Les Mills Instructors Bodypump and Bodycombat

Gold's Gym - Chandler - Chandler, AZ3.7

Les Mills Instructor (Bodypump and Bodycombat)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:00am

Monday, Wednesday,- 5:30pm


Sunday- 10:30am

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00am

Thursday 5:30pm

The Les Mills Instructor will lead members, in a group environment, through a pre-arranged format of exercises designed to enhance overall fitness, strength and endurance, while ensuring that the safety of the members is not compromised. The Les Mills Instructor will also serve as a resource to educate members on various aspects of fitness.

Pre-class Preparation:
Arrive at class location 10 to 15 minutes ahead of scheduled start time to be available to interact with members, answer questions, inquire about their fitness progress, introduce and orient new participants. Les Mills Instructors should know their participants on an individual basis and have a good sense of their fitness capabilities.
Clothing should be appropriate fitness attire. It should not prohibit participants from seeing proper form, alignment and movement of the body. However, clothing should not be revealing in an inappropriate manner. When possible, Les Mills Instructors should wear Gold’s Gym branded attire. Proper footwear should be worn at all times.
Prepare appropriate music for class. Refrain from using music with offensive language.
Ensure all equipment is functioning correctly.

During Class Responsibilities:
Introduce yourself and the format of the class.
Inquire if there are any “first-timers” in the group and if so, assess their fitness level in as private a manner as possible.
Make sure all verbal instructions are clear and that the volume, tempo of music and overall atmosphere is conducive to hearing, teaching, learning and having fun.
Continually monitor participants to ensure all participants are using correct form. Offer variations of the routine to accommodate all fitness levels.
Create a motivational and fun environment for all participants.

After Class Responsibilities:
Remove all music and return microphone to proper place.
Make sure room is in order for the next class to begin.
Answer any questions/concerns participants may have.
Solicit feedback from participants about the class.

Additional Responsibilities:
Make sure that class begins and ends promptly. If necessary, make adjustments to the flow of the class to ensure adherence to the schedule.
In the event that a Les Mills Instructor cannot fulfill a scheduled class, it is his/her responsibility to find a qualified/approved substitute and notify the Group Exercise Director if there is a problem finding a substitute.
Les Mills Instructors must be dependable and consistent in their class schedules. Anyone committing to teach a class should make all arrangements so that substitutes or cancellations are a rare occurrence.
Attend all required staff meetings as necessary.
Ensure that proper time recording procedures are followed correctly and in a timely manner.
Prepare any incident and/or witness reports as necessary in the event of accidents.
Maintain a positive and professional attitude towards his/her responsibilities, fellow employees, and members.
Promote Gold’s Gym and GGX as much as possible.

Qualifications & Requirements:
At least six months teaching in a group exercise format.
Knowledge of safe exercise technique and group exercise principles.
Knowledge of basic physiology and body mechanics.
Performance of a variety of exercise routines.
Positive and effective interpersonal communication skills.
Ability to operate and troubleshoot audio equipment
Instructors having a specialized skill; Body Pump and Body Combat, must provide verifiable proof of education.
Minimum of 6 months teaching in a group environment.
Group fitness certification by ACE, AFAA, ACSM
Current CPR certification and basic first aid training is required.
Physical demands include, but are not limited to the ability to lift light weights, bending, squatting, jumping, running, reaching, walking, hopping, spinning and kicking.