Director of Patient Care Services- Home Care

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Employment Qualifications

Minimum Requirements: Two years as a supervising community health; OR two years of home care nursing experience plus a Master's degree in nursing, public health, business administration or another health related field.

Preferred: Master's degree in nursing from an approved program or a field relevant to community health nursing administration.

Five (5) years of experience in a CHHA/LTHHCP with two (2) years satisfactory experience as a supervising community health nurse in a Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA ) or Long Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP).

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Essential Job Functions

Demonstrates a professional attitude and ethical conduct in compliance with departmental standards

Investigate and mediate patient and/or caregiver complaints.

Ensure adequate and quality care to patients in their home or place of residence.

Teach and supervise staff to gain knowledge and skills to appropriately carry out documentation tasks.

Serves as a resource to staff and provide support to staff.

Participates in providing clinical experience for selected nursing and allied health students in coordination with their instructors.

Conducts in-service programs for staff regarding regulatory changes.

Interpret program services and policies to general public and other health services, providers and recipients of Home Care.

Demonstrates a commitment to continued professional development by attending in-services and continuing education programs.

Seeks new assignments that enhance knowledge and skill.

Demonstrates an ability to prioritize and organize daily assignments.

Incorporates Quality & Performance Improvement recommendations into practice.

Establishes and maintains a cooperative relationship among the staff, physicians, case managers, and other hospital personnel.

Assist in developing, evaluating, and revising Agency program's policies and procedures.

Maximizes resources towards cost effectiveness.

Coordinates patient care and Agency activities by assisting with problem solving prioritizing.

Assist in developing, evaluating and revising agency programs, policies and procedures.

Assist in the implementation of policies and procedures and make information available to all personnel.

Completes staff performance appraisals and field evaluations within specified time frames.

Interprets and enforces hospital policies and procedures; upholds and promotes the interest of the Home Care Services.

Assist in developing and updating Agency policies and procedures according to JCAHO, health code guidelines and other certifying agencies.

Promptly attends meetings and maintains committee membership; meets deadlines in established time frame.

Represents the Senior Management of Home Care Services in inter-disciplinary and hospital programs and planning

Consistently adheres to hospital's disciplinary policy.

Utilizes formal process of arranging appropriate supervisory and staffing coverage of Department at all times.

Participates in recruitment activities.

Varies assignments and delegates an acceptable amount of responsibility among employees.

Participates in quarterly staff meetings.

Reviews clinical records to ensure compliance with departmental and regulatory standards.

Completes assigned tasks/special assignments in a timely manner.

Reviews documentation for compliance with departmental and regulatory standards.

Documentation skills: legible, accurate, timely and complete.

Demonstrated knowledge regarding Federal, State, and local regulations regarding Home Care.

Competent in the knowledge of Medicare COP's, State regulations and JCAHO standards.

Competent to develop agency policies and procedures.

Competent in knowledge of documentation requirements.

Acts as a professional

Maintains "state of the art" management/professional knowledge, credentials, and skill.

Functions in a way characterized by and conforming to technical and ethical standards.

Exhibits a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner.

Shows a commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Provides leadership

Satisfactorily manages relationships with and among customers (patients/clients, medical staff, volunteers, vendors, colleagues).

Demonstrates a capacity for accountability.

Is able to make decisions fairly and equitably, in a timely manner.

Models appropriate behaviors.

Articulates vision in understandable terms.

Supports all appropriate hospital programs, including mandatories.

Achieves results

Develops goals, and objectives, and establishes plan to accomplish responsibilities.

Prioritizes activities, follows through, and meets deadlines.

Manages people

Skillfully and even handedly administers the human resources process (hiring, training, evaluating, developing, coaching, disciplining) and related policies and procedures.

Provides appropriate staffing and delegates accordingly.

Provides educational opportunities for staff.

Determines sources of and resolves conflict.

Demonstrates sensitivity to diversity.

Manages Change

Is able to create flexible and innovative responses to problem solving.

Skillfully manages value-added, proactive responses to shifting business/service opportunities.

Thinks and acts in a team-oriented, interdisciplinary manner.

Ensures quality in products and services.

Manages financial and material resources

Demonstrates a judicious use of financial and material resources in meeting needs.

Assist in development of the home care annual budget.

Participates in identifying variances to budget & develops an action plan to rectify.

Manages information and communication

Successfully leverages available knowledge when choosing among alternative courses of action.

Communicates pertinent information in a timely and persuasive fashion, both orally and in writing.

Exhibits proficiency in relevant computer skills.

Other Job Functions

Include a list of other marginal job duties that the employee may perform but which are not essential to the position. These are functions that could be reassigned if necessary.