Non-certified Police (Recruit) & Certified Officers

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Enforces laws and ordinances of the City, County and State. Makes arrests and bookings.Gives depositions and court testimonies.Patrols an assigned area on foot or by vehicle. Performs patrol activities, to include pursuing and apprehending subjects, conducting felony stops, conducting teletype checks, controlling disorderly persons, transporting subjects and prisoners, searching for wanted persons, conducting dwelling and ground checks.Conducts investigations, to include crime scenes, deaths, abuse cases, domestic violence, traffic accidents, animal calls and non police action calls. Collects disposes and secures evidence. Writes reports and processes paperwork.Performs traffic activities, to include issuing citations, directing traffic, investigating driving under the influence incidents and arranging for the removal of vehicles.Responds to rescue calls. Responds to emergency situations, to include controlling riots and directing evacuations. Performs first aid duties.Operates and maintains police vehicles and equipment as required, to include motorized vehicles, bicycles, firearms, radio transmitters, fire extinguisher, protective equipment, intoxilyzer instruments, camera, fingerprint equipment and computers.Performs special assignments as directed, to include assignments in Marine Patrol Field Training, K-9, Motorcycle, Traffic Homicide, SWAT and Bike Patrol. Performs other related tasks as required.

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Salary: $55,157 - $76,350

**$2500 signup bonus**

Minimum Requirements· United States Citizen · Minimum 21 years of age (Candidates may apply 6 months prior to their 21 birthday) · High school diploma or equivalent PLUS, 54 college credits or as indicated below.

Non-Certifiedapplicants for sworn positions must possess either at least a two (2) year college (AA or AS) degree; or have satisfactorily completed a minimum of fifty-four (54) accredited college or university credits recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; or three (3) years of prior full-time continuous military service; or a combination thereof. The application process will follow that of full- time police officers. · Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) or Florida Basic Abilities Test (FBAT) with a passing score. · Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) applicants must receive a 12.0 or better in each section of the test: reading, language, language mechanics, vocabulary and spelling. · Physical Agility Test (PAT) · Polygraph examination ·

Psychological/Emotional Suitability Screening Process.* The police applicant must receive an "Acceptable" rating in order to continue in the selection process.

Medical Evaluation and Drug Screening (with marijuana being the only drug exception): The use of marijuana may be accepted if it was only experimental in nature.

Background Investigation: Disqualifying Factors include; Financial/Credit Irresponsibility, Immoral/Unethical Conduct, Criminal Conduct and/or Substance Abuse.

Good Moral Character: An applicant, who, at any time during the employment application process, demonstrates dishonesty, untruthfulness, withholds requested information (omissions), makes false statements, or whose background investigation reveals derogatory information or moral turpitude issues, will be disqualified.

Termination by Another Police Agency: Any applicant whohas been terminated by another law enforcement agency will be disqualified unless he/she has been exonerated through a review process, or the circumstances have been resolved to the satisfaction of CGPD.

Other Disqualifying Factors Including but NOT Limited To: (1) An applicant who is the subject of any legal action (civil or criminal) may be ineligible for consideration until the action is concluded, with the exception of employment discrimination claims and claims of a similar nature. (2) Any applicant that currently has an unresolved or pending case on file with FDLE or any other state standards board that revolves around discipline, standards, or training as a law enforcement officer may be disqualified. (3) Any applicant who fails to appear for a test during the application process and does not contact the Human Resource Department and/or the CGPD Personnel Selection Sergeant in writing within 30 days.

Military Discharge: Must be "Honorable". Discharges other than honorable may be evaluated on a case by case basis. Dishonorable discharge will be disqualified.

Valid Florida Driver's License and Driving/Traffic History: Police Officer applicants, and any other position which may require operating a City vehicle, must possess a valid Florida Driver's License along with the appropriate endorsement, class, rating, etc. Out of state applicants must be able to possess a valid Florida Driver's License upon hire date. Additionally, an unfavorable driving history may be grounds for disqualification. Including but not limited to: History of suspended and/or revoked driver's license (not insurance or toll related); automobile accidents and any other traffic related violations. The applicant must demonstrate a good and safety oriented driving history.

Visionmust be binocular and monocular of 20/100 uncorrected, 20/30 or better corrected, andmust have color vision.·

  • Oral Interview Board: Police Officer applicants are required to attend an Oral Interview Board, which will be comprised of a diverse selection of City employees to ensure that all individuals are given an equal opportunity for employment, regardless of race, sex, creed, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, familial status or physical impairment. Board members must hold the following positions: Any Department Head or Assistant Department Head from within the City of Coral Gables, a Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and an Officer. A representative from the Human Resource Department and the Personnel Selection Sergeant will also participate. Applicants will be asked a series of questions based upon the essential functions and required knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position, which have been pre-approved by the Human Resource Department prior to the interview. The Board will determine if the applicant will continue in the selection process.
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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $55,157.00 to $76,350.00 /year