Mgr-Scheduling and Payroll Ctr (Full Time)

Sun City Center - Genesis HealthCare - Sun City, AZ

Serves as primary Center contact for all employees' needs with respect to scheduling and timekeeping.
Controls Center Labor Spend using GenSTAR Scheduling and Timekeeping software to:
Minimize avoidable premium pay (overtime and agency) through effective scheduling and timekeeping strategies.
Ensure Nursing HPPD is at the appropriate budgeted level and volume-adjusted schedule changes are made while balancing optimal utilization of employees with consistent quality care and labor spend.
Ensure that Center Salary Expense is at the appropriate budgeted level. Control Nursing and non-Nursing Department Labor Spend by reviewing potential leakage points daily and at pay period end to minimize overpayment of premium pay (overtime and agency) through effective timekeeping and payroll strategies.
Leads Center Labor Management Team by proactively managing the center's labor management performance against Key Performance Indicators to optimize clinical, financial and human resource operating results. Takes initiative to call upon necessary resources to address root cause issues.
Serves as primary Center contact in Labor Management Policies, Process and Supporting Technology, including Timeclock and GenSTAR.
Ensures Center compliance with Genesis Personnel Policy, Genesis Labor Management Policy, Center Pay Practices and collective bargaining agreements if applicable.

1. Manages the Labor Management process in the center based on established daily, weekly, bi- weekly, monthly routines to ensure employee and customer satisfaction. Understands Center pay practices and ensures appropriate utilization.

2. Maintains center nursing staff coverage at all times.
o Serves as liaison with Staff with respect to work schedules. Negotiates schedules balancing center's staffing needs, employee schedule preferences, and financial performance.
o Minimizes open positions and optimizes employees' schedules by performing Position Control Analysis in collaboration with Director of Nursing. Communicates position control results - open positions - to Administrator, Employee Relations Manager and Recruiting.
o Personally responds to emergency situations and call-offs to ensure center coverage.
When not available to respond, ensures all Unit Managers are briefed daily on the call-off protocol to ensure adequate response and coverage.
o Reviews and tracks requests for time off. Coordinates scheduling changes with management. Secures advance approvals for booking Agency staff.
o On a weekly basis, communicates open shifts to Staffing Services to fill temporary staffing needs that cannot be filled by center employees. Secures advance approvals for booking Agency staff.
3. Ensures non-Nursing Department Heads maintain schedules and reconcile timecards daily in GenSTAR for assigned employees.
4. Processes payroll in accordance with established policies and procedures.
o Reviews timecards daily to ensure proper authorization of time adjustments and overtime. Makes necessary corrections. Reconciles timecards and enters bonus/special pay by 10 am daily.
o Conducts pay period end reviews to minimize Center salary expense leakage.
o Resolves exceptions and special pay on Payroll Monday.
o Ensures all Department Heads electronically approve and Administrator signs-off by payroll cut-off.
o Prints Time Report for Employee Sign-Off.
o Processes paycheck corrections prior to and post payroll distribution.
o Files all Reports.
o Responds to employee questions.

5. Participates in bi-weekly Welcoming Program. Orients new employees to Labor Management Policy, Procedure and Supporting Technology. Communicates Center's expectations of the employee's role in optimizing his/her schedule to meet Center's needs.
6. Maintains confidentiality with respect to all employee information including but not limited to schedule preferences and rates/compensation.
7. Performs all related duties as required


SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: * Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Psychology or related field preferred. * Or, 5 + years previous work experience preferably healthcare or LTC with proven track record in similar position, scheduling, timekeeping, or payroll. * Experience with scheduling and pay practices in 24/7 union/non-union environment preferred. * Experience using computer to support work activities. * Works flexible hours in order to meet with employees who work 24/7; ensures those working evening and night shifts stay connected. * Willing to travel as necessary. * This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs. * Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with Company policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required.

Position Type: Full Time
Req ID: 325027
Center Name: Sun City Center