Community Intern - Tucson, AZ

Yelp - Tucson, AZ3.6

Cast your textbooks aside, Yelp is seeking interns to work side-by-side with our passionate, hard-working Community Manager.

Wait, what’s Yelp?
Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people to great local businesses. From restaurants, boutiques and salons to dentists, mechanics, plumbers and more, we believe in helping consumers make smarter and more informed decisions about where to spend their money.

And who is this Community Manager I’ll be working with?
Community Managers in over 100 Yelp communities are responsible for marketing, PR, event planning, e-newsletter campaigns, social media, and various odds and ends on the local level — but they can’t do it alone! Yelp Interns play an integral part in supporting activities designed to rally the Yelp community both online and off.

As a Yelp Community Intern You’ll Benefit From:
Practical experience with new media marketing techniques
Plenty of opportunities to shadow and spend time with the Community Manager including weekly meetings for coaching and professional development
A rich network of personal and professional contacts
As much Yelp marketing schwag as can be swallowed
So What Are Some Possible Responsibilities of a Yelp Community Intern?
Helping develop, organize and execute marketing events (parties, happy hours) and guerillamarketing programs (festivals, street ambushes, etc)
Co-managing the Twitter handle and Facebook page
Keeping Yelp clean with on-site projects, writing and researching
Online community building
You live to write and write to live and may help craft super Yelpy copy
Other Program Details
3-6 month program; can be renewed with approval.
8-16 flexible hours per week.
Currently lives/resides in the Tuscon area
Interns must have reliable transportation and be 21+, as we'll need your help at bars, clubs and other age-restricted venues.

Ready to apply? Submit the following:
1. Cover letter/note showcasing your writing skills and general personality and style
2. Resume showcasing your relevant experience
3. A link to your (full and interesting) Yelp profile – this is your writing sample, so make it snappy!