Gift Planning Marketing Associate

The Salvation Army Western USA - Long Beach, CA4.0




The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.

As a member of the Territorial Community Relations and Development staff, the Gift Planning Marketing Associate will expand Gift Planning and CRD services to the field through training, creativity, graphic design. They will be responsible for the operation of managing the territorial gift planning marketing program including print advertising and tracking its results including Gift Reporting. Further, the GPMA will support the Bequest Stewardship programs for the Divisional Senior Director of Gift Planning Mentors.

• Minimum seven years office experience.
• Three years’ experience in the effective use of software programs to design
and produce marketing materials, track, and analyze results.
• Two years of experience providing sales and marketing support.
• Experience in Gift Planning – financial, legal or business desired.

1. Typing of 60 wpm, Spelling – 90% accuracy, Grammar – 90% accuracy.
2. Basic knowledge of gift planning concepts.
3. Operation of office machines – 10-key calculator, fax machines,
photocopier and personal computer and network computers and printers.
4. Ability and willingness to function as a member of the team.
5. Ability to train team members (when needed) on advanced software usage,
including mail merges, advanced printer setup, database design, and
document formatting.
6. Good interpersonal and telephone communications skills.
7. Ability and willingness to take oral instructions and follow through with
8. Attention to detail and organization.
9. Outstanding written communication skills including spelling and grammar.
10. Excellent customer service skills and mindset.
11. Maintain the integrity of confidential communications or activities.
12. Team player, able to relate effectively and collaboratively with internal and
external stakeholders and decision-makers in relation to areas of
responsibility and broader departmental and organizational objectives.
13. Must be a highly organized self-starter, able to work under pressure in a
fast – paced environment with grace and good judgment, effectively
managing multiple competing priorities and proactively following through
with plans and tasks to complete them on time.
14. Willingness and capability to travel as necessary.
15. Ability to research information.
16. Ability to develop designs and logos.
17. Ability to design newsletters, flyers, brochures and conference collateral
18. Capacity to communicate and enunciate adequately, in person or via
telephone, in a manner, which can be understood by those with whom the
Gift Planning Marketing Associate is speaking.

• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access and Adobe Acrobat required.
• Intermediate knowledge of relational databases, including donor
management system Portfolio and the Gift Management System.
• Working knowledge of diverse software applications and ability to use new
software programs and databases with basic training.
• Advanced Desktop Publishing skills.
• Crescendo and Lotus Notes is helpful.

1. Manage inventory of gift planning marketing materials – order as required
and fulfill orders from the divisions and insure it stays within budget.
2. Manage territorial advertising schedule by processing changes requested by
Divisional Directors of Gift Planning and ensuring all advertisements are
proofed for accuracy and that the advertising schedule stays within budget.
3. Review and post planned gifts from Gift Management System to Portfolio
4. Process all leads received at THQ Gift Planning to the appropriate division.
Answer Gift Planning 800 number and refer leads to the appropriate
Divisional Gift Planning staff.
5. Code and process invoices for payment. Manage and approve all
completed gift reports submitted for credit and review for duplicates,
accuracy, and gift value substantiation requirements. Record findings in
spreadsheet for review and gift approval confirmation or rejection. Senior
Director of Gift Planning Mentors will have appeal capability for disputed
6. Utilizing Portfolio, assist with pulling reports for planned giving and major
gifts, analyzing donor lists using the Campaign module. Create queries and
reports in Portfolio for Gift Planning using Microsoft report builder.

7. Working with the Territorial Metrics Committee, prepare Quarterly Gift
Planning Metrics reports.
8. Participate in the PG Calc – Batch Calc Committee and provide Excel
Spreadsheet for support of the committee’s goals of mailing 20,000 +
Annuity illustrations across the territory, twice per year.
9. Lead the Marketing Committee in coordination with the Senior Director of
Gift Planning Mentors to design and develop promotional and advertising
programs and materials to assist Gift Planning in identifying and motivating
prospective donors.
10. Regularly review Divisional Gift Planning web pages for style and content
to ensure accuracy and compliance with The Salvation Army policy.
11. Provide assistance to gift planning field staff in customizing website donor
stories. Solicit photos, edit for gift planning and divisional newsletters.
Manage website with vendor in accordance with Salvation Army
12. Maintenance of the gift planning resources database, which is to be
posted and regularly updated on the Lotus Notes database. Transition to
web based platform ensuring information is the most current.
13. Coordinate meeting and conference arrangements for internal and
external gift planning training and events. Test and coordinate the data
conversion of revocable planned gifts to Portfolio.
14. Participate in all gift planning training onsite and offsite that is offered and
paid for by employer in agreement with the associate of the needs and
times for such training with the Territorial Director of Gift Planning.
15. Participate in all annual National Gift Planning Conferences approved and
attended by the Directors of Gift Planning within the territory.

