Store Manager

McCraw Oil - Asherton, TX (30+ days ago)

Career Level: Professional Manager

Why Kwik Chek? : At Kwik Chek, our purpose is simple; every day and in every way, we strive to make our guests, team members, and communities better off for having known us. As we like to say, we “Leave ‘em better.”

For our guests this means getting what they need when they need it; with a smile from someone that truly wants to make their day better.

For our team members this means providing an opportunity where you make a difference and can be engaged and enjoy what you do every day. We want every team member to be able to develop the talents and skills they have as well as learning new skills that will help each team member to be their best.

For our communities we want to work with passionate commitment and genuine support where we operate and beyond.

We expect our General Managers to consistently exhibit the following values:

Be kind
Do your best
Do the right thing
Do it safely

You will be expected to exhibit these values while at work as well as in your personal life outside of work. What makes Kwik Chek different is our people and our desire to always leave our guests, local communities, and team members better off.

As a professional manager you represent Kwik Chek wherever you go. We expect our professional team members to always reflect our values.

As a General Manager you will exhibit expertise in each operational area and leadership function within your location. You will also have the ability to transfer those skills to other locations. We expect our General Managers to exemplify what it means to be on the Kwik Chek team and to be an example for all.

What does the job look like? :
Make people laugh, smile and let them know you genuinely care.
Embrace being a team player and communicating well with others.
Multitask and work in a fast-paced environment.
Be an example of consistency and professionalism for all team members.
Be able to lead and supervise other team members effectively.
Possess the patience and expertise that is required to direct and conduct training.
Be able to effectively and efficiently communicate and interact with a dissatisfied customer and resolve conflicts appropriately; resulting in a positive outcome.
Complete guest-centered duties and provide our guests with a clean environment. Some of these will include the following areas:

Clean pumps
Fill windshield washer buckets
Empty trash receptacle
Pick up loose litter around the property
Sweep and wash sidewalks and parking lot
Ensure restroom cleanliness
Store cleanliness inside; mopping, sweeping, dusting, etc………..
Stockroom organization
Store stocking, shelves, coolers, fountain drinks, coffee bar, etc…

Responsible for all cash, merchandising, and equipment at the facility.
Responsible and accountable for monies received and disbursed for the facility.
Responsible for all aspects of leading and managing the facility.
Responsible for clocking in and out, which accurately indicates the hours personally worked.
Responsible for understanding market trends on pricing, wages, and all other aspects that create an environment for a successful business operation.
Be reliable, punctual, honest, and have a good attitude.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure compliance of your team with all safety policies, practices and procedures. Report all unsafe activities to supervisor and/or Human Resource. Must be able to communicate the safety goals of the organization and obtain buy-in from your team.
Develop and participate in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and company goals.
Perform other duties as necessary for the business as assigned.
Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge/skill.
You will have the ultimate responsibility for all store and café operations.

What skills will I need or what other requirements are expected of me?

Physical Requirements: Be in good physical condition; you must be able to lift and carry objects of medium weight (50 lbs.). You must be able to reach and bend; have good eye and hand coordination; have a neat, well groomed appearance; and have good night-vision.

Education and Experience: Customer relationship experience is either required or able to be exhibited or verified through prior experience. Verified expertise in the positions that you will be leading and the ability to clearly perform and coach others in the expectations of all positions within the store.

Language Skills: Possess the ability to read and comprehend simple and complex instructions, various methods of correspondence, and memos. Have the ability to write complicated correspondence in a manner that is easily understood by others. Have the ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to co-workers and customers of the organization. The ability to effectively communicate the values of Kwik Chek to guests, co-workers and members of the community is expected.

Mathematical Skills: Posses the ability to add and subtract and to multiply and divide with ease. Must also be able to understand profit margin targets, sales mix, and establish sales and profit goals for team members and Customer Service Specialists. Must also be able to coach other co-workers on these same skills. A clear and proven ability to explain gross margins, labor matrix, scheduling techniques, and all other management-related duties.

Reasoning Ability:Possess the ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed, written or oral instructions. Have the ability to deal with situations as they arise in the normal and unexpected operations of the location. The reasoning ability should be able to be transferred to another location with ease.

Computer Operations: Basic personal computer skills with the ability to operate multiple devices. Must also possess the desire and ability to understand various computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word. A good understanding of the registers systems, troubleshooting, and the back office software shall be demonstrated.

Planning/Organization: Handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The ability to prioritize tasks and training to meet the objectives of your location.

Manual Dexterity: Manual dexterity sufficient to reach/handle items and work with the fingers.

Work Schedule/Hours: All hours relevant to the operations of the location.