Barn Manager

Red Horse Mountain Ranch - Harrison, ID4.8

Full-timeEstimated: $35,000 - $43,000 a year
The Barn Manager is a strong personality in representing the ranch and its Mission and Core Values. The Barn Manager is the department leader of the wrangler/guide team members and oversees all aspect of a healthy, well functioning barn department. The Barn Manger runs the continual training of team members on daily operations, procedures, and the core values of Red Horse Mountain Ranch. The Barn Manager oversees the entire herd of horses. This position is also completes the tasks required in the job description of a Wrangler. (see Wrangler job description)

Responsibilities Include:
Lead the Wrangler/Guide Team Members

Train on procedures, policies, and what it looks like to be a successful team member at Red Horse using the department manual.
Use the Ranch Mission Statement and Core Values to lead your team
Be the example of what you want them to be
Do follow up trainings at least once a week to address issues that come up
Run daily morning meetings to insure proper communication and clarity
Provide useful feedback throughout the season to all team members to help them grow and succeed at their positions
Mediate conflict amongst staff members, bringing serious or repeat issues to the attention of the Ranch Manager
Grow yourself as a leader so you can better understand how to lead your team
Talk with other managers on any topics you may need guidance on
Keep staff moral up by understanding what your team needs to thrive:
Write schedules for and help your team members find someone to fill in if something comes up

Guest Experience

Ensure all guests feel welcomed
Create harmonious environments in facilities that make guests feel at ease, comfortable, safe, and welcomed
Watch for social cues to see if a guest is not having a good experience and correct issue
Accommodate special requests made by guests
Predict and exceed expectations
Create moments guests will remember the rest of their lives
Handle all conflicts with grace and respect
Take other guest requests to appropriate team leader to be fulfilled
Make sure all buildings and spaces leading up to buildings are beautiful and well kept. Reporting anything effecting the guest experience outside of your department to appropriate department leader.


Day to day operations of the barn, signing off on completed checklists, assigning projects and following up until done, and punctual start times to the day
General maintenance, cleanliness, and upkeep of both property, trails, and equipment related to the barn and outdoor activities.
Chores and projects are done in a timely manner. That systems in place are adhered to by all staff as found in the barn manual.
Safety of guests and guides
Running meetings
Inventory of barn items (tack, boots, helmets…) completed at season end

Horse Health

Inspecting each horse weekly and creating a specific plan for improving the health for those horses not passing the health inspection.
Inspect each horse daily at the rail before a ride in the summer and after feeding in the winter
Transfer information and action plan to appropriate barn board in the barn office
Coach other staff members on how to properly vet horses (especially for your days off)
Help with preforming and scheduling those medical procedures
Following up with unsound horses to re-evaluate and possibly create new plan if little or no improvement is shown.
Update Vet board and check vet book every day - give your stamp of approval at days end
Deciding to use Veterinary services or not
Being on-call for horse emergencies and finding others to cover if 24hr surveillance required
Prepare vetting notes to share and inform other guides at weekly barn meeting in summer


Manages farrier scheduling and fulfill all farrier needs
Make sure all horses are pulled from herd the day before - give your stamp of approval before they let the herd out
Consult with Farrier concerns you have on particular horses


Manage the feeding program for all horses - old, new, fat, skinny
Keep an up-to-date feeding schedule and responsible for finding people to cover when needed
Re-assess the feeding requirements if you notice a pattern of weight gain, loss, or colic
Make sure horses are being fed appropriately
Research ways of helping horses put on weight
Asses the quality of feed and report to Ranch Manager anything that is off

Inventory, Ordering, Office

Re-order medical supplies - take list to office 1x week
Keep inventory of barn medical cabinets
Ordering all grain, salt licks, vet supplies when low - arrange for pick up
Works with Ranch manager on hay purchasing
Print all needed forms, templates, and documents for binders to accomplish your job

Horse Rotations, Ride Assignments

Horse and saddle assignments based on the information given from guest to reservations
Decides on all horse changes throughout week
Effectively communicating with Reservation manager on accurate guest information
Moving horses into different riding programs (Kids, Scenic, Advanced)

Horse Development

Riding plans for new horses or horses who need work
Manages horse availability based on horse training schedule
Riding horses to prepare and train for the season open
Updating Horse Information Binder if needed.
Creating a horse purchase need for each riding program (Kids, Scenic, Advanced)
Responsible for selling/relocating and buying horses - Completing Bills of Sale, Coggins, Brand Inspecting, Health Inspections


