Complete Guide toWriting a Work From Home Job Resume

frisco independent school district - Remote 4.2

Schools are required to re-evaluate how digital channels can be used to support Learning. Teacher Assistants will assist K-4 Teachers at Frisco ISD - Online.

$35 - $40 an hour
Avanti Home Health Care - Remote 4.0

Excellent problem-solving skills, with a demonstrated ability to identify operational problems, recommend optimum solutions and follow through to resolution.

$14 - $18 an hour
Commonwealth Medical - Manchester, NH 

Customer service: 1 year (Preferred). Someone willing to learn on the job. We are currently looking for a detail-oriented person with the ability to coordinate…

$35 - $40 an hour
ACE glass construction corporation - Remote 

communication: Email and Phone Job Type: Part-time Pay: $18.00 per hour Benefits: * 401(k) * Flexible schedule * Health insurance * Paid time off Schedule: …

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TranMazon an Amazon Delivery Partner are looking for a service-minded freight broker to educate customers on our Transportation Management System (TMS) that are…

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MV Realty - Remote 4.2

+ Benefits after 90 days + 13 days of PTO. No license is required for this role. Appointment Setters make 450+ outbound dials a day using our phone dialing…

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RET Americas - Washington, DC 

Duties may include meeting and greeting potential and existing clients, answering and directing phone calls, and providing general administrative support to…

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Health / dental / vision / life insurance availability. Occasionally customers are frustrated at events that are out of their control and yours, but you will…

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Complete Guide toWriting a Work From Home Job Resume

If you want to be your own boss, this guide to writing a Work From Home job resume can help you get on your way.

What is a resume?

When it's time for a career change, a resume is the basic tool you'll use to get your foot in the door. It's a concise explanation of your educational background and work history thus far. You might submit your resume to prospective employers in conjunction with a cover letter. Some companies will have specific requirements. We will show you examples in our guide to writing a Work From Home job resume.

It's important to keep in mind that the human resources department evaluating your suitability for any Work From Home position will only spend a few seconds scanning your resume. This means that being brief yet informative is a vital part of crafting your resume.

Your name and relevant contact details should appear clearly at the top of the Work From Home resume. Any potential employers will want to know with whom they are working and how to get in touch easily.

Next, summarize your work history up to the present. It's okay if you don't have much in the way of work experience or if this is your first job. You can list any type of work you did in the past that provided services to others, including any volunteer work.

Any additional skills you possess should go in the next section. In many cases, you'll want to include skills that relate closely to the type of Work From Home job you want to get. Some of your special abilities might not seem relevant, but they could be valuable.

For the final step, list a few past employers or people that taught you in a leadership role. These people will be able to attest to your job suitability as a Work From Home candidate.

Your Work From Home resume should be brief while including all the necessary information an employer needs to make an informed decision. A CV is a longer document that contains more details about you and your experience. This guide focuses on the resume.

Researching a resume

Most employers will want the categories we've listed above. However, some jobs or fields like those sections to look a bit different or contain specific information. It's worth taking a look at some of the types of jobs that you can do from home and what others might be saying about them with their resumes.

Checking out information like this can help you decide what kinds of things to include in your own resume, how the industry prefers to format it and the kinds of salaried positions you might be able to expect. Remember that many industries have positions that employees can fill from home. Consider the type of job you're going for and figure out if you have the appropriate information in your resume.

Writing your resume

A header with contact information is the first step. It's easy to forget to include contact information when so much of what we do is online. We might just assume that a prospective employer will reply to our email address. Make sure you print your full name and relevant contact details in a clear, easy-to-read font in the first part of your Work From Home resume.

Include your current job title and provide a brief overview of your major responsibilities at the company. For example, you may want to highlight any blogging or social media experience you have since these skills are often highly valued. Take a look at the specific requirements for the Work From Home job for which you are applying. Look at the skills the employer wants and find ways to work them in when ## Writing your resume. Maybe the company that is hiring is looking for someone who has a lot of technical know-how since he or she will be working remotely. Therefore, make sure to highlight all of your tech expertise.

Anyone going over your resume may look for specific keywords, phrases or action verbs that tell them about your suitability. Sprinkling these phrases, such as self-starter and independent work, throughout your Work From Home resume can help a prospective employer spot your suitability for the position. An example may be a Work From Home proofreader. Let prospective companies know that you can finish projects on time and on schedule.

In the next section, list the things you've achieved at your current position and talk about them in a way that exemplifies your suitability for the job. Since Work From Home positions are so diverse, you should also feel free to include any other achievements that may not necessarily be tied to your past employment, such as publishing a work of fiction or displaying a painting in an art exhibition. If you’re applying to a publishing company, your work of fiction could be of significant interest.

Tell your employer about any technical skills you might have, especially if they relate to the industry in which you'll be working. This is a good time to include information about any additional languages you can speak, read or write. If you type over 70 wpm, this can come in handy for data entry jobs.

Once you have listed all this information, choose a font and color scheme that is simple and easy for the reader to read. Times New Roman in basic black works well.

Wrapping it up

Your resume is a professional look into who you are. Don't forget to go over all the information you've written and look for spelling or grammar mistakes. Many representatives will pass up otherwise qualified Work From Home resumes that don't pay attention to these details.

Make sure to also edit information that isn’t necessary. Not everything will be applicable or valuable to an employer.

Now it is time to save your resume in a format that is easy for the reader to open or view. Standard .doc or .pdf formats tend to work best. Save it with your full name and the Work From Home position title to make it easy for the reviewer to sort as needed. If you’re sending the paper via snail mail or dropping it off, make sure to select high-quality professional paper.

Common mistakes and tips on avoiding

Check to see what is really relevant in your Work From Home experience. Thinking outside the box is great, but anything you did that doesn't in some way relate to the job isn't necessary for the reviewer.

Be sure to provide some explanation for any employment gaps you might have. Think of a way you can promote the gap by listing the things you learned or did during it.

Go for a simple layout that lists all your sections in a chronological order that is easy to follow. Just for clarity, we'd like to remind you to go over everything for any grammatical or spelling errors again.

One common mistake that people make on their Work From Home job resumes is not including relevant keywords that apply to the jobs for which they are applying. Make sure that you scan the requirements for the position so that you can include the phrasing in your resume that will get it noticed.

Many reviewers process hundreds of Work From Home resumes. However, you can use our guide to writing a Work From Home job resume as a way to make yours unique and professional at the same time. A resume that says what you want and highlights your accomplishments can make all the difference.