Agriculture Compliance Investigator

State of Iowa Talent Gateway - Des Moines, IA

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) exists to connect Iowans with programs and information about crops, food safety standards, livestock and more. We work together with local farmers markets and Iowa farmers to continue to support the robust industry and culture Iowa has focused around agriculture. IDALS seeks to fill the position of Agriculture Compliance Investigator in the Agriculture Diversification & Market Development Bureau.

Will be responsible for conducting scheduled and unscheduled inspections of organic operations to verify compliance with USDA/National Organic Program Regulations.

Obtain samples from selected farms and submit samples for residue testing.
Review applications for organic certification prior to conducting on-site inspections.
Establish inspection schedule, and contact clients to schedule their inspection.
Verify accuracy of client's Organic System Plan during on-site inspection.
Review client records while on-site and verify that organic practices are being implemented consistent with their Organic System Plan and in compliance with the National Organic Program.
Conduct trace back and mass balance audits.
Inspect client operation including production and storage areas, equipment and collect samples in necessary.
Conduct an exit interview with client to review findings.
Prepare and submit inspection report.
Conduct follow up inspections if necessary for the purpose of investigating potential fraudulent practices.

Organic File Management:
Conduct review of clients files that you do not inspect, for compliance with USDA/National Organic Program Regulations.
Responsible for ensuring that client's operation provides the necessary documentation for compliance evaluation and the each operation is inspected by an Organic Inspector.
Evaluate compliance with NOP Rules, all practices and inputs used by clients.
Educate Organic Program clients on program requirements.
Conduct pre inspection reviews of organic client files. This includes but will not be limited to: evaluating client's Organic System Plan for compliance with NOP federal regulations. Communicate with client to ensure file is easily understood and complete.
Conduct & document post-inspection reviews of client files. This includes but will not be limited to receiving and reviewing inspection reports, following up with clients regarding any other items needed to complete the evaluation of their practices for compliance with NOP regulations.
Perform desk audits of clients' files to verify organic status of client products offered for sale.
Participate in the Materials Review Team process including researching the composition of organic inputs requested for use in client's organic operation.
Maintain knowledge of technical aspects of the NOP Federal Regulations and related policies impacting clients throughout the state who are certified organic by IDALS.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in animal science, animal husbandry, animal industry, livestock management, crop production, agricultural law, motor fuels and renewable fuels, or closely related field, and the equivalent of two years' full-time technical experience in livestock inspection, production, auction market, sale barn work, work on an organic farm, motor fuels and renewable fuels or work as an auditor, inspector or compliance investigator with agricultural operations;

an equivalent combination of any of the above qualifying experience substituting for the required education (on the basis that one year of experience equals 30 semester or equivalent hours of education) with a maximum substitution of four years;
certification by the Federal Department of Agriculture as an Agricultural Products Inspector and the equivalent of two years' full-time technical experience in state and federal inspections of livestock feed manufacturing firms;
certification as an Organic Inspector by the Independent Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) and one year of experience as an organic inspector;
employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes the equivalent of two years of full-time experience as a Livestock Inspector, Weights and Measures Inspector, Meat Inspector or a Dairy Product Inspector shall be considered qualified.