Infrastructure Engineer

HC Technologies - New York, NY4.0

30+ days ago
HC Technologies, LLC (formerly known as Henning-Carey Proprietary Trading, LLC) is an algorithmic proprietary trading firm principally located in Chicago, with offices in New York and London. At HC Technologies, we believe in disciplined, innovative trading. We recognize the edge technology can give us over other players. We pair best-in-class technology with talented, passionate people who understand that the human touch is just as important as technological advantage.

The infrastructure team is globally responsible for all technology and systems engineering functions for the firm. The team bridges the gap between Quants and the underlying technology infrastructure essential for optimal performance in the market. The team is composed of full-stack engineers with specializations covering: systems engineering, UNIX, networking, client/venue connectivity, estate management, messaging middle-ware, performance tuning, cloud and big data. Our team is highly collaborative with complementary skills and experience.

This is a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in FinTech and challenge yourself to grow on daily basis. This role is for a full-time Linux Subject-Matter-Expert and Performance Engineer based out of NYC/Manhattan who is well versed in Open Source Projects.

As a member of this versatile group of full stack engineers, above shared responsibilities, this individual will primarily be responsible for several key aspects of tradings systems. As Linux and performance tuning SME, the ability to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot performance behavior/anomalies and identify root cause in trading systems will be critical. Trumping this will be the ability to help drive architectures and standards by which performance issues can be avoided from the onset. Specific responsibilities will include system administration of servers in our data centers, CoLo and in our cloud / big data platform. This will extend to application deployment, development of monitoring and configuration tools, and system optimization. The successful candidate will be able to multitask in a dynamic team-based environment, demonstrate strong analytical skills and professionalism. You will be on the front line maintaining and expanding the capabilities of HT|Tech's technology stack and specifically trading systems.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:All members of the infrastructure team:
  • Must have skill in the following three core areas: UNIX, NETWORKING & PROGRAMMING to various degrees.
  • Participate in operational support and deployment activities including non-core hours / work as part of 24/7 on-call rotation.
  • Will take ownership of their respective specializations and push the technology envelope in alignment with the business.
  • Participate in team activities with the aim of improving team skills, knowledge and quality of work.
UNIX/Linux Kernel & Performance:
  • Ability to create robust testing and certification processes to comprehensively evaluate impact of hardware changes, tunables, and system software updates to the application stack
  • Deep understanding of the Linux kernel including: kdb, OS tuning, IRQ and IRQ affinity, virtual memory, VFS, IPC, network, process scheduling, and processor sets/cgroups
  • Proficiency in C (read and debug source code) to troubleshoot kernel-space issues.
  • Experience with USE Method to address complex performance problems.
  • In-depth working knowledge of Linux patch management and related information security functions (iptables, hardening, tripwire)
  • Host based routing, bonds (ARP vs Link)
  • CCIE skillset ideal - with a slant towards CCDE.
  • Low-latency DWDM, optical, Microwave, Millimeter, FPGA (Altera, Xilinx).
  • Solid Networking skills (Layer 1 technologies, switches/routers, SNMP), working knowledge of OSPF, BGP, PIM, TCP/IP, Multicast.
  • Ability to analyze packet dumps, multicast routing on hosts, packet filtering.
  • Experience with Arista, Cisco, and Metamako, Exablaze, ASIC (Barefoot, Broadcom, Cisco)
  • Good knowledge of debugging tools: strace, gdb, kdb, crash, dtrace/systemtap, ftrace, oprofile
  • Proficient in Bash, Python, or other scripting languages
  • Programming/Scripting - Python (for automation, and non-performance centric), Bash, etc...
  • Programming - C/C++ (for low latency and network centric)
  • Knowledge of x86 hardware internals.
  • Knowledge of offload engines (SolarFlare, Mellanox)
  • Experience with SAN and NAS and iSCSI, NFS and FibreChannel
  • DBA and "SQL" query experience with database technologies including MySQL, KDB, Redis, and distributed storage systems.
  • Reliable Messaging Protocols (LBM, Solace, TibRV)
  • Experience with authentication and encryption technologies like SSL, Kerberos and GSSAPI.
  • Familiarity with vulnerability scanning tools: Qualys, Nmap, and Nessus - Alert Logic is a plus
  • Working knowledge of industry best practices with regards to information security
  • A proven track record of automation and an algorithmic approach to solving problems.
  • DevOps Automation: Puppet, Ansible
  • Experience with metrics collection and monitoring (open source or commercial)
  • Experience building and scaling distributed, highly available systems (GCP)
  • Knowledge of virtualization and containerisation technology.
  • Experience with distributed storage technologies:NFS, HDFS, Ceph, S3
  • Experience with resource management frameworks (Kubernetes, Yarn, Mesos)
  • System and Network Monitoring. Packet Brokers/Matrix-Switches, Optical Taps, Corvil - CCA/CCE
Time Sync:
  • Working knowledge of GPS, PTP, NTP
Soft skills:
  • Ability to prioritize day-to-day activities for projects and critical support requests.
  • Able to multitask and work on complex cross discipline deliverables independently
  • Strong written and oral communication (can distill complex technical content into easily understandable statements for all audiences)
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering or commensurate experience