Complete Guide toNegotiation for Work from Home Jobs

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Assurant - Bothell, WA 3.5

We’ve seen great success from, but not limited to, people with backgrounds like retail salespeople, fast paced call center or customer service agents, business…

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Estimated: $32,000 - $44,000 a year

Complete Guide toNegotiation for Work from Home Jobs

Read our guide to job negotiation for work from home jobs to discover ways to set salary and benefits standards for your own home-based careers.

What is a negotiation?

A negotiation is any discussion where two or more parties try to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Our guide to job negotiation for work from home positions will take you through what that process is like and when you should enter into negotiations.

A work from home job negotiation usually involves talking with your prospective employer about your working hours, duties and how much you'll be your own manager. There are some key benchmarks to this; this guide to job negotiation for work from home jobs will go over these.

You should enter into work from home job negotiations any time that a new offer is on the table. This can be as simple as just checking with the client to see if he or she agrees to the criteria you've set.

The salary you'll receive is an important part of whether the work from home job will be suitable for your needs. It isn't necessarily the first thing you should bring up, but it's a conversation that you need to have. Most work from home job offers will post an estimated salary.

If the job involves any work-based on commission, it's a good idea to make sure you understand how the company's commission system works. Some work from home jobs have flexible start dates. If a company is interested in hiring you for a work from home position but you can't begin working on a particular date, you may be able to come to some agreement through negotiation. Everyone needs time off, even if they work from home. You may be able to set your hours, but the business may have terms for certain weeks or months when it needs you to be available. If your work from home job includes additional benefits, this can be a topic of negotiation during the new offer phase. These topics might include financial bonuses or insurance benefits.

If you're already working for a company as a work from home employee, the promotional phase is another area that's ripe for negotiations. Some key areas in which you can negotiate with the business include:

  1. New responsibilities - A promotion often comes with either more responsibilities or a different set of them. You may be able to come to terms with which specific duties these new responsibilities entail, how much time you need to spend on them and any additional training you might need to meet these requirements.
  2. Salary - Many work from home job promotions include bumps in pay. Just like a new offer, this is an area that you can negotiate with your employer. If you're aiming to increase the offer, make a note of how effective you are at your current position and the added value you'll bring to the new one.
  3. Commission - If the terms of your pay based on commission remain static with the new work from home promotion, this is an area wher you can negotiate for a possible increase. How much of an increase you should go for depends on if your work from home job is primarily salary or commission-based.
  4. Other benefits - Since you're getting a work from home promotion, you may be able to negotiate for other benefits. If your current position doesn't include a particular additional benefit you'd like to have, you may be able to use the leverage of the new position to get your employer to include it as part of the promotion.

Even when you work from home, your company might need you to relocate at some point. Some offices have remote duties that might require you to be in a specific time zone for the sake of the clients or employees you're supporting, for example. If your work from home company needs you to relocate within a particular time period, when you do this can be part of the negotiations.

You should check with your company to see if it's prepared to pay the fees you'll need in order to relocate or if it expects you to do that yourself. If the relocation comes with other benefits, you can negotiate these terms with your employer before you move to the new location.

No one likes it when their work from home job has to end. However, this is another area in which you can negotiate some terms. Your employer may be flexible as to when you actually stop working. Talk with your manager about this as soon as you know you'll be leaving the company for any reason. Most companies offer compensation packages that vary depending on the nature of the severance. You can bring up this topic early in the work from home negotiation phase. If your severance package includes other benefits in addition to money, you can talk about these during the compensation phase.

The age at which people retire changes, so this presents an opportunity to leverage some benefits for yourself. You can speak with your manager about working a little longer or cutting your planned retirement date short if necessary. Many businesses offer retirement packages to employees who are starting a new chapter of their lives. You can negotiate for the monetary sum in the package.

If you have one or more insurance packages covered by your employer, the terms of this coverage might change when you retire. It's a good idea to discuss whether the plans will remain in effect after you retire and for how long. If any additional benefits are available to retiring work from home employees at your company, you can discuss them during the compensation phase of the negotiations.

Tips on negotiation

If you're going to negotiate a new job offer for a work from home position, the first step is to determine what topics are on the negotiating table. Not all employers offer the same degree of flexibility in all areas.

If you're negotiating the terms of a work from home promotion at your current job, remember to stay reasonable. It's a good idea to start high and come down to a number that works for you.

Many employers will work with you on the window in which you should relocate. Since moving can be a stressful life change, your employer may agree to help pay for all or part of your relocation fees. With work from home jobs, they may be willing to allow you different hours while you change homes.

If you're being let go from your work from home job, maintain a calm, reasonable approach. Approach these negotiations the way you would any others. Use logic and don't let your emotions get the best of you. Severance packages to leave early under good terms are often a place where negotiation skills are really helpful.

Retirement negotiations usually involve when you end your employment or what benefits might continue after it's done. You can negotiate for a "bridge" that leads to retirement instead of having it happen all at once.

Common mistakes during negotiation:

Our guide to job negotiation for work from home jobs has a few tips on common mistakes you might avoid.

Don't ask about salary information right away. Employers like to feel their employees have an interest in the company beyond money.

Don't make a promotion all about how much you can get. Turn it into what you can do for the company.

Try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to relocating for your job and covering its costs.

Don't make the mistake of assuming a severance package is non-negotiable. Employers will not withdraw severance offers if you need time to think.

Don't wait until your retirement date is approaching to review the packages or benefits that might come with it.