Assistant General Manager - Dairy Queen

Polly Management, LLC - Kokomo, IN

Full-timeEstimated: $39,000 - $54,000 a year
Leadership Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership and direction to crew members in all restaurant operational
areas at all times

  • Makes timely, educated decisions based upon use of tools and resources provided
by the company & direction set forth by the General Manager

  • Responsible for assisting General Manager in the area of human resources;
manages shift to ensure proper staffing, documents any crew member
performance issues in an appropriate manner, and follows up with the crew
member and General Manager in a timely manner

  • Collaborates with General Manager to provide on going direction to crew
members during their shift to achieve restaurant goals

  • Assists General Manager in the development of management and crew member
teams through assisting with training, coaching, and providing feedback to the
General Manager

Sales and Expense Control

  • Assists General Manager in maintaining controllable expenses within a
designated acceptable range in their restaurant; includes labor costs, Cost of
Goods Sold, and general foreseeable expenses

  • Seeks to improve restaurant sales through monitoring key result areas of the
restaurant such as speed of service, average guest check, and cleanliness during
their designated shifts

  • Follows procedures to maintain facility and equipment to standard including
executing general preventative maintenance & reporting issues in a timely basis

  • Ensures proper cash handling and credit card procedures in the restaurant during
their designated shifts; accountable for proper security of cash during their
designated shifts

  • Ensures all products are available within their restaurant at all times; secures
product if needed to assist management team & reports product availability
concerns to General Manager on a timely basis

  • Assists General Manager in implementing local and national marketing initiatives
within the restaurant including any necessary training of crew members

  • Ensures customer satisfaction during their designated shifts
Policies & Regulations

  • Follows Management Handbook Policies within the restaurant at all times
  • Ensures crew members are held accountable for all Employee Handbook policies
  • Accountable for maintaining acceptable cleanliness, food safety, and sanitation
practices; ensures restaurant is maintained within all Dairy Queen and health
department requirements during their designated shifts

  • Responsible for representing the company positively to the community and Dairy
Queen corporate representatives

  • Assists General Manager in completing all administrative duties correctly within
deadlines set forth by the company

  • Accepts feedback and direction from the General Manager and upper level
management in a constructive manner

  • Must have work availability that meets the current needs of the restaurant
  • Willingness to develop skills in areas of management as directed by General
  • Must be capable of lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Has basic computer skills