Director of Capture Management

Missing Link Security - Herndon, VA4.0

Full-time | ContractEstimated: $120,000 - $160,000 a year
Job Description:
MLS is looking for a Director of Capture Management with a winning track record to play a critical role on the Corporate team. You will be based out of Herndon, VA and will also travel occasionally to other events or customer sites.

What You’ll Get to Do:
The capture manager devises a strategy for searching out promising new business opportunities and clients, and turning those opportunities into new business for the company.
Close deals for the company or capture new clients and new business. Potential new customers are targeted and the manager or appropriate individual goes after them.
The capture manager should be an accomplished business developer who understands project management, contracts, and proposal development. The capture manager should have some familiarity with the client in order to be conversant in their terminology, policies, organizational structure, etc.
The capture manager works on selected opportunities and oversees bid strategies, pricing, teaming, and proposal strategies. A major focus for the capture manager is to manage the transition from opportunity discovery to the proposal process where the opportunity is closed. Often, the capture manager must sell the opportunity internally as well as to the client in order to get the resources necessary for pursuit and proposal development.
The capture manager gets involved after the lead is qualified and the company makes a formal decision to pursue it. The capture manager acts on the behalf of the executive sponsor (Angela) for the opportunity. The capture manager identifies the resources required to pursue a bid, establishes any infrastructures required, processes, and plans necessary, and manages their execution.
A capture manager has to know what to offer, how the offering should be designed, and how to make cost/value tradeoffs and still win.
A capture manager has to not only have the technical skills to know how to do the work, a capture manager also has to know how to sell. A capture manager has to not only know how to sell, but has to do it externally and at times internally. A big part of a capture manager’s job is negotiating and persuading people within their own company.
A capture manager has to know pricing and contracts well enough to negotiate terms and win.
A capture manager has to know enough about proposals to anticipate the information required to write the winning proposal.
A capture manager has to have enough authority to make decisions and work through other people without being constantly second guessed.
A capture manager has to be able to take risks.
Hunt it, Find it, Kill it, Eat it…

Plan, organize, and manage captures within the DoD, specifically on the DCO Eagle Shield Vehicle to successful completion. Develop the overall capture strategy, internal and external partnerships, business plans and marketing. Lead and facilitate win strategy development sessions including technical, management, teaming, past performance, staffing, pricing, etc.

Lead the development of customer profiles, including customer needs, issues, hopes, and biases. Lead and coordinate competitive assessments, determining the strengths and weaknesses of MLS and potential competitors. Collaborate with Operations Group Leaders, Solution Architects and SMEs to develop solutions that offer customers recognized value, are price competitive, executable and will be evaluated favorably. Prepare and lead Milestone Reviews, and other reviews as required once opportunity has been assigned. Assist in developing B&P spend plans and track all associated expenses with the capture effort. Manage capture personnel, coordinate with responsible lines/accounts, align resources required for the pursuit of opportunities, develop and improve upon processes, manage B&P budgets, mentor more junior capture managers, report metrics/manage risk and effectively lead growth within the DoD business.

Required Experience:
You’ll Bring These Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree - Preferably in Business.
7+ years of Capture experience successfully leading the capture of Acquisitions Services for the DoD Community.
Active TS preferred
Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

You Also Bring These Professional Skills:
Leadership skills to develop, organize, and execute significant capture activities, including building industry teams, assessing win probability, and executing customer call plans to shape acquisitions. A proven track record of successful capture management across multiple DoD organizations at a variety of acquisition sizes and types. Experience Capturing deals requiring development of a solution and or an approach. Strong proposal writing skills. Experience and understanding of pricing and pricing strategies across multiple contract types, Experience managing and incorporating BOE into the capture process. Ability to gain internal support, operate independently with limited supervision and feedback, and establish collaborative relationships with Solution architects, Line management, and peers within the Strategic Capture Group and across MLS. Excellent oral and written communications and experience briefing senior corporate executives and customers.

  • Communicates capture strategy to management and makes sure it is implemented effectively.
  • Trains newly hired sales personnel, if appropriate
  • Communicates expectations and responsibilities to each member of the team.
  • Coordinates and manages the bidding and proposal process.
  • Conducts research to determine the best price and the best slate of services for the bid.
  • Meets with prospective customers to answer questions and discuss a possible contract.
  • Closes the deal or makes the final sale and brings in new business for the company for the best possible price.
  • Expands the client base while maintaining existing clients.
  • Understands every aspect of a business opportunity including the scope of the project, how many resources will be needed, the impact on schedules, competitive pricing and budget concerns.
  • Establishes and builds relationships with prospective and existing clients.
  • Develops a plan for making regular contact with prospective client targets.
  • Studies key competitors.
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