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Produces two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasonic recordings of internal organs for use by Physician in diagnosis of disease and study of malfunction of organs by performing the following duties.

Selects equipment for use in ultrasound setup according to specifications of examination. Selects transducer and adjusts equipment controls according to organ to be examined, depth of field, and other specifications of test.
Explains process to patient, giving approximate exam duration, and instructs and assists patient in assuming physical position for examination. Provides interpreters when needed. Photographs images of organs shown on display module for patient's records.
Examines patient documentation for appropriateness of indication, correct exam, verification of MR # and patient name on worklist. Checks previous exams and reports. Correctly identifies patient using proper patient identifiers.
Keys test data and patient information into computer of ultrasound equipment to maintain record of test results. Identifies and visualizes all necessary structures, measures and correctly labels all structures.
Demonstrates knowledge of equipment according AIUM medical ultrasound safety policy. Has knowledge of policies and department's documents critical value and abnormal findings.
Knows how to report the findings on ASOBGYN program appropriately with the correct indication, procedure and the correlation with the previous exam findings.
Considers the patient's registration waiting period and observes the 30 minute waiting period policy for inpatient and Emergency Room patients.
Works constructively and collaboratively with the other team members to be consistent with the department's mission, vision and values.
Selects the transducer and adjust the equipment controls according to the procedure. Knows how to accurately set technique and manipulates control of ultrasound equipment to obtain optimal images.
Correctly enters data including patient arrival time, exam start and end time. Completes exam process in AS-OBGYN and Meditech consistently.
Demonstrates knowledge in performing the OB/GYN Ultrasound procedures according to department policy and protocols. Knows and correctly and safely operates Room # 1, Room # 2 and miscellaneous portables.
Demonstrates knowledge of assisting in Special Procedures – amniocentesis, CVS, Sonohysterography etc. Complies with department's pre- and post- special procedures.
Works constructively and collaboratively with the other team members to be consistent with the department's mission, vision and values. Remains goal focused, productive and task orientated on work time.
Demonstrates knowledge of operation and use of Doppler studies including but not limited to- Um.A, MCA, DV, Ut.A, etc.
Performs and adheres to the department's safety and quality processes and procedures including but not limited to: incident reporting, broken or out of order equipment, transducer maintenance, transducer cleaning, and safe use/handling of cleaning agent (Cidex).
Performs other duties as required. Precepts new employees as directed by supervisor.

Associate's Degree from accredited school of Sonography OR equivalent experience and competency in the field of Sonography preferred.

Six (6) months to one (1) year in work experience in Ultrasound preferred.

ARDMS certification OB / GYN preferred;
CPR required