In order to provide efficient support and timely service to divisional Officers, Management and Directors of Gift Planning, three divisional Senior Directors of Gift Planning are acting as Senior Director of Gift Planning Mentors (“SDGPM”) to support the Territorial Director of Gift Planning. To ensure these SDGPMs production does not suffer because of their additional workload, the Territorial Gift Planning Department is handling specific stewardship tasks for the SDGPMs. These tasks are being assigned to the GPMA.

Under the leadership of the Territorial Director of Gift Planning, the GPMA will provide support to the SDGPMs in two primary ways. First, by the ongoing stewardship of existing bequest donors. Secondly, by the cultivation of bequest donor prospects.

The SDGPMs will submit their marketing plans to the Territorial Director of Gift Planning and in consultation with all parties agree to the plans implementation. GPMA duties will include:

Existing Bequest Donors
1) Communicating and marketing to the SDGPM’s existing revocable donors throughout the year based upon the plan submitted by the SDGPMs. There are currently three SDGPMs. Debbie Rossi (SDM), BJ Dorman (SW) and Mitch McConkey (DO).

SDGPM Current Bequest Donors
BJ Dorman 150
Natalie Decker 70
Mitch McConkey 250

2) The GPMA would provide up to six (6) touches per year to these donors.
Touches include but are not limited to: phone calls, birthday card,
Christmas card, personal notes, program updates, newsletters, and CGA

Bequest Donor Prospects
Using target analytics in Portfolio SDGPMs will identify bequest donor prospects. The GPMA will manage targeted mailings to this group and pass all lead inquiries onto the SDGPMs.

1. Assist CRD department with major graphic design projects, including but
not limited to conference / event collateral materials, Advisory
Organizations New Member Kit materials, and PowerPoint presentations.
2. Communicate daily with CRD Operations Manager regarding messages,
information sharing and to receive instruction on work priorities and
guidance on work to be completed.
3. Cross-train in duties of other Community Relations Department personnel
including answering the Gift Planning 800 phone number.
4. Open and distribute CRD department mail to the appropriate person(s).
5. Participate in providing telephone coverage for the CRD department.
Answer phone calls for the Territorial Director of Gift Planning in his
absence and maintain contact with him.
6. Process orders for the Advisory Organizations New Member kit. This will
include filling orders and creating billing invoices.
7. Maintain an effective Bring-Up, Schedule, Subject and Reading File system.
8. Answer and process incoming inquiries from internal and external sources.
9. Assist in coordinating and preparing displays and exhibits for various
conferences, Congresses, etc. Assist in preparing materials, securing
guest speakers and coordinating details regarding travel arrangements,
accommodations, and meals and delegate registration for conferences.
10. All other duties as assigned by the Territorial Executive Director of
Development, CRD Operations Director and Projects Administrator / Events
Coordinator and the CRD Operations Manager.

WORK HABITS (Not listed in priority order):
1. Must adhere to all Salvation Army policies and procedures.
2. Must maintain the integrity of confidential communications or activities and
on all donor matters.
3. Must maintain professional, courteous and cooperative manner with all
external and internal clients and demonstrate respect and a positive
attitude toward them at all times during the assigned workday.
4. Must be a team player, take the initiative, and be flexible in assisting
others to the best of ability to ensure accurate and timely work objectives.
5. Must maintain an organized work area, files, etc. contributing to the
efficiency and accuracy of work within the assigned workday.
6. Must be able to comprehend assignments and ask for additional
information or clarification until the assignment is understood.
7. Must engage in conduct that enables administration to achieve its goals of
providing a professional work environment; conduct must not be disruptive
to that environment.
8. Must be willing to put for best effort at all times during assigned workday.

Qualified individuals must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without accommodation. A qualified person with a disability may request a modification or adjustment to the job or work environment in order to meet the physical requirements of the position. The Salvation Army will attempt to satisfy requests as long as the accommodation needed is reasonable and no undue hardship would result.

• Ability to sit, walk, stand, bend, squat, climb, kneel, and twist on an
intermittent or continuous basis
• Ability to grasp, push, pull objects such as files, file cabinet drawers, and
reach overhead
• Ability to operate a telephone
• Ability to operate a desktop or laptop computer
• Ability to lift up to 25 lbs. (usually file boxes)
• Ability to access and produce information from a computer
• Ability to understand written information