Reading Tutor

Life Skills High Schools - Dayton, OH

Job Goals

To assist the building Administrator and instructional staff by effectively educating students in conformity with the philosophy and policies adopted by the rules of the governing Board, State Board of Education, the provisions of law, directives of the building Administrator and sound administrative practice.


Specific duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Understands, accepts, abides by, and implements the school?s philosophy and mission statement in all his/her school activities
Models tolerance, global awareness, reflective practice, and the behavior we expect from our students
Provide instructional assistance in Reading, English/Language Arts, and/or Mathematics to students needing remediation or extra support in those areas following the Life Skills High School course of study, or as assigned utilizing technology and varying teaching modalities
Maintain a Title One log documenting students tutored or worked with
Assist with federal Title One program audits
Perform student home visits as needed
Uses the resources provided for each subject
Administers standardized tests as directed
Keeps accurate records on each student such as: grade books and report cards, lesson plans, attendance records, and behavior/discipline records
Maintains confidentiality concerning all student information and any professional matters
Works with staff to improve student learning and achievement
Collaborates with colleagues demonstrating a model of ?connected educators? and develops positive working relationships with students, parents, school personnel and the public
Follows all Life Skills policies and procedures
Participates in professional development workshops/programs
Uses computers and other technology provided by the company to assist and support students in their learning
Uses multiple strategies and online tools in imaginative ways to actively engage students in their learning
Develops experiences that teach students not only facts but how to apply what they learn to solve real world problems
Guides students to develop the broader competencies increasingly important for success in an ever more complex and demanding world
Possess the knowledge to learn data and delivery systems necessary for the content, resources, and systems to create, manage, and assess engaging and relevant student learning experiences and support students in their learning experiences both inside and outside the school
Attends and/ or participates in school activities as directed by the Administrator, including but not limited to: faculty meetings (before or after school hours), open houses, and commencement exercises; chaperoning student activities; providing guidance for students; assisting and participating in learning communities; studying and helping to resolve school problems; and participating in the preparation of courses of study
Actively assists in student recruitment and retention activities as directed by the Administrator

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

Ability to handle confidential information responsibly and exhibit sound judgment while maintaining that confidentiality
Reliable, dependable, and trustworthy work ethic; a strong sense of integrity
Ability to manage difficult or emotional students
Ability to communicate with parents and students
Ability to be an active listener and critical thinker
Ability to motivate, develop, and direct students

Work Conditions

Instruction and interaction with students, parents, and administration
Standing for extended periods of time
Sitting occasionally
Ability to move around the classroom
Dexterity to operate a computer keyboard, mouse, and to handle other computer and other technology related components


Bachelor’s degree minimum; certification/licensure in appropriate teaching area; NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) status in teaching assignment; excellent oral and written communication skills; proficient in computer applications, including MS Word, Excel, Power Point, as well as internet, online educational resources, and Smart Board/Promethean Board technology; effective organizational skills with the ability to perform multiple tasks; satisfactory completion of state mandated background, health tests (where applicable), and drug testing; and physical ability to lift up to 25 pounds