DB2 Database Administrator

Wisetek Providers, Inc. - Raleigh, NC5.0


##########Only US Citizens and GC Holders as per client's request!!!!###########

Job Description:

  • DB2 UDB 9.7.x 9.5.x, 9.1.x and 8.2.x Installations, Configurations and Administration with strong database programming skills.
  • Fixpack upgrade and migration of database from lower to higher version.
  • Expertise in using DB2 Movement Utilities like Export-Import, Load, db2move.
  • Taking database Backups and recovering the database with Backup images.
  • Scheduling Backup and Backup scripts using Scheduled Jobs.
  • Prepared Backup and Recovery strategy at DB level for all test and production databases
  • Expertise in DB2 UDB Command Line Utilities.
  • Changing instance level and database level configuration parameters for database concurrency, authentication, performance and allowing remote clients accessing server.
  • Monitor DB2 UDB processes and logs for any anomalies, provide corrective actions.
  • Provide assistance to the development team on performance tuning, resolving locking solutions.
  • Taking Snapshots and gathering other information related to the database and the system during stress tests or performance tuning.
  • Expertise in generating data definition language using DB2LOOK command from existing database and creating the same objects in newly created databases.
  • Used DB2 utilities IMPORT, EXPORT ,LOAD and DB2MOVE utilities to move the data between the databases and different regions
  • Expertise in running REORG and RUNSTATS for better performance of the database.
  • Good experience on maintaining Database Level (DB CFG) and Database Manager Level (Instance) Parameters.
  • Experience in design and maintenance of databases, performance testing and troubleshooting.
  • Use tools like db2advise, db2look, db2move and db2adutl to monitor, analyze and make changes in the database.
  • Monitor the databases for space utilization and reduce the tablespace utilization by altering tablespace.
  • Performance testing and troubleshooting of issue.
  • Provide permission to users/groups on tables and schema.
  • Create tablespaces for new schema tables and create temp tablespaces.
  • Configured archival logging in DB2 UDB to allow for online backup and for point in time recovery.
  • Support users for their queries through IM and on call.
  • Execute scripts from database end which users can’t perform from their end due to security purpose.
  • Good experience on Database rebuild, Redirected restore, backup and restore processes.
  • Knowledge of TSA-Tivoli Storage Automation

Job Types: Temporary, Contract


  • DB2: 3 years (Required)