Apprentice - N. Miami **paid training provided

Teco Energy - Miami, FL4.1

This position pays between $30,695.00 to $38,369.00 and is based on skills, experience and education of the successful candidate.

This is a North Miami position but requires the successful candidate to attend a paid 4-week training at the PGS Tampa division training facility beginning April 1st. If applicable, travel and extended overnight stays may be required and qualified travel expenses for training will be covered.

Apprentices are required to pass the Operations Test Battery (OTB test).

Must have a good driving record and a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Must be able to pass physical, which will include a Pulmonary Function test for use of respiratory equipment.

Ability to work overtime as needed including weekends and holidays in response to gas emergencies. Ability to work Call Out and Stand-by schedule on a rotating basis. Must live within 45 minutes of the N. Miami Division Office (Zip code 33162)


Must be physically capable of indoor/outdoor manual labor

Successful candidate must reside within 45 minutes of the N. Miami Division office location to ensure business continuity and emergency response time


Assist in the lay-out, fabrication and installation of gas distribution systems, which includes new construction and/or maintenance on various types of commercial, residential and industrial equipment. An Apprentice shall work in compliance with all Company policies, procedures, rules, regulations, safety standards and communicate in an effective, professional and courteous manner with all Company personnel, customers, contractors, developers, police/fire officials, other utility representatives, and members of the general public.


Individuals in this classification have minimal experience in the natural gas industry and will attend and successfully complete formal/informal training to be qualified to efficiently and effectively perform the duties and responsibilities listed below:

Turn on and turn off gas services, appliances and equipment.
Read meters and meter instruments.
Perform the duties of a line locator.
Assist and/or perform the installation, removal, change-out or upgrade of service regulators and meter sets.
Assist and/or perform the start-up of conversion burners.
May assist and perform the installation and maintenance of underground/above ground distribution/transmission mains, services, equipment and meter activity, including minor repairs and adjustments.
Assist and/or perform plastic pipe fusion, tapping, and stopping operations.
Assist and/or perform in operating hydraulic tools, backhoe and other machines used in natural gas operations.
Assist and/or perform the investigations of inside and outside natural gas leaks.
Work with a hand-held radio device with internet capability to open and close assigned service orders.
Use of a lap-top computer for mapping, work orders, training and Employee Self Service for working time, benefits and job listings.
Ability to work overtime as needed including weekends and holidays in response to gas emergencies.
Ability to work Call Out and Stand-by schedule on a rotating basis.
Will perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  • Must be able to detect normal concentrations of natural gas odorant.
  • Must have vision acceptable under DOT guidelines 49 CFR 391.41(b)(10).
  • Must have hearing acceptable under DOT guidelines 49 CFR 391.41(b)(11).
  • Must be able to independently ingress/egress and operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner.
All candidates must pass the Operations Test Battery (OTB) test before being invited to interview.

Attendance and participation in each of the following steps is mandatory to successfully move forward in the selection process:

OTB test
Mandatory paid training
Please make sure you can commit to all steps before applying.

The OTB test, interview and mandatory paid training will be held on the following tentative dates:

OTB test – two hours on a day in February
Interview – an hour in February – likely same day as OTB test
New hire start date – April 1st
Mandatory Paid Training – all weekdays for 4 weeks, starting April 1st


Valid High School Diploma or Valid G.E.D. is required

Valid driver’s license with a safe driving record is required


Must understand basic map reading; know how to operate power tools and communication devices; ability to follow complex oral and written instructions. Using a calculator- must be able to perform basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide, decimals, and fractions).

One (1) to two (2) years natural gas or utility work experience or related work experience (such as propane, pipe fitting, etc.) a plus.
Two (2) or more years of direct work experience performing the duties and responsibilities of a gas locator.

Ability to Learn, Communication/Presentation Skills, Customer Service Orientation, Ownership and Excellence, Teamwork, Working Safely


Must be able to pass a pulmonary function test for use of respiratory equipment.
Must be able to ascend/descend ladders, stairs and the like using feet, legs, hands, and arms.
Must be able to maintain balance when walking, standing, or crouching, on/in narrow or slippery surfaces and/or spaces.
Must be able to independently operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner.
Must be able to independently enter/exit a motor vehicle as required during an eight-hour shift.
Must be able to bend and/or stoop requiring full use of the lower extremities and back muscles.
Must be able to kneel and or crouch by bending legs at knees to come to rest at knees and bending body downward and forward by bending legs and spine.
Must be able to walk, stand or sit for extended periods of time.
Must be able to grasp/handle small hand tools and other objects by applying pressure with fingers and palms.
Must be able to work primarily with fingers (pinching, picking, etc.) rather than using the whole hand or arm.
Must be able to pull, push, lift and carry objects weighing up to 100 lbs
Must have vision correctable to 20/40.
Must not have an average hearing loss greater than 40 decibels in the better ear at frequencies of 500, 1000, and 2000 with or without a hearing aid.
Must be able to smell gas odorant in normal concentrations.
Must be able to perform repetitive motions by extending arms and hands in any direction with substantial movement of wrists, hands and fingers.
Must be able to physically express ideas in writing.
Must be able to enter letters and numbers on a keyboard.
Must be able to rotate and revolve body (twist) as to face in another direction.
Must be able to work outside for extended periods of time.
Must be able to perform basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide, decimals, fractions, basic algebra, and geometry).
TECO offers a competitive Benefits package!!

Competitive Salary *401k Savings plan w/ company matching * Pension plan * Paid time off* Paid Holiday time * Medical, Prescription Drug, & Dental Coverage *Tuition Assistance Program * Employee Assistance Program * Wellness Programs * On-site Fitness Centers * Bonus Plan and more!

STORM DUTY REQUIREMENTS....Please make sure to read below!!! Responding to storms will be considered a condition of employment.

TECO Energy and its companies serve a role in providing critical services to our community during an emergency. Team members are required to participate in the response/recovery activities related to emergencies/disasters to maintain service to our TECO Energy customers. Team members are required to work in their normal job duties or other assigned activities. Proper compensation will be made in accordance with the company's rules and procedures.

TECO Energy is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

TECO Energy is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by law, except where physical or mental abilities are a bona fide occupational requirement and the individual is unable to perform the essential functions of the position with reasonable accommodations.

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals, employment decisions at TECO Energy will be based on skills, knowledge, qualifications and abilities.

ADA policy
It is the policy of TECO Energy to provide reasonable accommodation for all qualified disabled individuals who are employees and applicants for employment, unless it would cause undue hardship. The corporation will adhere to applicable federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines, including, but not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1970s.

Application accommodations
Applicants may request reasonable accommodation in the application process five business days prior to the time accommodation is needed.

Pre-employment physical exams may be required for positions with bona fide job-related physical requirements regardless of disability.