City of Paducah, KY - Paducah, KY (30+ days ago)

A Telecommunicator is responsible for answering 9-1-1 telephone lines, dispatching public safety personnel and equipment, and recording and relaying sensitive information that may involve life and death situations. As an employee of the 911 Communications Services Department, the Telecommunicator shall obey all policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the 911 Communications Services Department.

Illustrative Duties:
Takes 9-1-1, TDD, administrative and private line telephone calls.
Communicates effectively with citizens and the personnel of the agencies with which we interact.
Dispatches calls to appropriate police and/or fire units via radio and coordinates responding back-up units if necessary.
Monitors radio frequencies, alarm board and LINK/NCIC computers for significant activities.
Provides various notifications to public safety agencies, businesses and citizens, such as providing information on accident victims, arrested persons, alarm activations, etc.
Retrieves and disseminates a variety of information to police, fire and EMS personnel; such as warrants, stolen vehicles, complaint information, officer activity, fire activity, alarms, key holders, cross street information, etc.
Accurately and effectively makes LINK/NCIC entries.
Provides notifications, as needed, to utilities or other agencies; such as Paducah Power, FAA, EPA, railroads, etc.
Activate monthly warning siren tests as directed.
Other duties as assigned.

Must be 21 years of age.
High school diploma or equivalent is required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Must have 20/20 corrected vision; must hear speech from both ears in the normal range of 30 DB at 500 to 2000 Hz range.
Must be able to speak and communicate clearly over telephones and radio.
Must be capable of activating radio and phone systems utilizing buttons and switches.
Must be able to type minimum of 30 words per minute.
Must be able to input data via keyboard.
The ability to maintain confidentiality is a must.
Must be able to work days, nights, weekends, and holidays.
Must be able to work overtime to maintain proper staffing levels.
Must be able to function individually and as a team member.
Must have the ability to handle multiple tasks at one time and remain calm in a sometimes stressful environment.