Overseeing the proper fit of tack to horses
Aid in making sure Tack Repair is getting done
Update Saddle List
Update proper fit list
Make sure all tack related checklist items are getting done
Perform Safety Check EVERY DAY before rides leave barn
Assigning saddles to new employees
Inventory of all Tack

Oversee daily guided activities on ranch (including horseback riding, sporting clays, kids program, fishing at the pond, kayaking, archery course, and hiking, etc).
Insure safety in all activities
Participate as a guide in activities
Get barn and guided activities organized and set up for the season, overseeing the upkeep and restocking during the season, and coordinating the break down and winterizing of these activities at the season’s close.
Punctual start times of all guided activities
Assigning appropriate guide staff to activities (horseback riding, sporting clays, kids program, fishing at the pond, kayaking, archery course, and hiking, etc).
Final approval of which guests are able to participate in advanced riding must go through barn manager. Finally approval of which guides can lead must go through the barn manager.
Any changes that need to made to the guest schedule need to be approved by the Ranch Managers
Address all guest requests and issues, and work with the Ranch Managers to resolve them


Set up a training schedule and coordinating the schedule through the training period. This schedule will be in accordance with the Barn Manual.
Identify if extra training is needed and coordinate the scheduling of the additional training
Come prepared for meetings with notes of what you would like to share to insure a productive meeting that helps the function the ranch
Gather purchasing needs and gaining approval from Ranch Managers before purchase is made
Update barn manual policies and procedures every year
Print needed documents for manual updates, procedures, checklists, and barn systems.
Instructing barn staff on all barn office systems, and using updated manuals to instruct new and return employees on procedures and policies
Continually update the Ranch Managers on the barn operations as relates to staff, guests, and guided activities. This position is supervised by the Ranch Managers and the BM is a member of the ranch management team
Look over time sheets to approve and confirm integrity
Check work email and calendar at a minimum of once a day

Off Season

Follow shut down and deep clean procedures for the barn
Inventory of all barn department items
Compile inventory and pull out information on what needs to be purchased
Create list of projects needing to be accomplished throughout winter for maintenance and for barn
Enter data from inventory into Barn Inventory, Budget, and Projects in Google Drive
List in order of importance to set priorities
Research and add prices to items to get a picture of what your budget needs will be for the following season
Purchase all needed items to get through the season
Organize various work stations and create systems to improve flow, efficiency, and tidiness
Schedule outside contractors for needed services
Meeting with barn staff every morning to get a game plan for the day
Keeping a feeding and vetting schedule and teaching others how to do it
Vetting, Feeding, and watering the horses
Completing daily checklists
Attend weekly ranch meetings
Assigning projects and seeing that they are completed in a timely manner
Aiding the Ranch Managers in hiring barn staff and communicating promptly with any questions new team members may have prior to arrival
Help create job ads and manage the postings of those job ads
Work through Recruitee in communicating with potential new team members
Training to be direct contact for new hire’s questions and respond quickly to them
Greet new hires at the ranch when they arrive and show them to their housing
Collect proper employment information from them if needed
Check email and phone several times a day
Respond promptly to conversations and emails
Help in other departments as needed
Research other ways of doing things by talking with other ranches or BMs
Update Manuals with improved procedures and policies
Work with other managers in how to improve systems
Attend and participate in weekly meetings
Grow as a leader by reading, listening to podcasts, or talking with others

Must have a willingness to continue to learn how to be a better leader and to be coached by others
Must be able to have difficult conversations with guests and staff
They need both good speaking skills to provide this information effectively and good listening skills to understand.
Experience guiding and in the outdoor adventure industry
Must be at least 21 years of age
Must be physically fit and capable of all Guide/Wrangler activities
Must be a US Citizen or possess a current and appropriate working visa
Must have skills in Western riding and horsemanship AND experience in working with a herd. Past guide or horseback leading is preferred. Past experience in giving horseback instruction is also preferred. Vetting experience is preferred.
Must Ability to lift 75 pounds multiple times and work long hours
Must Valid Driver’s License and clean driving record
Must be willing to wear proper western attire including a cowboy hat, boots, western long sleeve shirt and be presentable in a good western image in dress and behavior.
Must be able to show strong safety for riders and horses
Must be able to show proof of First Aid / CPR certification or pass certification on arrival.
Must be able to communicate with tact and clarity, exhibit a patient and knowledgeable attitude with horses, animals, dogs, children and our guests.