Head of Logistics / SCM Interiors

DRÄXLMAIER Group - Duncan, SC4.1


Manage several complex organizational units ( including globally, at different sites) having different functions

Principle Activities

Support the strategic planning of the major division by breaking down and/or developing the strategic planning for the division within a short-to- medium- range time scale.
Plan and administer the budget in his/her area of responsibility, in cooperation with the supervisor, and make sure there is compliance with it
Develop and implement personnel planning (including strategic) in his/her area of responsibility, in cooperation with the supervisor; assure employees are used according to their qualifications
Provide technical and disciplinary leadership to associates that report to him/her; make personnel decisions in cooperation with the HR department and the supervisor
Develop department-specific goals, break down and prioritize the department goals, follow up on goals and evaluate goal achievement
Assure the supply to the sopported plants of materials and semi-finished articles that are on time, with the correct quality and in the correct quantity, and to customer production sites with finished products
Assure the analysis of comprehensive problem cases, as well as develop actions/ suggestions for solutions to assure sustainable elimination / avoidance
Develop and approve logistics concepts and the strategic alignment of "extended workbenches" in high/low cost areas in his/her area of responsibility
Cooperate in comprehensive worldwide transfer or expertise, together with local logistics managers from various production areas and central departments
Manage and control comprehensive logistics projects in his/her area of responsibility
Control and assure the set up /disassembly of old /new sites in the production network and coopertae in designing them worldwide as part of his/her area of resposibility
Further develop and manage internal and external interfaces across functional boundaries
Release and coordinate logistical and system-side internal/external services
Develop and release logistics resources and capacities in his / her are of responsibility , including synchronization within the functional unit

Job Requirements

Bachelor Degree or equivalent work experience

10-15 years of Logistics Management experience

10 - 15 years of Supply Chain Management experience

7 - 10 years Logistics Operations experience

We are looking forward to your application.

Company / Legal Entity: DAA Dräxlmaier Automotive of America LLC., Org-Code: PC3-AM