Independent Bookstore Hiring Bookseller

Labyrinth Books - Princeton, NJ


Labyrinth Books is a busy, multi-faceted, independent academic and community bookstore in Princeton and is the official bookstore of Princeton University.

We are looking for a bookseller. Must bring broad reading interests, a strong work ethic, energy, and excellent communication skills. Job duties include customer service, inventory maintenance and display, and book research. Bookselling is both intellectual and physical work: must be comfortable standing, walking, and lifting over the course of an 8hr shift.

In terms of the overall work environment, we place a premium on collaboration and open communication. We have found that our most successful hires come from a background involving writing, education, publishing, the arts, library sciences, or at other independent bookstores. We require a completed B.A. and prefer 2 years of prior work experience. Please send resume and cover letter outlining how past experience relates to the job requirements and why you want to work at an independent bookstore. Full-time positions come with full benefits (vacation, sick leave, health insurance)

Job Type: Full-time


  • Bachelor's (Required)