Lowe's Inc. - Statesville, NC3.7

The primary role of the Captain, i.e. Pilot-in-Command (PIC), at Lowe's is to provide safe and efficient air transportation in support of Lowe's Companies, Inc. and it's subsidiaries. Operational guidelines are outlined in The Lowe's Companies, Inc. Flight Operations Manual (FOM), and this candidate must comply with mandatory FAA rules and regulations. Responsibilities include weather briefings, fuel planning, filing of flight plans, transportation logistics and ensuring the safety of all passengers, crew and cargo. This role is critical to Lowe's Aviation because adequate staffing allows for efficient utilization of the existing fleet to enhance transportation of key decision makers to conduct critical company business.
When assigned as PIC, administratively and operationally has direct responsibility for all crew members and ensures that all crew members have a clear understanding of what duties they are expected to perform.
Ensures that the aircraft is airworthy, and all required FAA and other regulatory documentation is on board the aircraft.
Ensures that flight operations are conducted in accordance with the Lowe's Flight Operations Manual, CFRs, regulations of foreign countries and Lowe's company policies.
Direct responsibility for filing flight plans, to include departure / en route / arrival logistics and weather conditions.
Ensures compliance with Weight & Balance, performance charts, fuel, oil and oxygen requirements for safety of flight
Utilizes good Crew Resource Management Skills
Delegates duties necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft to the Second-in-Command
Decides whether to delay or cancel flights in situations where safety or passenger comfort may be compromised
Build and Network- Be part of building a 21st century Corporate Flight team
Required Education/Experience
Bachelors’ Degree Aviation or Technical Degree Preferred
5+ years experience
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP)
  • Appropriate Type Rating, Falcon 900 EASy II and/or Falcon 7X (Preferred)
  • First Class Medical
  • 3,000 Hours Total Flight Time (Min)
  • 1,500 Hours Multi-engine
  • 1,000 Hours Jet
Military Veteran a plus

Part of building a world class aviation team
Continental US Flights Predominately
Quality of Life 1 of 10 vs 1 of 10000