Academic Curriculum Coordinator - Medical Education

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Academic Curriculum Coordinator- Longitudinal Support

Major Duties:
Coordinate and ensure successful operation of all longitudinal courses.
In coordination with the Clinical Education Program Manager and WCEL staff, responsible for planning and implementing student and faculty elements of various curricular events, including recruitment of faculty evaluators, creation of student schedules, form preparation, oversight and technical expertise with relation to learning management systems, and other duties related to WCEL testing events.
Oversee the review and timely submission of longitudinal course materials uploaded into Curriculum Management operating systems, MAPS in particular.
Manage and oversee the creation of student groups for MAPS and other longitudinal courses and events.
Post all MAPS small group assignments on the learning management systems, including LCMS+ and Canvas.
Collaborate with various Curriculum Management administrative teams and make recommendations for curricular guidelines.
Manage the planning, development and implementation of newly proposed curricular components, focusing primarily on high reliability practice through introduction of simulation and patient care into longitudinal curriculum.
In Coordination with other Academic Curriculum Coordinators, ensuring curricular compliance to remain compliant with LCME requirements through the implementation of dashboards, course reviews and component reviews in longitudinal. Management and coordination of longitudinal components of Doppler Committee by providing benchmark data for Doppler committees. Provide quarterly reports to administration and make recommendations for change based on analysis of data.
Small group facilitation within the MAPS curriculum.
Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein

Generic Job Description

Job Summary:
The Academic Curriculum Coordinator will serve as an educational specialist and consultant to faculty in the implementing and evaluating of required academic components and educational objectives of the medical school curriculum. This position will assist and ensure successful implementation of the development of new educational initiatives that are relevant to medical education. This position will actively participate in the curriculum by serving on multiple committees and attending conferences. This position provides centralized coordination of curriculum to ensure consistency throughout the program.

Education / Experience: Bachelor's degree in education, health or other related field, and two (2) years experience in academic medicine. Master's degree in related field preferred.

Reports To: Medical Education Administrator

Essential Functions:
1. Actively participate and contribute to the decision making as a member of the curriculum committees.

2. Responsible for the development and implementation of curricular initiatives as set forth by the Faculty.

3. Provide staff development to small group and teaching faculty on educational initiatives and LCME accreditation issues.

4. Monitor curricular and evaluation activities and make recommendations for standardization across the curriculum.

5. Provide direction and oversight of the Medical Education staff Coordinators to ensure teaching faculty and staff have resources required to meet curricular requirements.

6. Review curricular components on a continual basis (Quality Assurance) to ensure consistency is met regarding goals, objectives, instruction, orientations and faculty and student evaluations.

7. Train, coach and monitor individual staff coordinators in implementing systems to optimize the curriculum experiences.

8. Coordinate with various educational departments to implement and optimize curricular events

9. Oversee and manage scheduling systems (PeopleSoft and curriculum delivery system).

10. Recruit and coordinate faculty facilitators for courses and evaluation activities.

11. Manage the updating, and maintaining of the curricular components of the technology delivery programs for the curriculum.

12. Maintain statistics and data on faculty participation in activities of the curriculum.

Skills and Qualifications:
Ability to communicate with individuals of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds
Ability to act as a liaison departmentally
Ability to work as part of a team
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent computer skills
Good written and verbal communication skills
Good problem solving skills
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
Strong organizational skills
Ability to multi-task

Work Environment:
Clean, comfortable and well-lit
Some travel required