Senior Analyst - Product Implementation

Duck Creek Technologies - Columbia, SC (27 days ago)3.9

Estimated Travel: 25% to 50%

Job Requirements:
  • Assist in the design of the software configuration and customization to meet the business process design and application requirements.
  • Develop an application prototype and conduct a conference room pilot to validate the configuration design and explore gap options.
  • Work with other developers, designers, and architects to make sure that the configuration and custom components meet application requirements and performance goals.
  • Configure, build, and test the application.
  • Component test the application.
  • Participate in code reviews.
  • Fix any defects and performance problems discovered in testing.
  • Participate in transitions of the application components to the testers.
  • Complete all appropriate documentation required by the testers, deployment, and application management teams.
  • Inform the technical architect and project manager of any issues that may affect any other areas of the project.
  • Assist other teams with understanding the functional impact of various configuration options.
Basic Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science in area with analytic emphasis (typically math, computer science, computer information or accounting)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in implementing software applications.
  • Experience performing analytical or quantitative activities in spreadsheet/database types of software applications.
  • Experience developing in .Net, Delphi or C++ preferred.
  • Experience in HTML, ASP, and XML preferred.
  • Familiarity with insurance products, rules and methodologies desirable.
  • Familiarity with merge fields for Microsoft Word and Adobe.
  • Experience with implementation of Duck Creek Example Platform solutions for Policy Administration, Billing and/or ASW Claims a plus.
  • Knowledge of software development life cycle.
  • Previous experience working directly with customers.