Field Systems Support Analyst

Panera Bread - St. Louis, MO

Full-time | Temporary
Panera Bread is a chain of bakery-cafes serving simple, honest, and genuine foods by the most warm and welcoming of people. We offer careers as diverse as our breads and are actively seeking new talent to add to our energetic and lively Field Services Support team. We are offering a fast-paced, spontaneous environment that takes pride in being team oriented. We are not your stereotypical boring IT Help Desk team. To continue to sustain the culture that we are proud of, we are looking for folks who are cool with being the primary technical support resource for our cafes and for someone who can roll with the punches.

Are you tired of working the normal 9am – 5pm job? Looking to add excitement and fun to your career? Are you eager to have so many opportunities within the IT field that your head will spin? If you can empathize with any of these questions, then our Field Systems Support Analyst position might be the fit for you.

This Job Is Probably For You If You:
Can type quickly and are able to multitask like a champ.
Are interested in a position with potential to advance.
Have the capability to explain complex technical issues in simpler terms.
Possess basic PC and Office Tools knowledge as well as having general navigation skills.
Have outstanding communication skills that are rooted in exceptional customer service (both written and verbal)
Enjoy non-traditional hours, a flexible schedule and a casual environment. Our standard uniform is jeans and t-shirts. No ties here!
If you don’t want to be a noob and want to receive Triple-A training.
If you can…

Be flexible. Shift work is required; including weekends and overtime as needed. Will be subject to on call or call back status if needed.
Wear a headset at work. It’s not a game but we get wins.
Fix those issues while in the heat of battle!
Obliterate issues that cause grief to any of our customers anywhere, all while delivering professional and courteous phone support that will ensure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
Seek and destroy missions aimed at application integration issues. This is your quest!
Apply those fixes to the entire world so that evil doers will not gain a foothold ever again!
Be irrationally passionate about enterprise services that are so reusable they’ll still be helping with the business of Panera when we’re building our first cafe on the moon.
Be ambidextrous to the point where you can be banging out case notes in ServiceNow with one hand and squashing production support with the other. Dual 24-inch displays are standard issue whether you can pull this off or not.
Treat missing a project commitment like stepping on a lego. Yeah, that really hurts…bad. The lego wins. You lose. We try to avoid that kind of thing around here.

This Job is Definitely For You If You:
Thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.
Are able to assess complex problems and address them in a timely manner.
Are proficient with Microsoft Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, Access and Excel; Remote communication software such as PCAnywhere.
Can take a joke. We are a clan that likes to have fun and having a sense of humor is a part of the team culture.
Are into MMORPG teams that help support over 2,000 cafes from coast to coast.
Crave learning new skills and gaining knowledge in various aspects of IT.
Are an XP player; hitting certain levels of XP usually sees your character level up and gain new abilities on our team.
Are not a jerk.
  • This is a temporary to hire position. Our goal is to provide the training and resources for you to thrive and grow on our team during your temporary time-frame to become a Panera employee.
Saint Louis Support Center