Material Handling Coordinator(8am-4:15pm)

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation - Edison, NJ3.6

Maintenance and management of critical and non-critical supply inventory to support MTF business functions. Facilitate the flow of materials from receipt through inspection, to end user.

Provide customer service support to all customers associated with receiving function. Receive and deliver all incoming packages, for compliance with purchase orders and return authorizations. Initiate quality inspections of raw materials for process and start Raw Material inspection sheets. Match packing slips to purchase orders for order verification. Maintain and support mailroom activities with including postage machine services and components associated with it.

Participates in physical inventories of SCM owned supply areas; maintains inventory records by adding or deleting supplies as they are passed or received; operates a RF Scanner to maintain real time inventory levels; answers phones and provides information using customer service skills; may provide inventory status regarding supply availability;

Perform physical and electronic order, receipt, transfer and delivery of materials by utilizing ERP and handheld scanner applications, pallet jacks, hand trucks and forklifts, while providing customer service to all departments where needed.

Perform full range of duties within the Supply Chain Management area, including but not limited, to putting away-approved supplies, pulling supplies for prep room and assist in the prep room. Stores and distributes materials and product throughout the manufacturing environment by means of a variety of material handling equipment.

Perform physical receipt and general inspection of deliveries to ensure shipment paperwork completeness/accuracy and verify there is no visible damage to the shipment/items received and all quantities are correct. For rejected items, the MHC will collaborate with applicable personnel prior for disposition to rejecting a shipment.
Transfer of critical and non-critical materials into controlled areas, including Musculoskeletal and Dermal cores
Initiate all Quality Assurance Inspection paperwork for all critical items that require Quality Assurance approval prior to use.
Maintains inventory accuracy for all SCM managed inventory, by utilizing wireless system, performing cycle and year-end inventory counts.
Utilize the QAD system and/or RF Scanners to perform electronic receipts, assign storage location, transfers, inventory depletions, inventory adjustments, manage/monitor inventory levels, set/adjust/maintain and monitor Reorder Points (ROPs) and PAR levels, review/monitor open orders, perform cycle and scheduled full inventory counts and run reports to ensure efficient and accurate inventory information.
Initiate and submit purchase orders (both blanket and regular) based on projected usage and forecasts, set ROP and PAR levels in order to maintain proper material levels to support MTF Operations.
Transport materials and items from receiving or supply areas to designated areas throughout the facility including but not limited processing cores, Micro-lab, QC lab and R&D locations.
Responsible for receipt of all Capital Expenditure items and the issuing and recording of assigned asset tags for each item upon receipt.
Maintains knowledge, training and competence in all aspects of MTF’s Hazardous Communication program for the handling of hazardous materials (flammables, corrosives).
Compiles, maintains and manages multiple electronic and manual records and reports to ensure inventory levels, tracking/ trending and reporting of inventory usages to address spikes or declines in inventory usages, physical and electronic location of materials and recording of individual and group production information for management.
Maintain and manage received and approved physical inventory by sorting items by MTF item#, rotating and pulling stock according to FIFO and ensuring items are used according to earliest expiration dates where applicable.
Ability to stock, move, arranges, and rotates warehouse items in accordance with operating instructions or under guidance of a higher-level employee.
Greet all carriers and visitors that enter the receiving area. Ensure drivers sign-in to visitor log
Completes internal requisitions supply request from other departments.
Maintain a safe work environment as part of the SCM housekeeping initiative, including 5S, walkthroughs, spot checks and working with/providing feedback to the MTF Safety Committee where applicable adheres to MTF’s housekeeping initiative, safety requirements, PPE requirements, and 5S requirements in regards to their work area(s)
Maintains knowledge, training and competence in all aspects of MTF’s Hazardous Communication program for the handling of hazardous materials (flammables, corrosives).
Ability to work within all required programs and databases including QAD, MSDS Database, InSite, Outlook, Word, Excel, CyberQuery, PeopleSoft,

High school diploma.

1-year experience in Receiving, Material handling and/or Inventory/Supply Chain Management

Specific Licenses and/or Certifications:
Complete and maintain forklift training and certification. (Jessup Only)

Specialized Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities*:
Must be able to utilize wireless technology

Work Environment:
Use of a company van for pick-up and delivery of parts or raw materials to/from our suppliers.

Work performed in a combination of dock, shop and office environments.

Exposed to core, machine shop and building elements such as noise, dust, odors, fumes, oils and tissue

Physical Demands:
(if applicable)

Must be able to stand for long periods of time

Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds


College courses helpful in inventory management related functions.

2-year experience in Receiving, Material handling and/or Inventory/Supply Chain Management

Specific Licenses and/or Certifications:
Certification and/or experience in Inventory, Materials Management/ Handling or Central Service preferred.

Specialized Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:
Forklift Certification (Jessup Only)