Coordinator, EHS

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, NJ4.3

Full-timeEstimated: $45,000 - $61,000 a year
The EHS Coordinator will assist the Director of Environmental Health and Safety by coordinating and helping to administer and develop programs in occupational safety, life safety and environmental compliance. The incumbent will be principally responsible for providing EHS services, routine investigations, visual inspections, and associated recordkeeping to improve campus safety and help assure regulatory compliance. The EHS Coordinator will help to ensure that university operations are in compliance with Federal, State, and local requirements as well as University policies and procedures. Specific emphasis will include occupational health programs, contractor safety, hazardous materials management, monitoring laboratory operations, site safety, and monitoring the University’s various waste streams.

Essential Functions:
  • Perform routine EHS services, preliminary and periodic investigations, visual inspections and record maintenance in the areas of occupational health and safety; hazardous, nonhazardous, biological, radiological and universal waste management; laboratory safety; chemical hygiene and inventory control in accordance with applicable guidelines, regulations, professional standards, and University policies and procedures. • Complete EHS inspections. Assist the EHS Director in identifying deficiencies in EHS programs and practices through an organized system of inspections and investigations and associated recordkeeping and follow-up. Inspections to include buildings, work areas, renovations, chemical substances, safety practices and equipment, fire extinguishers and suppression systems. Inspect all areas of the campus for safety conditions, document and report such conditions. Provide recommendations to correct unsafe conditions and improve safety. Follow through to ensure that hazardous conditions have been mitigated. • Under the direction of the EHS Director, coordinates the implementation of various occupational health program including respiratory protection, hearing conservation, electrical safety, indoor air quality, asbestos management, and other similar programs, and associated documentation and recordkeeping.
  • Perform compliance activities related to PEOSH, EPA, NJDEP, NJDOH, NJDCA and other associated regulations, guidelines, and standards. Maintain appropriate documentation, records and files. Accompany agency inspectors during campus visits. Maintain professional and courteous relationship to ensure essential cooperative atmosphere for continuous improvement of all matters related to the environment, health and safety. • Develop environmental health and safety training programs; conduct regularly scheduled training sessions for the campus community on workplace safety and environmental compliance. • Identify potential exposures and hazards. Recommend remedial corrective actions and document that preventative procedures and policies that are communicated to employees. • Maintain files related to campus safety, including accident/incident investigations in coordination with Departments of Public Safety and Human Resources.
Additional Functions:
  • Assist the EHS Director with occupational safety program implementation for the purpose of improving campus safety. • Maintain records related to departmental expenditures to support the Director’s budgetary management activities. • Be available for occasional off-hour planned or emergency response activities, training, or other activities, as required. • Collect chemical inventory data, perform data entry, and coordinate regulatory submissions including, but not limited to, the NJ Community and Worker’s Right to Know program. • Other duties as assigned.
Essential Characteristics:
Successful performance of this position demands consistent demonstration of the following uncompromised performance characteristics: 1. Honesty and Integrity- Acts in accordance with all university and departmental policies, procedures and expectations. 2. Teamwork/Team Orientation - Should demonstrate and understand the link between one's own job responsibilities and the university's overall goals and needs. Seeks opportunities to work with others to accomplish departmental objectives. 3. Team Leadership & Development- Able to develop demonstrable commitment, cooperation and teamwork while leading a group of people, working toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties. 4. Accomplishment Aptitude- Should anticipate potential problems and develop contingency plans or process improvements. Should possess the A/P experience to draw upon when asked to make decisions relating to the processing of invoices. 5. Performance Management- Continually monitors and evaluates performance against university objectives, providing focus and guidance to employees in order to ensure university objectives are met and employee's current and predicted value is realized.
6. Developing Others - Strives to develop and improve upon the competencies of others by providing clear, behaviorally specific performance feedback, effective coaching and mentoring. Helps employees identify strengths and developmental opportunities, provides training and other appropriate resources to continue personal and professional growth. Mentors others, taking pride in their success. 7. Achievement/Goal Orientation - Demonstrates the aptitude for achieving or surpassing results against an internal or external standard of excellence, showing passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement. 8. Initiative - Evaluates, selects and acts on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives within parameters of position before being asked or required to do so; self-directed rather than passively complying with instructions or assignments. Should possess the ability to identify possible processing issues and act upon them. 9. Confidentiality: Maintains confidentially as required in discharge of the duties.

Prerequisite Qualifications:
Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in a physical, chemical, engineering, or life science. Two (2) years of experience in environmental and/or occupational health and safety. OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER/DOT certification required. Knowledge in administering occupational health programs and emergency management required. Knowledge of US EPA, NJ DEP and NJ PEOSH regulations required. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Preferred Qualifications:
Master’s Degree in physical, chemical, engineering, or life science preferred. At the university's discretion, the education and experience prerequisites may be accepted, where the candidate can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the university, an equivalent combination of education and experience specifically preparing the candidate for success in the position.

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