Sport Sponsorships Scout

SponsorUnited - Charlotte, NC

Full-time | Internship
Job Description
SponsorUnited’s sports business program, SponsorUniversity, is unlike any other sports program. From an all-access pass to the sports and entertainment industry and its dynamic relationship with sponsorship, to in-person team and event sponsorship scouting, the experience goes beyond the classroom and puts you in the action. You'll leverage your classroom theory, connect it with the expert knowledge of SponsorU, and apply it to real-life scenarios. With SponsorUniversity's industry connections, many participants enjoy full-time positions with known teams and sponsors.

Attend multiple professional & collegiate sporting events to collect data on venue advertising.
Analyze TV & radio broadcast’s sponsorship content during professional sports broadcasts. Get experience from doing what you love.
Conduct in-depth research on digital sponsorships through official professional team websites as well as their social media resources.

Program Logistics
15 hours per week with a flexible schedule depending on the given itinerary.
All team members work remotely.
Required access to the local television and radio sports broadcast in your area, not the national broadcast.

Benefits to Students
Exposure to information that's only seen by professionals above the director level.
Access to our SponsorUnited Alumni Network
Qualify for college credit towards degree
Work remotely under a flexible schedule
Access to a vast team of Scouts around the globe
Weekly supplemental information touching on in- depth aspects of marketing and sponsorship

Must have 15+ Hours per week to commit
Must have access to primary local television and radio sports broadcasts
Must have excellent time management and organizational skills
Must display strong engagement & initiative