Spartanburg Water & Sewer - Spartanburg, SC

Conducts wet chemistry analyses of water and wastewater such as biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, total solids, percent solids, and volatile suspended solids. Performs analyses for ammonia, pH, turbidity, hardness, conductivity, chlorine residual, alkalinity, and fluoride.

Performs routine analyses for microbiological testing such as standard plate count, fecal coliform testing, total coliform testing, colilert and verification techniques.

Interprets and records laboratory results as required utilizing Standard Operating Procedures.

Properly calibrates and performs general maintenance on lab instruments and equipment. This would include proper temperature compensation probes, dissolved oxygen probes, ion electrode probes, various meters, pumps, and autoclave.

Prepares standards, chemical reagents, and various media and solutions for use in lab work.

Maintains proper quality control program in compliance with Laboratory Certification program i.e. 10% duplicates and spike recoveries, quality control blanks, charts, equipment documentation requirements and Quality Control ampoules.

Assist with sample collection, preservation and sample receiving which shall include proper sampling techniques and record keeping requirements. Operates a vehicle, computer, telephone, calculator, and a range of laboratory equipment such as the autoclave, ionanalyzer, pH meter, DO meter, spectrophotometer, balances, muffle furnace, water bath, counter, pumps, etc.

Maintains inventory of laboratory expendables and ensures adequate supplies are available to perform job assignment; assists in taking inventory and ordering supplies.

Maintains clean laboratory glassware, i.e. acid washed, sterilized or other.

Practices safe handling of chemicals, lab samples and disposal of lab waste as well as good housekeeping. Disposes of lab waste in accordance with environmentally safe and approved methods.

Performs other related duties as required.

Under general supervision, performs analyses of water and wastewater samples to ensure water safety and compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Maintains laboratory equipment; prepares required records and reports. Performs related work as required. Reports to Laboratory Services Manager.

Screenings: Motor Vehicle, Drug Screen, Criminal Background Check, Physical Exam, Education Verification, Employment Verification

Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or biology or an Associate degree in chemistry or biology with one to two years experience in a chemical or biological laboratory; or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Must possess a valid driver's license.