Public Works Project Coordinator

City of Bloomington, MN - Bloomington, MN3.3

The City of Bloomington is seeking an individual to manage the implementation of the City's organized collection program and solid waste ordinances and regulations to ensure efficient operations and optimum achievement of program goals. This position will be an integral part of the Public Works team and will research, evaluate and make recommendations on solid waste related policies, procedures and programs. This position provides administrative support to the program, manages the solid waste contract and acts as a leader in the development and improvement of solid waste innovation; including resident communications and sustainability initiatives.

Essential Functions of the Position
Develop, support and model a positive and productive workplace culture based on respect, dignity, honesty and integrity.
Support and advance organizational development efforts such as developing a high performing organization, employee engagement, workforce development, inclusion and equity, and performance measurement efforts.
Seek continuous improvement, establish new approaches and methods, and encourage sharing of resources across the City. Actively pursue education, networking and learning to stay abreast of new and emerging issues and technologies related to civil engineering. Actively encourage other members of the division to do likewise. Proactively share new information through all levels of the organization.
Direct the development of programs, policies and regulations to efficiently achieve solid waste management goals.
Administer and direct the ongoing operations and evolution of organized collection including contract management responding to customer concerns and reporting on program performance.
Develop and oversee the budget and funding required to carry out the City's solid waste program.
Develop, organize and implement an educational and public informational program in the community (residents, schools, businesses and other special groups) in cooperation with Hennepin County and the Bloomington Organized Collection Consortium ("Consortium".)
Provide continuing education for Public Works programs to the public and city staff utilizing a wide range of media including newsletters, utility bill inserts, website, video, social media.
Develop and implement programs to reduce the volume of solid waste materials generated and to increase recycling.
Work cooperatively with other City Departments to coordinate educational efforts, hauler licensing, customer billing, code and regulation development and enforcement.
Serve as the City liaison to all garbage haulers in the City, including commercial-only haulers
Keep informed on new solid waste technologies, trends, equipment, materials and processes and make recommendations to ensure the most appropriate and effective methods are carried out in Bloomington.
Participate and develop professional relationships with other solid waste professionals and organizations locally, regionally and nationally – especially Hennepin County.
Prepare reports on solid waste and recycling matters and keep supervisor informed as required and necessary.
Prepare and submit requests for grants and complete required reporting.
Manage City solid waste (trash and recycling) collection contracts including the Consortium contract and contract for internal City operations.
Ability to work independently and to coordinate the activities of others outside of your workgroup to successfully implement programs.
Develop, prepare and manage sustainability and energy related projects.
Work with others in the organization and community, including the City's Sustainability Commission, to plan and implement solid waste initiatives and other sustainability initiatives as assigned.
Perform other duties and related work as apparent or assigned.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, Planning or a related field as determined by the City OR five years of related industry experience
Strong communication skills utilizing a wide range of media
Ability to work both independently and within a team environment
Ability to maintain effective working relationships with the public, City staff, agencies and the Consortium
Valid Minnesota Driver's license

Desirable Qualifications
Knowledge of the policies, procedures and regulations pertaining to solid waste, recycling and related programs
Experience coordinating and communicating with diverse groups, interests and staff
Experience implementing sustainability initiatives
Experience providing customer service in a similar environment
Proven ability to work with minimal direction
Three years of experience in Solid Waste Management or related field or in a program with similar organizational challenges
One year in conducting education programs

2018 Salary Range: $59,450 - $84,460/Annually
Anticipated Hiring Range: $59,450 - $71,955/Annually