President & Chief Executive Officer

YWCA Minneapolis - Minneapolis, MN4.0

Full-time | Part-timeEstimated: $110,000 - $140,000 a year
Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO is responsible for the overall vision and strategy for the organization. Further, the CEO oversees all aspects of facilities and programs and works in concert with the leadership team to guide the organization.

The CEO focuses on engaging and supporting the Board of Directors, representing and advocating for the mission of the organization, working with the board to create and execute the strategic direction for the organization’s growth, and to develop/maintain key community partnerships.

The CEO directs the fundraising strategy and engages with major donors, ensuring that the organization has adequate resources to support its work.

Direct reports to the CEO are the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Development Officer, Vice President, Early Childhood Education and Girls & Youth Programs, and the Vice President, Health & Wellness. The senior management team includes the CEO’s direct reports as well as the Vice President, Racial Justice & Public Policy and the Vice President of Marketing.

At this time, YWCA - Minneapolis has 502 staff members with an operating budget of $24 million and $46 million in assets. The unique financial model of the organization includes revenue from fitness memberships, fundraising and government funding.

In 2016, the organization completed a very successful $22.5 million capital campaign called The Power to Soar. The benefits of this effort resulted in expanded Early Childhood Education, Girls & Youth programs, public policy work and also funded the major renovation of the Downtown YWCA facility. A more modest Girls and Youth campaign augmented resources for these important programs. A comprehensive organizational development process is currently under way, which will inform the next 2021 – 2024 strategic plan.


Directs continuous renewal of the vision and mission; rallies others around the shared vision of the organization
Supports the YWCA – Minneapolis’ mission and aligns all activities with the mission and strategic plan
Nurtures a strong culture that encourages teamwork, innovation, inclusion, and respect for racial and cultural diversity
Leads a robust strategic planning process, with annual operating plans approved by the Board and communicated with staff

Participates with the Board of Directors in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization and each program
Serves on various Board Committees and monitors the work of all Committees
Keeps the Board of Directors informed on financial matters, leadership matters, major programmatic matters and all factors that may pose opportunity or risk for the organization
Serves as the primary liaison to an active and engaged Board of Directors
Participates in Board development activities to continue the strength and
commitment of the Board
Collaborates and communicates regularly with the Board Chair and Board Executive Committee

Leads staff in the continuous improvement of current and development of prospective programs
Develops and implements the programmatic direction of the organization as approved by the Board of Directors
Oversees the evaluation of the organization’s programs and services
Manages risk and legal commitments for the organization
Assures the organization’s provision of high-quality program services is consistent with Board policies and long-standing community expectations
Continually assesses and explores opportunities for additional or program expansion opportunities to further the mission

Serves as primary liaison with the YWCA USA national office
Represents and acts as the face of the organization to the community
Builds and maintains significant relationships with corporate & government leaders as well as major donors
Promotes the work and mission of the organization and builds awareness of the need for ongoing community support
Represents the organization to representatives of the media; proactively furthers the brand and messaging from the organization

Leads the overall fundraising, development and philanthropy strategy of the organization
Serves as major spokesperson for annual operating fund and capital campaigns
Works with the Chief Development Officer on high level major donor relationships and gifts
Represents the organization at fundraising meetings and events

Provides leadership for staff in maintaining a positive, mission-driven work
environment that welcomes creativity and innovation
Assures that staff members have access to on-going leadership and management development programs, designed to grow and expand their abilities
Continues to lead a focus on organizational alignment and a continued movement
toward a balanced culture of service and accountability
Assists on an as-needed basis with the recruitment, interview and selection process of staff members that have the right skills and personal abilities to help further the organization’s mission
Works with senior management team to implement a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an ongoing basis and conducting an annual performance review
Carefully considers the strategic deployment and development of staff and succession planning issues
Oversees the implementation and consistent application of the human resources policies, procedures and practices

Works with staff and the Finance Committee of the board to prepare a comprehensive fiscal year operating budget and multi-year capital budget and projections for the organization
Ensures adequate funding to sustain and expand the mission of the organization
Develops alternative earned revenue streams to manage the changing mix and dynamics of the organization’s historical earned revenue (2/3) – fundraising, development and philanthropy (1/3) funding streams
Provides the Board of Directors with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditures of the organization

