jobs do not come with standard employee benefits, such as health insurance. Instead, this form of negotiation focuses mostly on salary, work schedule, time off from duties and incentives.

When would you negotiate?

New offer - This is the most common occasion when a part-time worker will get the opportunity to negotiate. The first thing to negotiate is the salary, which will usually be paid on an hourly basis but may involve fees for freelance work. Some part-time jobs, such as sales, could also offer a commission. The rate or amount you receive for any of these is negotiable. Things like start dates, vacation days, schedules, total hours worked and bonus options are also sometimes open to negotiation.

Promotion - When a part-time worker is promoted, they have a whole new opportunity to negotiate their salary or commission. During negotiations, the employer might discuss the new responsibilities that come with the promotion. Of course, you will want to be compensated for taking on extra duties.

Relocation - It is rare for part-time jobs to offer relocation, so this is unlikely to come up. If it does, you can discuss salary and try to negotiate an advantageous move. You can ask for plenty of time to find a new home and try to get the company to cover costs for packing, moving, breaking a lease or selling a home.

Severance - Usually, companies only offer severance to part-time workers if they are trying to avoid negative attention. Your negotiations may include discussions of an advantageous date to end the employment, payment for unused sick days and the possibility of some compensatory benefits.

Retirement - As a part-timer, you might not be eligible for retirement benefits like insurance coverage, a pension or other compensation. However, you can usually at least negotiate with the company to find an end date that works for your needs.

Tips on negotiation

As part of our guide to negotiation for part-time jobs, we'd like to share some useful tips with you. Use them to get the most out of your job.

New offer - The most important thing to remember in a new offer is to ask for a better salary. A lot of part-time workers tend to assume that the hourly rate they are offered is the only rate they can get. Be confident enough to politely ask if the salary is negotiable. Even if it is not, you can still bring up perks, such as getting your preferred hours or not having to start for a few more weeks.

Promotion - If you are promoted, it is because the company truly values your work. The most successful negotiation strategies for promotions tend to be assertive ones. Be willing to stand up for yourself and try to gain the maximum possible benefits from your negotiation.

Relocation - Relocation is not common for part-time employees, but this does not mean you should feel intimidated during a negotiation about it. Ask about things like temporary housing, moving costs, pet transport and other typical perks available to employees who relocate.

Severance - Read your initial severance offer carefully to see if there is a nondisclosure or mediation agreement that could indicate why the company is willing to give a part-time worker severance pay. This may help you figure out their main concern so that you can strengthen your negotiating position.

Retirement - Because retirement is rare for part-time workers, you need to show you are worth it. To get what you want out of your retirement negotiations, consider offering perks like training a replacement.

Common mistakes during negotiation

Make sure your negotiations go smoothly by avoiding these major mistakes.

New offer - A lot of part-time workers get too eager and make one of the most common negotiating mistakes by simply trying to start bargaining too soon. Never begin negotiating until an official offer of employment has been made.

Promotion - Being confident is good, but do not let it cross the line into rudeness or arrogance. Since you still have to work with these people after the promotion, you need to maintain good relationships with them.

Relocation - Do not make the mistake of failing to negotiate salary. Since the cost of living may be different in your new region, this could be a good time to renegotiate your pay.

Severance - Do not lie or exaggerate about things like promises made to you, harassment from supervisors or anything else when you are trying to negotiate a severance. These claims are usually easy to disprove and may result in more problems for you.

Retirement - When retiring from part-time work, you need to listen carefully to the benefits being offered to you. Many people make the mistake of not understanding stock or pension options, and so they miss out on good offers.