- Whittier, CA4.3

My name is DJ for short & I am an Actress, Model, Dancer & a Anti-Bullying Activist. I am also a Vegan mom of a 2.5 year old Vegan daughter. We both speak English and ASL (american sign language) at the same time because I am deaf in both ears. I wear hearing aid devices to help me hear better, but it isn't always 100% which is why ASL plays an important part of our lives.

I am interested in looking for a Nanny to hire here in Whittier, California. We need someone long term, is serious about their job & don't mind bonding with my child & being apart of our family. Hopefully it's someone who speaks English & (not required at all) knows ASL so that there can be a better communication. Any homeschooling experience would be a huge plus as well as knowing CPR! Would love to see my daughter grow up with a trusted Nanny who will remain in her life & support her child acting career along the way!

If this sounds like you, please message me!