A successful candidate for the President & Chief Executive Officer position will possess at minimum a significant number of years of relevant corporate and non-profit industry experience including but not limited to the following required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Understanding of, commitment to and passion for the YWCA - Minneapolis two-fold mission – Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women; possess a high level of cultural competency as demonstrated by current employment or volunteer affiliations
Successful leadership and large group management experience in a comparable organization. The unique organizational nature of the YWCA - Minneapolis includes:
A medium-sized non-profit (with 450+ employees and $20 million + operating budget)
A complex business model, encompassing multiple lines of business (e.g., health & fitness (3 centers), early childhood education (6 centers), girls and youth programs (6 locations), racial justice consulting, and public policy advocacy)
A complex workforce model (with over half part-time employees, decentralized over multiple locations/communities), and
A mixed yet interdependent funding model (including earned revenue, donations, corporate and foundation grants, and governmental funding)
Strong managerial skills with an appreciation for adherence to policies and procedures as they relate to the organization and the Board. It also requires the ability to inspire and reinforce a mission-driven culture that all employees can embrace with pride
Strategic growth outlook and demonstrated ability to develop and grow earned revenue/profit-producing business lines. Candidate should have experience in balancing/optimizing a portfolio of businesses including profit-generating (Health & Fitness), mission-driven philanthropic services (Girls & Youth) and government-subsidized lines (e.g., workforce development) in a dynamic and rapidly-evolving environment. Candidate should have demonstrated ability to manage in ambiguity
Proven fundraising ability and interest. Candidate is proficient at identifying and cultivating new donors while stewarding and deepening relationships with current donors; Candidate should have an appreciation for philanthropic groups including foundations, corporations, individuals, and government funding sources

Strong communication, diplomacy, listening and presentation skills, including both written and public-speaking
Demonstrated transparency with Board, employees, and community
Servant-leader qualities including developing employees and increasing bench strength
Demonstrated racial equity and social justice leadership
Deep relationship network within the community or capability to build one

The ideal candidate will be an emotionally intelligent, well-rounded, energetic, and confident individual. She must be a team player who works well with staff, donors, sponsors, partners, constituents as well as Board members to achieve the YWCA - Minneapolis strategic goals and objectives. Towards these ends, we seek candidates with the following personal attributes critical for success including but not limited to:

Ability to inspire and motivate others
Executive presence, results-orientation, and competitive drive
Collaborative style and skill in building teams and developing people
Interpersonal skills to inspire people and build strong relationships/partnerships in the community
Balanced processing of and respect for differing/disparate perspectives
Self-awareness and emotional intelligence/EQ skills,
Knowing when to ask for help
Ability to draw out diverse strengths in others (e.g., staff, Board, partners)
Empathy and compassion
Resilience and agility
High ethical standards and integrity aligning with YWCA - Minneapolis’ values.
Self-confidence and humility
Authenticity and transparency

Ensure YWCA - Minneapolis’ ongoing fiscal soundness
– Develop a solid understanding and mastery of earned revenue business model
– Grow Inc.lude bandwidth and reach
Develop a vision for both Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women aspects of mission
– Strengthen and improve It’s Time to Talk and It’s Time to Act
– Bring a fresh set of eyes to programs including Circle of Women and Triathlon
Develop and enhance organizational culture and employee morale
– Develop a staffing complement that is appropriate for YWCA - Minneapolis
– Employ consistent policies, practices and procedures across the organization
Improve, leverage, and optimize relationship with Board of Directors
– Work in collaboration and partnership
– Leverage unique skills, talents, and abilities of each and every Board member
Develop a cogent fund development/philanthropic vision and strategy
– Broaden existing donor base
– Ensure continuous improvement of existing signature events

Bachelor’s degree required; MBA or equivalent advanced degree preferred highly desirable

YWCA - Minneapolis offers a competitive base salary as well as excellent benefits and perks including but not limited to:

Long/Short-Term Disability & Life Insurance
Employee Assistance
YWCA USA Retirement Fund
Free Gym Membership
Childcare Convenience
Paid Time Off